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5 Skin Care Lines for Moms, by Moms

Brought to you by five moms frustrated by the lack of safe, effective skin care products for pregnant women—and did something about it.

Shoosha Truly Organic

The 411: The only complete line of USDA certified organic, food-grade skin care products for moms and babies.
What it offers: The ingredient lists (from organic aloe vera to organic vanilla extract) for Shoosha products look good enough to eat — and the beauty is they actually are safe enough to eat.
What we love: The founder started making the products out of her own kitchen, the mom incubator for many successful start-ups.
What’s the story: An EPA report was the wake-up call Patricia Di Gasbarro needed to make changes to her family’s lifestyle. After learning that exposure to environmental toxins — like those found in many skin care products — can partially determine a child’s lifetime cancer risk by age two, she got serious about what was going on her kids’ skin. So serious that she started making her own products.

“Despite all the care and attention I had taken as a mom, I had been exposing my children to toxic chemicals for their entire young lives,” Di Gasbarro says. “I knew that I wasn’t alone and I made it my mission to create a certified-organic skin care line with pure and simple formulations and labels that were easy to understand.”


Photo: Shoosha

Nine Naturals

The 411: From shampoo and conditioner to belly butter and deodorant, it’s one of the most comprehensive pregnancy-safe hair and body care lines on the market.
What it offers: Currently 11 products ranging from sunscreen to deodorant.
What we love: Whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant or a new mom, you’ll appreciate the transparency of the brand’s ingredient glossary, which breaks down all of the fruit and vegetable extracts, vitamins and minerals in the products.
What’s the story: As a vice president on Wall Street and a business school grad, Grace Lee never thought beauty products would be her calling. Then she got pregnant.

“I realized a lot of the products on the market were unsafe for women to use during pregnancy,” she says. “I was running into two problems: products claimed to be natural but really weren’t (right now, a product can call itself ‘natural’ as long as there’s one natural ingredient, like lavender), and even when I found a product that was safe, it didn’t perform very well.”

Her solution? “To create a line that was both safe and high performing.” Heading into its third year, Nine Naturals is now available at Destination Maternity.


Photo: Nine Naturals

Sophie la Girafe Cosmetics

The 411: Everybody’s favorite French teether now has a cosmetic line counterpart. And it’s just as baby-safe and eco-friendly.
What it offers: Six natural baby products that moms and babies can use, including creams, bubble bath and body wash.
What we love: Each of the six products in the award-winning line contains ingredients like organic white tea and lavender water and extract, creating an amazingly soothing scent. And the line boasts an Ecocert label, one of the strictest certifications for natural and organic products.
What’s the story: Jonna Jalkanen is no stranger to the world of cosmetics. This mom of two worked as a training manager for French luxury cosmetic brands and served as a beauty editor at Elle in Finland. But Sophie la Girafe actually wasn’t her next logical step.

After her first son was born, Jalkanen saw a need for safer, nontoxic products, like glass bottles and natural toys. So she created a distribution company focused around that concept.

“Our distribution company worked with Sophie la Girafe for several years in Finland and Sweden, so we knew the team really well,” she tells The Bump, talking about the makers of the teether. Jalkanen saw an opportunity to take the brand further. “We suggested creating a certified natural and organic skin care line with a sophisticated touch and extremely high quality, and they just loved it. Thanks to my background, I’ve understood for a while what is good for babies and kids. We really worked hard to include the best products at affordable prices.”


Photo: Sophie la Girafe


The 411: A line of paraben-, phthalate- and fragrance-free hygienic products for pregnant and new moms, incorporating several essential oils.
What it offers: The comprehensive line has a spectrum of facial skin care products targeting everything from eye brightening cream to acne treatment for women who don’t necessarily experience the “pregnancy glow.”
What we love: Every product is specifically screened to ensure it’s free of ingredients linked to birth defects or ones that may be harmful when passed through breast milk.
What’s the story: While expecting their first child, husband and wife team Jason and Annette Rubin had questions about which beauty products were safe to use and which were off-limits — and began working together to find answers and solutions. And it didn’t hurt that he was a doctor and she was a beauty industry pro.

After Annette read an article about the risks of using hair dye while pregnant, she started questioning whether her skin care routine needed to change too. That led her and husband Jason to take a deep dive into researching and refining pregnancy skin care.


Photo: Belli

Branch to Nature

The 411: Initially a line of gentle thyme-based facial products, this mother-daughter collection just expanded into the mommy realm.
What it offers: Three chemical-free products designed specifically for moms and moms-to-be, including a lavender-chamomile body wash, deodorants and a shea butter belly stick.
What we love: What started as a mom’s labor of love turned into a mother-daughter mission to create safer, effective products. And an all-natural one at that.
What’s the story: After watching her daughter Dawn struggle with acne and sensitive skin for years, Joni Ionta was determined to create a natural alternative to the harsh, damaging products dermatologists prescribed over and over. And thyme was the answer: She began the line by creating her successful signature thyme facial cleanser.

Then Joni found out she was about to be a grandmother. Once again, she was on a mission to create a safe skin care line for her daughter. Not only was the Branch to Nature Mommy Collection was born, but so was a mother-daughter collaboration.

“Since the day I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, Penelope, I naturally began doing research on pregnancy health,” Dawn says. “What struck me most was an EPA report declaring findings that triclosan (a common ingredient in deodorant) has been detected in breast milk, suggesting that nursing mothers using a product containing triclosan could harm their newborns.” Soon after, an aluminum and triclosan-free deodorant was developed for the Mommy Collection.


Photo: Branch to Nature
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