18 Great LGBTQ+ Children’s Books for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

These heartwarming storybooks feature diverse families and identities that’ll help break down barriers for the next generation.
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By Brittany Murlas, Founder and CEO of Little Feminist
Updated May 14, 2024
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Children’s books are like windows and mirrors—windows in that they help us understand others and mirrors in that they help us understand ourselves. This is why stories featuring LGBTQ+ families, identities and expressions are vital for the next generation to create a world where everyone belongs. When young kids see diversity authentically celebrated in their books, we’re one step closer to removing stigma and making space for all families. Below, our team at Little Feminist, a children’s book subscription service focusing on diversity and gender equality, put together our top picks for LGBTQ+ children’s books that families with kiddos of all ages—from babies to bigger kids—can enjoy together.

How We Chose the Best LGBTQ+ Children’s Books

To help you find the best LGBTQ+ children’s books for your family, we looked at dozens of options on the market and chose the very best. This way, you don’t have to spend hours scrolling. Here are the steps that we took to create this roundup:

  • As the founder of a children’s book subscription service that champions diversity, equality and inclusion, I chose books that resonate with our customers and that our team loves.

  • The team at The Bump conducted exhaustive market research, scouring external forums and message boards and reading user reviews to find out what parents across the country looked for when choosing LGBTQ+ children’s books.

Editorial integrity is at the heart of everything we publish. Read about how The Bump develops and reviews all articles, including product reviews.

The Best LGBTQ+ Books for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Heartfelt board book

We are so smitten with this board book! Love Makes a Family shows that love is love, regardless of family structure. The simple, sweet metaphors on each page will tickle every member of your family—promise.

Age rating: 1 to 4 years | Number of pages: 26

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Beautiful picture book

This book celebrates so many intersecting identities. Every time I read it, I discover something new we love. Jess Hong uses sparse words like “black” and “white” and “fancy” and “sporty” to highlight how we’re all lovely, but the illustrations are surprising in the best way!

Age rating: 4 to 8 years | Number of pages: 26

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Celebration of individuality

One day, while riding the subway with his Abuela, Julián is dazzled by three women dressed up as beautiful mermaids. Their whimsical dresses, flowing hair and infectious joy inspire him to create a similar outfit made out of items around his home. While Julián worries about what his Abuela might think about how he sees himself—in the end, she holds his hand and they join a mesmerizing parade full of creativity and wonder. All in all, this tale of self-expression and support will surely be a favorite for years to come.

Age rating: 3 to 6 years | Number of pages: 40

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Vibrant tale about unconditional love

Searching for an inclusive, charming story about unconditional love? Look no further than Federico and All His Families. The colorful board book follows Federico the cat as he visits several families throughout the day. While each household is different—some kids live with their grandparents, some with their two Moms or Dads—Federico loves them all unconditionally. What’s more, this sweet story is also available in Spanish.

Age rating: 2 to 6 years | Number of pages: 18

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Realistic photo book full of families

“We Are Little Feminists: Families” by Little Feminist
Image: Little Feminist

With photos of joyful queer families and rhyming text, this board book showcases different families with one thing in common: love. Full disclosure: We at Little Feminist actually published this book ourselves to offer a board book that celebrates diverse family structures!

Age rating: 0 to 5 years | Number of pages: 16

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Heartfelt rhyming book

We love these littles! An ode to babies, this board book features gorgeous illustrations of diverse families and top-notch rhymes (because we know you’re tired of sub-par baby book rhymes). I always tear up toward the end. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Age rating: 3 months to 3 years | Number of pages: 26

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Story about self-acceptance

Sometimes books about crayons can help broach topics adults are uncertain of, and these crayons do it so well! Everything Red Crayon colors, from strawberries to stoplights, turns out “wrong.” However, when a friend asks Red to make an ocean, Red discovers who they really are! This book will help you talk to your children about how our labels may not always fit who we are.

Age rating: 4 to 8 years | Number of pages: 40

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Uplifting family tale

This board book is a classic! Based on the true story of two male penguins at the Central Park Zoo, And Tango Makes Three is a sweet story and playful introduction to same-sex families. At first, the main characters are portrayed as “different” (which I don’t love). But in the end, it shows how “natural” all types of families are.

Age rating: 2 to 5 years | Number of pages: 32

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Simple introduction to pronouns

At Little Feminist, we’re a big fan of this author, illustrator and their publishing house, Reflection Press. They She He Me: Free to Be! is a simple introduction to gender pronouns for toddlers and above. At the back of the book, there’s an extraordinarily useful story and guide to pronouns for kiddos who are 5 years or older.

Age rating: 2 to 9 years | Number of pages: 40

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Sweet story about gender identity

We love how Introducing Teddy features gender identity and expression and that it’s both accessible and heartwarming. Teddy and his friends show us what it looks like to be loved and accepted exactly as we are, regardless of gender, appearance or our favorite hobbies. Fun fact: At the Oakland Pride Parade, an educator who works with kids going through gender transition told us this was “hands down the best book!”

Age rating: 3 to 6 years | Number of pages: 32

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Fun-filled storybook

“Bathe the Cat” by Alice B. McGinty and David Roberts
Image: Amazon

This funny rhyming story is sure to make your little one giggle! It follows a brother, sister and their Dads as they attempt to clean up the house before Grandma arrives. At the top of their to-do list is giving the cat a bath, but the task proves to be harder than expected. As you and your kiddo turn the pages, you’ll also appreciate the vibrant, fun-filled illustrations that beautifully depict this interracial family.

Age rating: 3 to 5 years | Number of pages: 48

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One-of-a-kind board book

The future isn’t female, the future is nonbinary—and this book is the perfect reminder to get us out of ‘either/or’ thinking. In a world full of blue bunnies and yellow birds, a baby that is not quite a bunny or a bird hatches. In the land of This and That, what happens to those who don’t fit either? This story sparks discussions around gender non-conforming, intersex and genderqueer identities.

Age rating: 3 to 7 years | Number of pages: 26

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Inclusive book about conception

This is the Birds and the Bees book you wish your parents had. What Makes a Baby will satisfy kiddos who are curious about where babies come from in the most age-appropriate and inclusive way. Gender-neutral language—such as ‘people with eggs’ and ‘people with sperm’— lets you focus on the simple science without taking on a heteronormative view of conception. Even better, all families can relate to this book, which is illustrated with multi-colored silhouettes without gendered body parts.

Age rating: 3 to 7+ years | Number of pages: 36

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Celebration of self-expression

“I Love My Purse” by Belle Demont
Image: Amazon

We love this book as much as the boy in the story, Charlie, loves his purse. Charlie’s such a trendsetter that a week at school wearing his purse inspires others to don Hawaiian shirts, full face paint and sparkly roller skates. This touching story inspires families to move beyond gendered self-expression.

Age rating: 3 to 8 years | Number of pages: 32

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Sweet story about families

“A Family Is a Family Is a Family” by Sara O’Leary
Image: Amazon

The ending of this book sealed the deal for us! The narrator is hesitant to share with her class what makes her family special, thinking no one’s family is like hers. You soon discover that there are all sorts of families in the class: families with two moms, two dads, one grandma, etc. This book beautifully smashes stereotypes around what makes a family “real.”

Age rating: 4 to 8 years | Number of pages: 32

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Bilingual story about love and support

“One of a Kind, Like Me/Único Como Yo” by Laurin Mayeno
Image: Barnes & Noble
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Everybody from the main character, Danny, to his grandfather, can’t wait for Danny to dress up as a princess for the school parade. This story’s focus on Danny and his community celebrating who he is and what he loves makes it a standout for us. You’ll find yourself rooting for Danny to find the perfect purple princess dress before the store closes.

Age rating: 4 to 8 years | Number of pages: 32

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Supportive picture book about transitioning

“I Am Jazz” by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings
Image: Amazon

Jazz Jennings co-authors her own story about being transgender, and there’s nothing we love more than #OwnVoices stories. Jazz’s story of being true to herself is important for all kids, and seeing her family’s warmth and acceptance will give you all the feels. Our team at Little Feminist hopes to see even more authentic voices pushing the boundaries of binary so our kiddos know that colors, clothes and activities are open to everyone.

Age rating: 4 to 8+ years | Number of pages: 32

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Baby-filled board book

First published in 2004, Everywhere Babies has been a storytime favorite in households for two decades! The adorable board book is full of sweet illustrations that baby will love to pore over—including dozens and dozens of babies, of course. The charming tale celebrates everything that infants do, from crawling and playing to sleeping and being noisy. Best of all, the book thoughtfully represents a wide range of babies and parents on its pages.

Age rating: 2 to 5 years | Number of pages: 30

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About the writer:

Brittany Murlas is the founder and CEO of Little Feminist, a children’s book subscription service focusing on diversity and gender equality. She founded the brand in 2017 and is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.

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