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Best Gifts For A Two-Year-Old

Terrible? Um, hardly! Now that your toddler’s moving and talking nonstop — the two’s have been pretty terrific so far. We rounded up our top toy picks to keep the fun coming.

Best “Like Mom” Playset

Your toddler wants to do everything you do, doesn’t she? We love this because she can cook dinner right alongside you. Pass the salt, please! $150,



Best Book

Whether you read it at bedtime, before bathtime or when the two of you are just hanging out together, your tot will love sharing Brown Bear’s tale with you. Pretty soon, she’ll be reading it on her own! $8,



Best Nightlight

This sweet ladybug nightlight will keep monsters and ghosts away, so your tot can sleep soundly, without crawling back into your bed. The star guide lights will keep her room bright — and with a built-in timer, it’ll even shut off on its own too. $24,



Best Wheels

With four-in-one functionality — as a rocker, a rider, a push toy and standing stabilizer — this colorful car is all about teaching your tot about balance and coordination, so when it’s time to start riding a bike, she’s already ahead of the game. $90,



Best Food Set

Your toddler is all about being creative at this age. Whether it’s egg-chocolate-french fry sandwiches or pineapple-broccoli cookies, get silly together! YUM! $35,



Best Creative Space

Designating a creative space for your super-artsy tot means she’ll have her own place to channel her inner-Picasso — and not the bathroom wall! $55,



Best Dress Up Set

Better start practicing your “arghs”! Even if you’re not raising a Pirate, your tot will love pretending to be one — and getting into character. Playing make-believe may make you both feel silly, but your toddler will learn to put his imaginative juices to work. $17,



Best Musical Toy

With an upbeat take on the classics, the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes are great for the car, the supermarket or even an afternoon dance party. She’ll have so much fun singing and dancing she won’t realize that she’s learning and exercising! $9,



Best Big Kid Chair

Okay, it’s not a typical gift, but we love the idea of having a kid-friendly rocking chair in your living room — right next to dad’s recliner. The white is pretty, but grab some paint and stencils to totally personalize it! $42,




Best Potty

What’s the best way to start potty training? Give your tot her own personal potty as a gift! This way, it won’t feel like she’s being forced when she sits on a potty she actually likes. $25,

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