12 Best Baby Bottles to Make Feeding Time a Breeze

Whether you're breastfeeding or formula-feeding, here are some favorite bottles you and baby will love.
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August 5, 2022
best baby bottles 2022
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Whether baby will be having formula, breast milk or a combination of both, you’re probably going to need a few bottles ready to go. And deciding which bottle is right for baby can be daunting at first. Ultimately, the best bottle for your little one will come down to personal preference—and even that will change as your infant grows and needs change.

These days, there are dozens of baby bottle brands to choose from, all claiming to be among the best bottles for newborns. From BPA-free plastic to glass baby bottles and everything in between, we’ve included only the best of the best bottles for babies. Whether you’re hoping to eliminate nipple confusion, prevent colic or simply find something that’s easy to wash and store, we’ve got you covered. Read on for shopping tips and browse our picks of the best baby bottles.

Features to Consider When Buying Baby Bottles

It’s no secret that baby bottles come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Below, we’ve listed some baby bottle features to consider when shopping.

  • Size. In general, you’ll find bottles ranging in size from two to 10 ounces. Two-ounce bottles are tiny, but they’re also pretty pricey and often sold individually. These are often considered specialty bottles to be used for premature babies. For full-term babies, many popular brands offer a four or five-ounce starter bottle, and then a larger bottle, ranging from eight to 10 ounces for older babies. Whatever your circumstance, it’s best to have a few small and a few large bottles on hand.

  • Material. The vast majority of baby bottles are still plastic, though almost all are now BPA-free. That said, glass baby bottles are quickly regaining popularity as parents learn more about microplastics and other harmful chemicals that could be found in plastics. A great alternative? Stainless steel baby bottles, which can be difficult to find, but are available if you know where to look. Start by figuring out which material you’d like to use, and go from there when shopping for the best baby bottles.

  • Nipple. Nipples for baby bottles can range from slow to fast flow. Slow flow nipples are best for newborns, and can help reduce gas and colic since baby won’t take in too much milk or formula at once. A faster flow is acceptable for babies older than three months. In addition, some nipples have built-in venting systems that filter air bubbles out of milk before it flows into baby’s mouth, while others are made without this type of system.

  • Usage. When you’re shopping for the best baby bottles, think about how you plan to use them during feeding sessions. If baby has colic, or you’re particularly concerned about avoiding colic or gas, a bottle with a good venting system is a must. If you’re hoping to regularly switch from the breast to the bottle, look for one that helps to avoid nipple confusion: This one will be as similar to the breast as possible, both in shape and nipple type. If you’re planning to bottle feed only, it may be a good idea to find a great bottle with a variety of size options.

  • Parts. Some bottles are simply vessels with nipple attachments, others have complex parts. Venting systems and specially designed straw filters can help with gas and colic, but they can also make cleaning pieces and parts more labor intensive. It’s a matter of priority and personal preference. If baby doesn’t seem to have any tummy troubles, you may not need anything fancy.

How Many Bottles to Buy

But how many bottles should you buy? There’s certainly no hard and fast rule here, but the key is to strike a balance between having enough and avoiding buying too many before you know the bottle you’ve bought is the right one for baby. Many new parents opt to buy three to four small and three to four large bottles before they know which brand will work best. It often comes down to trial and error.

If you don’t have a dishwasher or don’t want to have to worry about cleaning bottles frequently, it’s a good idea to keep more on hand. And if you’re on a budget, it’s fine to start with just two or three bottles. The good news: There are bottle gift sets you can add to your registry that often include both small and large bottles, along with nipples with different flow rates.

Best Baby Bottles to Shop

Overall Best Baby Bottle

Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Baby Bottles

In a sea of baby bottles, Philips Avent offers one of the simplest but best baby bottles on the market. This pick has an extra-soft anti-colic nipple that flexes while baby is feeding, helping to prevent air from getting into their tummy—a common cause of gas and discomfort.

What We Love
  • Wide neck for easy cleaning
  • Simple anti-colic design will keep baby’s tummy feeling comfy, but minimal parts won’t make cleaning a hassle
  • BPA-free plastic
Things To Consider
  • Plastic can get cloudy with repeated use
  • Recent changes to the nipples have received some complaints from reviewers online

Best Bottle for Newborns

Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Newborn Baby Bottles
Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Newborn Baby Bottles
Image: Amazon

The best bottles for newborns are generally smaller in size—your brand new baby has a teeny-tiny tummy after all. What’s more, newborn bottles often come with stage one nipples that allow for the slowest flow of milk. Munchkin’s BPA-free options are among the best bottles for newborns, thanks to their uniquely designed nipple, which stretches, flexes and pumps like a breast to help baby nail a proper latch. The anti-colic valve at the bottom of the bottle helps ward off gas and fussiness, and with the adapter, these bottles can connect to many of the leading breast pumps.

What We Love
  • Innovative nipple reduces nipple confusion for breastfed babies
  • Anti-colic valve included
  • Easily connects to many breast pumps
Things To Consider
  • Many parents complain of the nipple collapsing
  • Not the easiest bottle to clean

Best Baby Bottle for Breastfed Babies

Nanobébé Breast Milk Bottle
Nanobébé baby bottles
Image: Buy Buy Baby

If searching for one of the best bottles for breastfed babies, you can’t wrong with a bottle that looks exactly like a breast. Parents rave about this pint-size, domed bottle that was specifically designed for babies who switch from breast to bottle and back again. Thanks to its rounded exterior and concave interior, pumped breast milk (or formula) can be warmed or cooled quickly. The baby bottles even stack neatly to save on storage space. What’s more, the nipple is triple-vented to prevent gas and colic. Breastfeeding moms will also appreciate the adaptor that attaches the Nanobébé directly to most breast pumps, cutting out the need for breast milk storage bags (and losing some milk in the transfer process).

What We Love
  • Great for reducing confusion in breastfed babies
  • Triple-vented nipple helps reduce gas and colic
  • Connects to many types of breast pumps
Things To Consider
  • Shape makes it difficult to feed at an angle
  • Bottom seal can mold if not cleaned properly
  • More difficult than traditionally shaped bottles to fit in a diaper bag

Best Baby Bottle for Formula

PopYum Bottle
PopYum Bottle
Image: Buy Buy Baby

Forty-nine percent of parents formula-feed by the time baby is 6 months old. That means most parents are having to mix and prepare five or six bottles a day, which can cause its share of headaches—especially when you need to prep baby’s bottle while you’re out and about. But with PopYum, the process is hassle free. PopYum bottles store water and formula separately until baby gets hungry. With a single hand, you can press the button to release the formula. With a simple shake, baby’s bottle is prepared and ready to go.

What We Love
  • Nipples have an anti-colic valve
  • A simple on-the-go solution. It’s easy to mix formula right in the bottle
Things To Consider
  • Formula powder can clump due to hourglass shape
  • Lots of parts to keep track of
  • Bottles are bulky

Best Baby Bottle for Preemies

Tommee Tippee First Feed
Tommee Tippee First Feed baby bottle
Image: Amazon
Buying Options
Amazon | $14.50

These tiny, two-ounce bottles from Tommee Tippee get our vote for the best baby bottle for preemies. If your little one was born a bit early, you’ll need a feeding bottle that’s as tiny as those itty-bitty diapers and unbelievably small onesies. This soft, BPA-free plastic bottle is super-small and easy to grasp, and comes with an interior breast milk pot that allows you to pump and feed directly from the bottle. The award-winning nipple perfectly mimics the breast— key for babies who may not be able to exclusively breastfeed at first, and have to switch from breast to bottle.

What We Love
  • Two-ounce size is just right for preemie feeds
  • Extra-slow flow nipple
  • Included breast milk pot allows for combination feedings
Things To Consider
  • Some online reviewers say the included nipple is too slow for even the newest baby
  • Speciality bottle is a bit expensive

Best Glass Baby Bottle

Chicco Duo Hybrid
Chicco Duo Hybrid bottles
Image: Buy Buy Baby

We love the idea of a glass baby bottle that won’t break; until now, that simply wasn’t a guarantee. But with the introduction of Chicco’s innovative hybrid bottle, baby can drink from a bottle with a glass liner and a plastic exterior for added safety. The Chicco Duo Hybrid, available in 5- or 9-ounce bottles, takes our top spot for the best glass baby bottle.

What We Love
  • Glass liner prevents exposing milk to plastic
  • Plastic outer prevents breakage
  • Included Itui-Latch nipple helps prevent colic and gas
Things To Consider
  • Bottles are a bit heavier than plastic bottles
  • Some online reviewers say their babies experienced an adjustment period with the nipple

Best Plastic Baby Bottle

MAM Anti-Colic Bottles
MAM baby bottles
Image: Buy Buy Baby

Searching for a simple plastic bottle that it’ll get the job done. Look no further. The MAM anti-colic bottle ensures easy feedings for you and baby. Featuring a vented base with small air holes, it allows for maximum air flow and balances air pressure inside the bottle to reduce gas, burping and colic.

What We Love
  • Wide openings and a removable base make cleaning easy
  • It features a patented ultra-soft silicone nipple that makes an easy transition between breast and bottle
  • The anti-colic bottle design fosters an even milk flow to keep baby’s tummy happy
Things To Consider
  • While many parents like the anti-colic base, others complain about assembling and taking apart multiple parts

Best Silicone Baby Bottle

Comotomo Silicone Baby Bottle
Comotomo Silicone Baby Bottle
Image: Buy Buy Baby

The smartly designed Comotomo has well-deserved appeal. It boasts dual anti-colic vents to cut down on air intake and a soft, skin-like nipple to help baby easily switch between breast and bottle. Plus, with just three pieces—the body, the ring and the nipple—and a super-wide neck design, it’s easy to clean (no germy bottle brush necessary). Boil it, steam it, microwave it or toss it in the dishwasher—that squishy silicone can withstand it all.

What We Love
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate free silicone
  • Super-easy to clean
  • Great for switching from breast to bottle
  • Double-vented nipples are a game-changer for colicky babies
Things To Consider
  • Some say bottle must be held at a high angle to drain milk
  • Tight fit in diaper bags

Best Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

ThinkBaby Stainless
ThinkBaby Stainless steel baby bottle
Image: Buy Buy Baby

While they lag behind glass bottles in popularity, stainless steel baby bottles are another good way to avoid feeding baby from a plastic bottle. There are no harmful chemicals that can leach into baby’s milk, and stainless steel isn’t as heavy as glass, giving you the best of both worlds. ThinkBaby’s stainless steel baby bottles feature a leak-proof screw top, a vented nipple to cut down on gas and colic and four fun cap colors for a touch of whimsy.

What We Love
  • Easy to clean
  • No plastic exposure or risk of leaching chemicals
  • Holds temp for a long time
Things To Consider
  • Not much variety in the product line
  • Heavier than plastic
  • Bottles are pricey

Best Baby Bottle for Gas

Playtex Baby VentAire Baby Bottle
Playtex Baby VentAire Baby Bottle
Image: Buy Buy Baby

Say goodbye to excessive spit-up, fussiness and gas. Swallowing air during a feeding can lead to uncomfortable gas pains; but this innovative baby bottle solves that problem, thanks to the patented anti-colic bottom vent that prevents air from mixing with the milk. The bottle’s ergonomic angled design is designed to encourage semi-upright feeding, which pediatricians recommend to prevent ear infections. Plus, the wide nipple is designed to mimic the breast and allows baby to closely latch, further reducing the amount of air they ingest.

What We Love
  • Patented anti-colic venting system
  • Unique, angled design
  • Reasonably priced
Things To Consider
  • Bottom with vent not sold individually, must replace entire bottle
  • Some customers have reported bottom leaking
  • Cannot be used with a bottle warmer

Best Baby Bottle for Colic

Dr. Brown’s Options+ Bottle
Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle
Image: Buy Buy Baby

If baby’s prone to fussiness after a feeding, gas, colic or acid reflux could be to blame. To that end, the best baby bottles for gas and colic can go a long way in alleviating discomfort. Dr. Brown’s bottles are a longtime favorite among moms (and touted as the #1 pediatrician-recommended bottle) due to the brand’s tried-and-true vent system. It eliminates negative pressure and air bubbles to help reduce colic, spit up, burping and gas. And because the vented bottle creates a vacuum-free feeding experience, it closely mimics breastfeeding. “Game-changer” is a description reviewers have been known to toss around when sharing their love for Dr. Brown’s baby bottles.

What We Love
  • Pediatrician-recommended venting system reduces gas and colic
  • Bottles often sold in sets
  • BPA-free plastic
Things To Consider
  • Lots of parts to keep track of, assemble, take apart and clean
  • Bottles are pricey

Easiest Baby Bottle to Clean

Boon Nursh Silicone
Boon Nursh Silicone bottle
Image: Buy Buy Baby

Many new parents agree that the simplistic design of the Boon Nursh bottles makes it one of the easiest baby bottles to clean. Simply pop the bottle and the lid in the dishwasher and you’re good to know. Pro tip: Silicone bottles dry faster than plastic too.

What We Love
  • Easy to clean and fast drying
  • Modern aesthetic
Things To Consider
  • Takes up a lot of space due to wide design
  • Dome lid can be slippery
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