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9 Things Pregnant Women Can’t Live Without

You’re saving up for baby, so you’re not really into the idea of spending money on products that don’t work or aren’t necessary. But there are some things that will stretch your wardrobe, help with symptoms or make you so comfortable that they’re completely worth it.

Bellaband by Ingrid & Isabel

“I wore my Bellaband every day over the zipper on my pre-pregnancy jeans. It fit like a glove and was so comfortable! I didn’t waste money on maternity jeans, either — I was able to make what I already owned work.”— Kelsey P. $28, IngridAndIsabel.com



Preggie Pop Drops

“Oh, I absolutely loved the Preggie Pop Drops — both the lollipops and the hard candies — because they really helped with my morning sickness. I used them during my first and second pregnancies and recommend them to friends any chance I get.” — Morgan M. $6, Diapers.com



Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow

“My best friend let me borrow her Snoogle Pillow because I was having trouble sleeping. A week later I bought my own! It was a lifesaver because it molded to my body and helped with the pain in my lower back. I laid my head on it and tucked the bottom between my knees. I was surprised how much sleeping like this alleviates pressure.” — Casey N. $60, buybuyBABY.com



Homemade Smoothie

“Every morning, I either made (or bought) a smoothie packed with fruits and veggies. It was my ‘something sweet’ that I got to enjoy on my way to work. I’m typically a coffee drinker but I gave up caffeine, so having a healthy alternative made my morning and gave me energy.” — Kate B. $117, Amazon.com



Heating Pad

“It’s not a pregnancy-related product, but after a long day or week, all I wanted to do was come home, put my feet up and turn on the heating pad! It worked wonders on my lower back (I used it on the lowest heat setting) and it just felt really relaxing to sit there, uninterrupted. Plus, we already had it so there was no need to buy one!” — Amy F. $18, CVS.com


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Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

“This little bottle was like my stretch mark protector! It kept my skin soft and taut. On areas that I didn’t think to use it, I only had a few stretch marks, but on my belly (where I used it all the time), there were none!” — Carson J. $13, BabiesRUs.com



Secret Fit Belly 5 Pocket Maternity Shorts by Jessica Simpson

“I found these Jessica Simpson shorts when I was pregnant with my first son and when I was expecting (again), I went out and bought like five more pairs. They’re so comfortable and they fit great! I also appreciate the fact that they don’t sag too low on your butt like some of my other maternity pants do.” — Meghan H. $49, DestinationMaternity.com  




“All my friends laughed at me when I bought Converse during my first trimester, but they are the most comfortable shoes I own. When you’re running errands all day at 39 weeks, you want something with support, but you don’t want running shoes. These did it for me.”  — Elise S. $50, Converse.com