The Best Bottle Warmers for Heating Milk in Minutes

When you’re short on time (and what parent isn’t), these best bottle warmers will have baby’s formula or breast milk ready to go in a jiffy.
ByLiz Callahan Schnabolk
August 6, 2020
best baby bottle warmers
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Consult the experts and they’ll say you don’t need a baby bottle warmer. But when it’s 3 a.m. and your little bundle-of-screaming-joy refuses to take that too-cold formula or expressed breast milk, you might beg to differ. Pop the bottle in one of these warmers and within minutes, you’ve got a ready-to-go bottle at the perfect temperature. These gadgets not only get the job done quickly, but they also ensure that the milk is free of the dangerous hot spots that heating bottles in the microwave or boiling water can cause. Plus, many models have special breast milk settings to make sure that your liquid gold is warmed up without zapping its nutrients. Check out our picks to find the best bottle warmer for you.

Image: Courtesy Philips AVENT

Philips Avent Fast Bottle Warmer

Got three minutes? You can get that milk warm and toasty. This super-simple baby bottle warmer evenly heats milk by continuously circulating to make sure there’s no shot of a hot spot. Bonus: It’ll also defrost frozen breast milk and warm up purees.

Buy it: Philips Avent Fast Bottle Warmer, $20,

Image: Courtesy Dr. Brown's

Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Warmer

If you swear by Dr. Brown’s bottles—as many new parents do—you’ll want to consider getting this gadget to match. The baby bottle warmer uses electric steam heat to quickly and evenly warm milk. It also holds enough water so you don’t have to refill it every single time and can be programmed to your specific settings.

Buy it: Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Warmer, $36,

Image: Courtesy Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Travel Bottle and Food Warmer

Yes, this is one more thing you need to throw in the diaper bag before you head out. (You won’t be sorry you did!) This portable bottle warmer is basically a thermal flask that holds hot water for when your little is ready for a feeding. You don’t even have to plug it in!

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Buy it: Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Travel Bottle and Food Warmer , $13,

Image: Courtesy The First Years

The First Years 4-in-1 Remote Control Bottle Warmer

This baby bottle warmer is a sleep-deprived parent’s dream! Stick a bottle in it before you hit the sack, and the device will keep it cool until baby’s next feeding. When it’s time, use the remote (smartly nestled your nightstand) to hit warm while you will yourself out of bed.

Buy it: The First Years 4-in-1 Remote Control Bottle Warmer, $56,

Image: Courtesy Boon

Boon Orb Bottle Warmer

If you already have Boon’s iconic green grass drying rack, your bottles will feel right at home in the Orb. The globe-like design is cool, but also has a function: It’s wide enough to fit any bottle you’ve got. (And baby food jars too, for that matter.)

Buy it: Boon Orb Bottle Warmer, $18,

Image: Courtesy Munchkin

Munchkin Digital Bottle Warmer

Here’s another baby bottle warmer that’s designed to make life easier. It features a digital memory timer that saves your last setting, so there’s no messing around with times or temperatures when you’ve got a hungry baby in your arms. The lift-out basket also fits many (many!) bottle brands and sizes.

Buy it: Munchkin Digital Bottle Warmer, $40,

Image: Courtesy Baby Brezza

Baby Brezza Safe + Smart Bottle Warmer

This is like the Rolls Royce of the bunch, and it’s perhaps the best bottle warmer if you’re specifically looking to warm up breast milk. (And if you love gadgets will tons of bells and whistles.) Use the special breast milk setting to ensure you’re warming it at a rate that preserves those precious (and hard fought!) nutrients. Download the app so you can control the warming from your phone and get alerts when the bottle is ready to go.

Buy it: Baby Brezza Safe + Smart Bottle Warmer, $65,

Image: Courtesy Munchkin

Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer

When baby needs to be fed, she needs to be fed—even if you happen to be driving. Luckily, this baby bottle warmer plugs into the car’s lighter adaptor for power, and then sits right in the cup holder while it heats up, making it the best bottle warmer for when you’re out and about. Winning!

Buy it: Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer, $18,

Image: Courtesy Beaba

Beaba BabyMilk Ultra-Fast Bottle Warmer

This warmer is fast—like two-minutes-flat fast. (Every second counts!) Its ultra-quick steam system heats bottles evenly and to the exact temperature you set. Plus, it fits all bottles, even if they have a wide neck. It also features an air-tight lid that keeps the bottle warm for longer, in case you can’t get to it right way.

Buy it: Beaba BabyMilk Ultra-Fast Bottle Warmer, $59,

Image: Courtesy Kiinde

Kiindie Kozii Breastmilk Warmer & Bottle Warmer

If you’re nervous about putting your breast milk into a machine that uses steam, then this is the best bottle warmer for you. Kozii was designed with the CDC and USDA guidelines for warming breast milk in mind, and safely heats it up with flowing water. It also works with all bottles and bags!

Buy it: Kiindie Kozii Breastmilk Warmer & Bottle Warmer, $40,

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