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Best Baby Bottles

There's a bottle to suit every baby's feeding needs—and we've rounded up the best.
Best for Easy Feeding On-the-Go or at Daycare: Playtex

We don’t know a breastfeeding mom who hasn’t stressed using a bottle at daycare (hey, it’s hard!), but Playtex Nursers with Liners are pediatrician-recommended to mimic your breastfeeding movements. The drop-in liners keep air out and NaturaLatch slow-flow nipples are included, so even though it’s not mom, it’s pretty close.

Buy it: $13,


Photo: Playtex
Best Breastfeeding Bottle: Medela

For breastfeeding moms, finding a bottle that baby will take as easily as the breast is usually more headache than it’s worth. But Medela’s wide base and slow-flow style makes pumping and storing a breeze (phew!).

Buy it: $19,


Best for Reducing Colic: Dr. Brown's

Here’s why moms are raving about the natural flow bottles from Dr. Brown’s: a two-piece internal vent keeps air out, it’s vacuum-free and comes with a slow-flow nipple. So if you’re dealing with a colicky baby, we say give these a try.

Buy it: $13,


Best for Formula: Mixie

The Mixie is the first-ever bottle that allows formula-feeding moms to prep and store formula all in one place. You just unscrew, add water and shake!

Buy it: $20,


Photo: Mixie Baby
Best Starter Kit: AVENT

New to this whole baby’s-wailing-and-I-can’t-find-his-bottle-top thing? Try the Avent Infant Starter Set. It’s BPA-free and super easy to assemble, so you won’t waste any time trying to figure out which parts connect to where.

Buy it: $34,


Photo: Philps AVENT
Best Glass Bottle: BornFree

This tried-and-true classic is great for breastfeeding and bottle-feeding moms because it puts baby in total control. Yep, you read that right! He controls how fast he sucks and how much milk comes up. The best part? It’s dishwasher safe.

Buy it: $24,


Photo: Born Free
Best for Everyday Use: Tommee Tippee

Moms love these Closer To Nature bottles because they’re specially designed to take care of whatever baby’s pains may be (excessive spit-up, gas or just fussiness), which means feeding time is less of a battle zone.

Buy it: $47,


Photo: Tommee Tippee
Best for Boob-to-Bottle: MAM

These patented silk-teat fast-flow nipples are a nursing mom’s dream come true! Get ready to effortlessly switch from “mom to MAM” and back again — without a fight. Plus, they’ve got an adorable baby-approved design!

Buy it: $20,


Photo: MAM
Best Vented Baby Bottles: thinkbaby

No spill, extra-soft and easy to clean? Now we know why moms love ‘em! These eco-friendly Thinkbaby bottles prevent colic by using a built-in venting system and a no-spill cross-cut design (which is just a fancy way of saying they keep milk in—not out!).

Buy it: $20,

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Photo: Thinkbaby
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