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16 Best Bottles for 2018

Baby bottles are essential when it comes to baby gear. Before wasting money on bottles that don’t work, check out TheBump.com guide to the best baby bottles.

When it comes to feeding baby, there’s a steep learning curve for all new parents. But finding the best baby bottles—whether you’re breastfeeding or formula-feeding—can help make things a lot easier.

These days there are dozens of brands to choose from, all claiming to be among the best baby bottles for your newborn. From BPA-free plastic to glass baby bottles and everything in between, it can be hard to know exactly what kind of bottle to look for. But whether you’re hoping to eliminate nipple confusion, prevent colic or just aiming for something that’s easy to wash and store, we’ve got you covered.

The best baby bottles stand out from the rest, thanks to their stellar design, smart innovations and all-around user-friendliness. Here are a few contenders to get you started on your search for the best baby bottles and bottle-feeding gear for baby.


Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Polypropylene Bottles, $6, Jet.com

When it comes to baby bottles, the Philips Avent bottle is the best overall. Whether you’re looking for bottles that mimic breastfeeding or the best bottles for colic, Philips has a winner here. These bottles have an extra-soft nipple which makes it easy for baby to latch on. There is also a specially designed anti-colic nipple that flexes while baby is feeding. This prevents air from getting in baby’s tummy, which can cause gas and discomfort. One of the other features that helps to make this one of the best baby bottles out there is the wide neck for easier cleaning.


Nanobébé , $11, Nanobebe.com

One of the best baby bottles that mimics breastfeeding is the pint-size, domed Nanobébé that has a thoughtful rounded outer and concave inner design. This means that pumped breast milk (or formula) can be warmed or cooled quickly and stored easily (and it even stacks to save space). Plus, the nipple is triple-vented to prevent gassiness and colic and the available adaptor attaches the Nanobébé directly to most breast pumps with minimal effort, making this one of the best bottles for breastfed babies on the market today.


Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck Glass Bottles, $17 for a 2-pack, BabiesRUs.com

When you think about the best baby bottles, you may shy away from glass bottles because they’re heavier and breakable. But don’t count glass baby bottles out! They are easier to clean and although there are plenty of BPA-free baby bottles out there, glass baby bottles are truly free of chemicals, which makes them safer for baby. When it comes to the best glass baby bottle, Dr. Brown’s wins for its vent-system, which helps control the flow of the feeding.


Munchkin Latch BPA Free Newborn Baby Bottle Gift Set, $30 for 12-piece gift set, Jet.com

It’s important to know there is a difference when shopping for baby baby bottles for newborns. Newborn bottles are usually smaller because newborns eat less, and the nipples are also the slowest flow, usually called a stage one. The Munchkin Newborn baby bottle gift set makes the list of the best baby bottles because it comes with bottles that provide a better latch, a flexible, stretchy nipple and an anti-colic valve.


Medela Breastmilk Bottle, $12 for a 3-pack, Amazon.com

Let’s face it, sometimes you don’t want to break the bank when shopping for baby gear. The best baby bottles can get expensive. So when you find one that works well and is affordable, you’re going to do the happy dance. The Medela breastmilk bottle connects directly to the pump, which means less work for mom. And even for non-pumping mamas, this bottle ranks high because the baby bottles don’t leak and are easy to read. At an average of $4 a bottle, cheap baby bottles never looked so good!


Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Preemie Baby Bottle, $10 for a 2-pack, Target.com

As with the best baby bottles for newborns, finding the best baby bottles for preemies means finding bottles with slow-flow nipples. Moms of preemies love Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Preemie baby bottle because of the specially designed preemie-flow nipples. Dr. Brown’s Preemie baby bottles also have the original vent system to help reduce gas, colic and all of the other issues that make for an irritable baby at feeding time.


Lifefactory BPA Free Glass Baby Bottle, $9, BedBathandBeyond.com

Chances are you’ve read up on BPA when it comes to baby bottles. BPA is an industry chemical that’s been used to make plastic for years. Some research suggests it has side effects on the brain and behavior. For many eco-friendly moms, BPA-free bottles are a must when looking for the best baby bottles. The Lifefactory BPA Free Glass Baby Bottle is a favorite because all parts of the bottle are BPA-free, and it even comes with a silicone sleeve, which prevents it from breaking if it’s dropped.


Mixie , $17, BabiesRUs.com

Forty-nine percent of moms formula-feed by the time baby is 6 months old. That means most mothers are having to mix and prepare five or six bottles a day, which can cause its share of headaches—especially when you need to prep baby's bottle while you're out and about. But with this best baby bottle, the process is now hassle-free. Powder formula is housed in an airtight compartment and won’t combine with water until you push a button to release it. Cleaning is just as easy because every piece is dishwasher-safe.


Comotomo Silicone Baby Bottle, $14, BabiesRUs.com

The smartly designed Comotomo has a well-deserved appeal, even among breastfed babies, making this one of the best baby bottles out there. With just three pieces—the body, the ring and the nipple—the super-wide neck design makes it a cinch to clean (no germy bottle brush necessary). Boil it, steam it, microwave it or toss it in the dishwasher—that squishy silicone can withstand it all.


Bluesmart Mia Smart Feeding System, $149, BlueSmartMia.com

Want to track baby’s feedings—especially when you’re not with him? There’s an app for that! BlueSmart mia is a food-grade silicone sleeve that slips onto baby’s bottle to note the length and quality of each feeding—including milk temperature and bottle angles (for gas prevention). It even tells you when it’s time to toss the milk. The linked app traces feeding durations and schedules along with other stats about baby’s eating habits and health to create a real-time record that’s shareable with family and baby’s doc too. It’s the perfect mealtime companion, giving you peace of mind about baby’s feedings when you’re not there to do it yourself. Available in blue and pink, the mia sleeve is compatible with most standard-sized baby bottles.


Lux , $17 and up, Luxbabybottle.com

The Lux line (created by three moms!) has the best baby bottles to help eliminate nipple confusion for breastfed babies. Offering a rounded silicone design that is soft and squeezable, this is one of the best baby bottles that mimics breastfeeding by resembling mom’s shape and emulating the skin-to-skin nursing experience. The pliable silicone nipples are custom-made to encourage a strong, wide latch, and they’re vented to prevent colic. The bottles offer wide necks for easy clean up and are microwave- and dishwasher-safe.


Bare Air-Free Feeding System, $17, Amazon.com

If baby’s prone to fussiness post-feeding gas, colic or acid reflux could be the culprit; and only the best baby bottles will do the trick to alleviate these problems. Bare Air-Free claims to cut post-feed fussiness by up to 75 percent with its patented air-plug technology and an upright feeding experience that helps reduce reflux. Bare Air-Free also offers up to two nipple types—the standard Easy-Latch, and the Perfe-Latch, especially designed for breastfed babies—with built-in flow-control that lets baby set the pace, making it one of the best baby bottles for colic.


Mii & Sophie La Girafe Baby Birth Gift Set, $45, Amazon.com

You know, love and trust Sophie La Girafe as one of baby’s first playmates. And the Mii Sophie bottles live up to the high expectations you have for the brand. The bottles are designed specifically to avoid nipple confusion in breastfed babies using four patented stage-specific nipples. Each is designed to adapt to and accommodate baby’s specific needs as she grows, making it one of the best baby bottles for a growing baby. They’re available in sturdy glass or Sophie’s Swiss-designed, BPA-free ForEver material. The gift set comes complete with everything you need, including four bottles, extra nipples, a teether and bottle brush.


Olababy GentleBottle, $13, Je.com

Like everything Olababy makes, the GentleBottle is soothing to look at with its pale colors and gentle curves. But it doesn’t stop at pretty! Made of silky, 100 percent medical-grade silicone, it promises a toxin-free feeding experience that keeps baby’s comfort in mind. The GentleBottle offers an off-centered nipple for easy latching and reduced bottle rejection for breastfed babies, a dual-vented anti-colic system, a wide neck for easy cleanup and a smooth, sure-grip texture. It comes in three colors and two sizes, so it can grow with baby.

Best Baby Bottle for Gas

Photo: Courtesy of Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Anti-Colic Bottle, $11, ToysRUs.com

Say sayonara to excessive spit-up, fussiness and gas. Swallowing air during a feeding can lead to uncomfortable gas pains, but thanks to the patented air venting system in this bottle, air is channeled through the tube down toward the bottle of the bottle, completely bypassing the milk. Plus, the extra-wide nipple is designed to mimic the breast and allows baby to closely latch, further reducing the amount of air she ingests. And it's completely dishwasher safe, making cleanup a cinch.


The Beebo Bottle Holder, $30, Amazon.com

Multitasking moms (and dads!) will appreciate the hands-free approach to feeding that comes with the Beebo Bottle Holder. It has an over-the-shoulder helping hand that attaches to baby’s bottle so you can keep one hand free — to do things like read, massage baby or even do the dishes. Compact, portable, comfortable and washable, the Beebo also offers echoes of the cozy closeness of the breastfeeding experience to your partner, grandma or anyone else who does the honors. Made of squishy non-toxic foam, it fits almost any bottle and adjusts positioning to work for any caregiver and baby.

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