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Melissa Schweiger and Annette Rubin

Are There Kinds Of Makeup I Should Avoid During Pregnancy?

What types of powders, foundations, shadows, liners and lipsticks are safe to use during pregnancy, and which aren’t?

You already said buh-bye to wine and sushi; you don’t want to have to go without makeup for the next nine months too. But you _should _take an inventory of what’s in your favorite cosmetics. We suggest wearing makeup that doesn’t contain parabens or fragrances. Parabens are preservatives that have been linked to birth defectsmiscarriage and reproductive problems. Phthalates are used for different reasons in different products, but the main issue with them is that they could alter hormone levels (yikes!).

Artificial colors can be suspect too. In color cosmetics, the artificial colors to try to cut out are CI 75470, Red 28 Lake Aluminum, Red 30 Lake Aluminum and Acid Yellow 23 Lake Aluminum. The main makeup product we avoided during pregnancy was red lipstick, since some were found to have traces of lead in their formulations.

Also, check your mascara. You want to make sure it doesn’t contain the preservatives diazolidinyl urea, which releases formaldehyde, or phenylmercuric salts, acetate or nitrate, all compounds of mercury.

Another thing you want to avoid while pregnant is sharing makeup — the last thing you want when pregnant is a nasty infection, and you’re more prone to that now that you’re pregnant. Also, if your makeup has a funny smell or has changed consistency, it may be time to toss it.

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