Sofia Richie Grainge Shares Her 10 Favorite Pregnancy Products

At 7 months pregnant, the model and mom-to-be has dealt with her fair share of pregnancy symptoms. From HATCH MAMA’s belly oil to her adjustable pregnancy pillow, shop her must-have pregnancy products here.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Associate Editor
Updated April 26, 2024
US model Sofia Richie arrives for the 2023 Baby2Baby Gala in Los Angeles, California, on November 11, 2023
Image: Michael Tran/AFP | Getty Images

The model and daughter of musician Lionel Richie, Sofia Richie Grainge, has been a trendsetter in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle space for years. Now, as she prepares to welcome her first baby into the world she’s brought her trademark sense for hot, must-have products into the pregnancy space.

In a new video shared to her TikTok, Grainge, at 7 months pregnant, opens up about the things that have helped her get through her worst pregnancy woes and stay happy and healthy as she enters her third trimester. From HATCH MAMA’s belly oil to her favorite pregnancy pillow, below we highlight the items the socialite simply can’t live without. Plus, we consult editors and experts on why these popular products not only work but bring back repeat customers. Let’s dive in!

Sofia Richie's Favorite Belly Oil

hatch pregnancy belly oil
Image: HATCH
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Hatch Collection|$64

"I am so afraid of getting stretch marks. I know it comes with the territory, but I'm doing everything I can to prevent them," notes Richie Grainge. To take care premium care of her growing bump the mom-to-be layers HATCH MAMA's Belly Oil over the now sold-out Bump Butter from Bumpology. Richie-Grainge gives the hydrating botanical oil big props for it's texture and minimal residue, noting that it "doesn't feel disgusting when I put my clothes over it." So far not one stretch mark, she adds.

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Sofia Richie's Pregnancy Safe Sleep Supplement

erewhon magnesium glycinate
Image: Erewhon
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Pregnancy can make everyday things more complicated and one of them is sleep. Richie-Grainge swears by Erewhon Magnesium Glycinate supplements in helping her when she finds herself tossing and turning. "Every night before bed, because I've been having a really hard time sleeping. I take this magnesium glycinate, it knocks me out. I actually, like, have to take it every night, and it, like, relaxes me, it calms me. And I've seen the biggest improvements in my sleep once I started taking these magnesium supplements," she says.

Magnesium supplements have been cleared by medical professionals as generally safe to take during pregnancy. Not only do they help with sleep issues, but they have also been shown to help build baby’s nervous system and decrease the risk of preterm labor and, according to one 2017 study.

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Sofia Richie's Go-To Prenatal Vitamin for Morning Sickness

new chapter prenatal vitamin
Image: New Chapter
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New Chapter|$21

"Before I even was pregnant I took this For, like, six months when I was trying. These are great prenatals," Richie Grainge says in reference to New Chapter's Advanced Perfect Prenatal Multivitamin. Chosen by Bump Editors as the best prenatal vitamin for nausea, New Chapter's Advanced Perfect Prenatal Multivitamin delivers three essential nutrients for baby's development alongside tummy-soothing Ginger to help with morning sickness.

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Sofia Richie's Fragrance-Free Pregnancy Foot Lotion

ancient minerals magnesium lotion
Image: Ancient Minerals
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Richie-Grainge is getting Magnesium from more than just her supplements. The socialite says her doctor also recommended Ancient Minerals' Magnesium Lotion. "I put it on the bottoms of my feet, and I put socks on. I've convinced myself it helps me sleep," she notes. The fragrance-free mix of magnesium chloride in a skin-nourishing base of certified organic oils is safe for sensitive skin and those sensitive to scents.

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Sofia Richie's Favorite Pregnancy Calming Patches

ross barr calm patches
Image: Ross J. Barr
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Ross J Barr|$21

Acupuncture has been lauded for its benefits during pregnancy by celebrities like Hilary Duff and Ashley Graham. When Richie Grainge can't make it in for an appointment, her acupuncturist recommends these herbal patches from Ross J Barr that she places behind her ear for a calming effect. "He has, like, sleep, calm, um, heal. So I use the calm when I'm, like, trying to sleep or when I'm flying, because I'm really not a calm flyer," Richie Grainge says.

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Sofia Richie's Beloved Pregnancy Pillow

bbhugme pregnancy pillow
Image: bbhugme
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Her "new best friend and "third person" in her marriage, Richie Grainge, can't say enough good things about her bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow. The firmness of the extra-long microbead pillow can be adjusted using ties at the end, and it can be sculpted into several shapes. Richie-Grainge notes that her husband Elliot loved the pillow so much she bought him one in black as well!

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Sofia Richie's Favorite Pocket Hand Sanitizer

noshinku hand sanitizer
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To keep sickness at bay amid all of her travels, Richie Grainge is always reaching for Noshinku's Refillable Pocket Hand Sanitizer. She touts the brand's Spice scent for its amazing smell and hydrating feel.

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Sofia Richie's Hydrating Lip Balm

summer fridays lip butter balm
Image: Summer Fridays
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A good lip balm can be a lifesaver during pregnancy. Richie Grainge uses Birthday Cake by Summer Fridays "every single day." The brand's Birthday Cake iteration is sold out, but Pink Sugar Lip Butter Balm is a great replacement packed with nourishing benefits and a hint of sweet sugar flavor.

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Sofia Richie's Go-To Blotting Papers

tatcha blotting sheets
Image: Tatcha
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Pregnancy skin isn't your normal skin. For Richie Grainge, her pregnancy has pumped up the oil production, but no fear, Tatcha's soft leaflets made of 100 percent natural abaca leaf and gold flakes are here to help. "My skin has been so oily ever since I found out I was pregnant, so I travel around with these and I just, like, blot my skin," she says. "It helps me not having 20 layers of powder on my face by the end of the day. So these are a lifesaver."

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The At-Home Laser Sofia Richie Swears By

lyma laser
Image: LYMA
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The Lyma Laser might not be cheap, but it packs plenty of skin-boosting benefits. “I cannot say enough good things about it,” says Sofia Grainge. “I do it every night before bed…This has changed my skin.” The pain-free, pregnancy-safe laser is marketed to help with aging, redness, pigmentation, skin tightening and more. “It's such a great product. I know it's really expensive, but I'm just giving you guys an honest review of things that have helped. It's so legit.”

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Learn more about Richie Grainge’s pregnancy and journey to parenthood here.

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