17 Awesome Pregnancy Products You Can’t Do Without

From morning sickness remedies to a belly band that allows you to wear your pre-pregnancy pants, these are the essentials you’ll want throughout the next nine+ months.
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Updated February 27, 2023
pregnant woman applying lotion to belly
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Expecting? Your body is in for some big changes over the next nine+ months, so it stands to reason that you’re going to need a few nifty items to see you through this exciting but tumultuous journey. From surprising morning sickness remedies to a belly band that allows you to wear your pre-pregnancy pants to a pillow that hugs your burgeoning bump and cradles your exhausted body, we’re sharing some of the best pregnancy products you’ll want to invest in for a happier, healthier, more comfortable experience.

Wristbands for nausea relief

Psi Bands Acupressure Wrist Bands
Image: Amazon

Morning sickness is a total misnomer; it should be called all-day sickness. It’s true that for many expectant moms, feeling queasy around the clock is one of the many joys of early pregnancy—and it can be hard to find effective relief. But lots of women who’ve been there swear by Psi Bands’ drug-free, FDA-cleared wristbands. The acupressure bands work to activate key pressure points and provide relief from nausea. They're also super-affordable, meaning it can’t hurt to try them if you’ve been struggling with morning sickness.

Morning sickness lozenges to curb nausea

Looking for another nausea reliefoption? Pop one of these morning sickness lozenges into your mouth. They’re made with vitamin B6 and ginger to support digestion and help ease the “quease.” Made without GMOs, gluten, preservatives, colors, soy and dairy, this Best of Pregnancy award-winning product won’t necessarily cure your morning sickness, but it’ll definitely take the edge off.

A belly band to stretch your pre-pregnancy wardrobe

Ingrid & Isabel BellaBand
Image: Amazon

These days, there are a ton of cute options when it comes to maternity clothes, but let’s face it: It’s hard to give up your favorite pair of jeans. With Ingrid & Isabel’s Bellaband, you don’t have to ditch the pre-pregnancy denim (at least not for a while!). The soft, stretchy band comes in four different sizes, and goes over your unbuttoned non-maternity pants, giving your bump more room to grow.

An insulated water bottle to keep you drinking

S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Image: Amazon

Having a large water bottle on hand is a must when you’re expecting—after all, doctors say to guzzle at least 10 cups of H20 every day to stay hydrated. This BPA-free stainless steel option is super-chic in a variety of colors and finishes. Plus, it’s insulated to keep your fave beverage cold for 24 hours (or hot for up to 12), keeping you perfectly refreshed wherever you go.

A letter board for memorable moments

Felt letter board with letters
Image: Amazon
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It’s exciting to document your expanding baby bump with photos—but you’ll also want a way of tracking which week or month you’re in. And there’s no easier way to get Instagram-worthy shots than by using an old-school letter board to mark your progress. Plus, you can use it to share all those witty pearls of wisdom you gather over the course of pregnancy—and beyond.

A pregnancy pillow to hug your body

Leacho Snoogle Total Body Pillow
Image: Target

At some point in your second trimester, you’ll want to switch up your sleeping position to snooze exclusively on your side (ideally the left)—which isn’t always the most comfortable change for back or stomach sleepers. To the rescue: A pregnancy pillow. This Best of Pregnancy award-winning option follows the natural curve of your body to provide support to your back, head, belly and hips.

A super-hydrating belly butter

Mama Mio’s Tummy Rub Butter
Image: SkinStore

Your body is about to undergo incredible changes to accommodate your growing baby. Keep your skin moisturized—and elasticized—with Mama Mio’s Tummy Rub Butter. Packed with organic coconut and avocado oils in a shea butter base, this Best of Pregnancy award-winning cream can help prevent stretch marks and itchy skin. And there’s no need to worry about harmful chemicals in this beauty product: Mama Mio’s skincare line is free of parabens, phthalates, colorants, petrolatum, xenoestrogens and PEGs.

Maternity leggings to live in

Beyond Yoga’s Spacedye Maternity Leggings
Image: Beyond Yoga

Whether you’re working up a sweat or relaxing around the house, you’re going to need a pair of comfy maternity leggings. Beyond Yoga’s Spacedye Maternity Leggings feature a stretch panel that can be worn over the belly or folded down; the fabric is durable yet unbelievably soft, while wicking away moisture quickly to keep you cool and dry.

Compression socks to keep the blood flowing

As you get farther along in pregnancy, swollen feet can be a real pain. Luckily, a pair of compression socks can quickly put the kibosh on swelling. These knee-high socks from Dr. Scholl’s feature graduated compression, helping to enhance circulation and energize your legs.

Maternity bras to support your breasts

iloveSIA Women’s Full Bust Seamless Maternity Bra, 3 pack
Image: Amazon

Your belly isn’t the only thing that gets bigger during pregnancy. Get the support your growing chest needs with a selection of maternity bras]( We adore these sweet and simple iLoveSIA bralettes. There’s no underwire, and the ribbed gore stretches as your bust size grows. It also transitions easily to a nursing bra, letting you drop the cups down when it’s time to feed baby.

A maternity band to support your back

AZMED Maternity Belly Band
Image: Amazon
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As baby grows, your lower back (and your bladder! and your pelvic floor!) will begin to feel constant pressure. A good belly band can give your body the support it needs during the time, making those last few weeks of pregnancy a little more comfortable.

Wear-with-anything maternity jeans

Hatch Collection the Boyfriend Maternity Jean
Image: Hatch Collection
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Hatch Collection|$198

Jeans are a modern-day wardrobe staple, so as your belly grows, you’ll want to trade in your favorites for a great pair of maternity jeans. We love these boyfriend jeans from Hatch Collection. They’re styled to look amazing on your growing bump and ever-changing body, with a stretchy but discreet side panel and trendy fringing at the ankles. Choose from an indigo or light destroyed wash.

An educational and empowering pregnancy book

Bumpin’: The Modern Guide to Pregnancy
Image: Target

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your third, you’ll want to know what to anticipate throughout the next nine+ months. While your library might be full of options, we love this light-hearted, modern pregnancy book. Chock full of basic information with a dash of personal narrative, many reviewers say that Bumpin’ is a “must-have” during the exciting roller coaster journey of growing a human.

A set of maternity underwear to keep you comfy

Multi-Color Seamless Low Waist Maternity Underwear Set
Image: Pink Blush
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Pink Blush|$38

Facts are facts: Once your pregnant, and body really starts growing and changing, you may have to temporarily retire your favorite panties. When it’s time to shop for maternity underwear, look for something you feel beautiful in, while giving you full coverage for maximum comfort. We love this set from Pink Blush. Fun colors and perfectly stretchy fabrics keep you feeling sexy and secure.

A go-to maternity tank top

Motherhood Maternity Side-Ruched Scoop-Neck Maternity Tank Top
Image: Motherhood Maternity

Another must-have wardrobe staple during pregnancy and beyond? A versatile tank top. They’re great for layering, expertly smoothing out lines from pants and for shedding clothing when a hot flash strikes. What’s more, you can wear a maternity tank during the day or while sleeping, and they even make for easy nursing access when the time comes. This scoop neck maternity tank from Motherhood Maternity comes in four basic colors to match with just about anything, and is available in sizes XS through XL.

A coat or jacket extender to keep you warm

Make My Belly Fit Universal Jacket Extender
Image: Amazon
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Depending on the timing of your pregnancy, you may find yourself struggling to zip up your favorite winter jacket. Your bump isn’t getting any smaller, and your coat isn’t going to magically expand to accommodate your shape. Don't want to splurge on a pricey maternity coat? We hear you—and so do the makers of the Make My Belly Fit universal jacket extender. It works with most zipper types to expand your pre-pregnancy jacket, so you can wear it into your third trimester and beyond (yes, it works for babywearing too!).

A record-it-all pregnancy journal

Compendium “Expecting You” Keepsake Pregnancy Journal
Image: Amazon
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Remember every precious (and not-so-precious) part of pregnancy with this journal. It’s chock full of empowering quotes, writing prompts and guides to help you record and share the many moments leading up to motherhood. With a gender-neutral design and open-ended opportunities for reflection, it offers a great way to work through the feelings and emotions that come with pregnancy, while also providing a memory to enjoy down the line.

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