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10 Stylish Bags Built to Carry Your Breast Pump

When you have to tote your breast pump and all its parts to and from work, try one of these good-looking bags built for the job.

The need to pump breast milk is a reality most moms face at one point or another—but that doesn’t mean you want the whole world to know when you’re carrying your pump around. Thankfully, modern-day designers get it, and have come up with plenty of practical-yet-chic breast pump bag variations to keep your motor, machine parts and stored milk secure and discreet.

Technically, you could use any purse you own to carry your pumping gear around, but there are some key benefits to getting a breast pump bag that’s specifically made for the job:

• A pump bag with a structured bottom keeps the machine from knocking around.

• The whole motor can often stay in the bag while you pump, thanks to a panel that zips open to give you access to its controls.

• It can accommodate a cooler to keep your milk fresh, plus multiple pockets to hold pump parts, like the tubing, and wipes to clean up between sessions.

• For women expressing milk on the job, a breast pump bag looks professional and stylish enough to wear to the office.

Health insurance companies will issue free breast pumps to new moms, but to keep costs down they usually give out pumps without a dedicated bag, leaving women to find one of their own. Fortunately, that means retailers are now offering plenty of awesome breast pump bag options for you to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites.

Best Breast Pump Bags

Photo: Courtesy Banana Fish

Best breast pump backpack

A backpack is a smart breast pump bag solution, since it leaves your hands free to push your stroller or carry your regular work bag. The Madison backpack has a lightweight body but thick straps ready to cart your pump; users say even though the bag looks small, it can fit large pump models like the Spectra. It’s got plenty of pockets for accessories but no extra cooler bag—although at this low price, that’s easy enough to buy separately.

Buy it: Bananafish Madison Electric Breastpump Backpack, $40, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Wells

Best breast pump tote

Nothing about this stylish nylon tote screams breast pump bag. It’s chic enough to take to the country club, but inside you’ll see a lot of pump-specific touches, like a little spot to hold a picture of baby (after all, staring at that cute face as you start to pump can help with letdown). To keep your milk cold, just add ice packs to the thermal pockets.

Buy it: Sarah Wells Lizzy Breastpump Bag, $100, Buybuybaby.com

Photo: Courtesy Jay Elle

Best pumping bag for work

Fit for any boardroom meeting, this quilted black bag with a gold-link handle a cooler cleverly conceals a cooler bag, a wet bag, an accessory bag and a cloth to dry your pump parts. Just toss in your pump and you’re set for work.

Buy it: Jay Elle Breast Pump Bag 6-Piece Set, $160, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Halo Va

Best bargain breast pump bag

This HaloVa backpack is a diaper bag that doubles as a convenient breast pump carry bag, thanks to the built-in insulated bottle holder and the bottom zipper that gives you direct access to your machine. “Everything I need for my pump fits in nicely!” one mom raves.

Buy it: HaloVa Diaper Bag Multi-function Waterproof Travel Backpack, $36, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Nurse Purse

Best breast pump purse

A new mom designed this bag as a cute alternative to the boring black bag her pump came with. It’s not gigantic, but it’ll hold the larger breast pump models if you take out the insert. In addition to pockets for pump accessories, it’s got one that keeps your laptop or tablet separate, plus an outside pocket made to hold your commuter mug of coffee.

Buy it: Nurse Purse breast pump bag, $49, Nursepurse.com

Photo: Courtesy Jujube

Best breast pump travel bag

Ju-Ju-Be’s Be Pumped bag is among the largest of the breast pump bag options, perfect for a travel carry-on. It can hold plenty of extras, from a nursing cover to reading material, your cosmetics bag and more. It comes with a cooler that fits four bottles and an extra wet bag for pump parts. And the whole thing is machine-washable to boot.

Buy it: Be Pumped-The First Lady, $200, Ju-ju-be.com

Photo: Courtesy Jujube

Best breast pump shoulder bag

If you’re looking for something lightweight and easy to sling over your shoulder, try the Be Supplied bag. It’s a featherweight purse with memory-foam shoulder straps for maximum comfort, and features plenty of accessory pockets. Note, though, that you’ll need to buy a cooler bag to go with it.

Buy it: Ju-Ju-Be Be Supplied Tote Bag, $125, Buybuybaby.com

Best customizable breast pump bag

If you’re in need of a bag that can pair with a specific breast pump brand, like the popular Medela and the newer Spectra, head to the EllaAlana shop on Etsy. You can custom order one that holds only your pump motor (no cooler or extras), or go for a larger design that includes coolers, dividers and pockets.

Buy it: Half Size Ella Spectra Breast Pump Bag, $85, Etsy.com

Photo: Courtesy Pottery Barn

Best sporty breast pump bag

This thickly padded, insulated bag has a separate two-bottle mini cooler that comes with it too, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of space. Its economical size is just big enough for your pump and its parts, and the thick shoulder strap can be removed if you want to leave this bag at work as your milk storage solution.

Buy it: Classic Breast Pump Bag, $79, Potterybarnkids.com

Photo: Courtesy Bumble Collection

Best cooler bag

Some moms opt to keep their pump at work and just tote the expressed milk to and from home. If you don’t need a bag big enough to carry a pump, consider the Bon Appetit Chiller, an insulated cooler masquerading as a pretty purse. Add an ice pack and it’ll keep your liquid gold chilled for up to five hours. It’s large enough to hold your lunch too.

Buy it: Bumble Collection Bon Appetit Chiller, $30, Bumblecollection.com

Published January 2018

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