23 Cute First Day of Preschool Signs to Mark the Milestone

Upgrade your photos with a special prop and start a sweet back-to-school tradition.
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By Martina Garvey, Associate E-Commerce Editor
Updated August 24, 2021
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Can you believe your little one is off to pre-K? We know what a big milestone this is, which is why we’re here to help you celebrate. One of our favorite ways for kids (and their parents!) to get excited for the start of school is by taking a photo right before it begins. And adding a special prop makes the moment even more, well, momentous. Have your newly minted preschooler pose with a first day of preschool sign, then carry the tradition on for as long as your family likes. It’s great for documenting your kid’s growth year after year, not to mention getting them hyped up for the learning and socializing ahead. Below, shop some of the cutest (read: most Instagrammable) first day of school signs we’ve seen. Many of them are customizable and reusable, making it easy to have annual back-to-school photoshoots.

Image: Courtesy Cualfec

Cualfec Personalized First Day and Last Day of School Sign

Commemorate your child’s first and last day of school with these classic signs. Each sign has plenty of blank space for their name, age, the date and more. Fill in your kiddo’s details with liquid chalk (sold separately) for a cute, colorful photo prop.

Buy it: $15 for a pack of 2,

Image: Courtesy Bloom Owl

Bloom Owl First Day of School Sign

This chalkboard first day of school sign is adorably thematic—it even has a wooden ruler border. Buy the blackboard with or without your child’s name printed on it (we recommend skipping permanent personalization if you want to use it for multiple children), then fill in the blanks each year with things like their age and teacher’s name.

Buy it: Starting from $40,

Image: Courtesy Cheree Berry Paper

Cheree Berry Paper First Day of Preschool Banner

We can’t get enough of first day of preschool pennants. This cheerful flag comes adorned with a festive ribbon that’s ultra Insta-worthy.

Buy it: $28,

Image: Courtesy Kids Party Print Co.

Kids Party Print Co. First Day of Pre-K Sign

Printable first day of school signs are a super-affordable option. We love this funny “watch out pre-K” digital file. While it’s not editable, once printed, you can frame it as a special memento.

Buy it: $3,

Image: Courtesy Canopy Street Store

Canopy Street Store School Bus First and Last Day of School Reusable Dry Erase Sign

Like chalkboards, dry erase boards make excellent first day of preschool signs. That’s because they’re so easy to personalize and reuse. This reversible first day and last day option comes in a cute yellow school bus design.

Buy it: $14,

Image: Courtesy Mainevent

Mainevent Felt Letter Board

Next up is a prop you can use for any occasion—including a first day of preschool photoshoot. This rustic felt letter board comes with 374 changeable letters, characters and symbols, so you can craft your own unique message. Plus, there’s space to clip on photos, notes and mementos from their first day.

Buy it: $22,

Image: Courtesy Michaels

Michaels Back to Class My First Day of School Sign

Check out this clever reversible first day of preschool sign. On the front there’s space to fill in details like your child’s name, grade and teacher’s name. When it comes to the last day of school, flip the sign over and fill in their favorite subject, career aspirations and more. Snap some photos and display them side by side for a sweet before-and-after effect.

Buy it: $5,

Image: Courtesy Trace Paper Pen

Trace Paper Pen First Day of School Sign Hello School Balloon

We’re obsessed with this fun twist on the classic first day of preschool sign. The inflatable balloon reads “hello preschool” and can be customized at home with paint or glitter.

Buy it: $10,

Image: Courtesy Dear Scout Co

Dear Scout Co First Day of Preschool Sign

This unique first day of pre-K sign is giving us major heart eyes. It’s made of trendy laser-cut wood and shaped like a celebratory pennant. How cool is that?

Buy it: $25,

Image: Courtesy Zazzle

Zazzle Sesame Street First or Last Day of School Poster

Zazzle has tons of fun, thematic first day of preschool posters. Our personal favorite is this sweet Sesame Street-inspired sign. Personalize it with your child’s name, age, favorite things, grade, year and their teacher’s name.

Buy it: $14,

Image: Courtesy Imajenit

Imajenit First Day of School Theme Photobooth

If the goal is to take adorable first day of preschool photos, try this genius frame-style sign your kid can pose inside of! Order a customized version with their name, the year and name of their preschool to show off the awesome place they’re going to be attending.

Buy it: $60,

Image: Courtesy Pearhead

Pearhead First Day Of School Chalkboard

This erasable chalkboard sign is perfect for the apple of your eye. Like all the best first day of preschool signs, it can be customized with their name and school year details. Bonus: This pick comes with chalk.

Buy it: $10,

Image: Courtesy Little Bees Graphics

Little Bees Graphics Editable First Day of School Sign

Edit this printable first day of school sign yourself—you’ve got free reign over the colors, fonts and text. And that crayon design? Too cute.

Buy it: $4,

Image: Courtesy Lemonality

Lemonality Double-Sided First and Last Day of School Chalkboard

Looking for more double-duty signs? Try this custom chalkboard option with a place for your child’s grade, their age and their teacher’s name, plus the prompt “I want to be [blank] when I grow up” on the first day side and “I can’t wait to [blank] this summer” on the last day side. You’ll love seeing how their answers change between preschool, kindergarten and well beyond!

Buy it: $58,

Image: Courtesy Pearhead

Pearhead First and Last Day of School Handprint Board Apple

Check out this crafty first day of school sign from Pearhead. This double-sided wooden board reads “first day of…” on one side and “last day of…” on the reverse. Fill in your kid’s grade and the date using the marker and use the non-toxic paint to capture your little one’s handprints. Plus, this sign gets top marks for the sweet apple shape.

Buy it: $10,

Image: Courtesy Printable Candee Designs

Printable Candee Designs First Day of Preschool Sign

This printable, chalkboard-style first day of pre-K sign features the sweetest little academic motifs, including books, school supplies and a studious caterpillar!

Buy it: $6,

Image: Courtesy So Cute Print Co

So Cute Print Co Hello Preschool First Day of School Sign

Speaking of sweet motifs, check out this floral “hello preschool” printout. The blooms on the first day of preschool sign represent how much they’ll blossom this year!

Buy it: $4,

Image: Courtesy BONNYCO

BONNYCO Cinema Light Box with 300 Letters, Symbols & Emojis

This Insta-worthy light box is a great reusable photo prop. It comes with a colorful mix of letters and emojis. Use it for major family events like pregnancy announcements, birthdays and as a first day of preschool sign.

Buy it: $19,

Image: Courtesy The Little Blue Lion

Kitty and Bobo’s Designs Reusable First and Last Day of School Sign

This dry erase board and chalkboard hybrid works with liquid chalk, which looks especially fun and bright on the black background. As with many of the first day of preschool signs above, you can add your kid’s name to the design. Fingers crossed they respond to the “I love” prompt with “my parents!”

Buy it: Starting from $30,

Image: Courtesy Hydrangea Etchings

Hydrangea Etchings First Day of Preschool Sign

This whimsical first day of pre-K sign shows them just how magical school can be. It’s sold as a printable instant download.

Buy it: $4,

Image: Courtesy The Letterman Co.

The Letterman Co. First and Last Day by Grade Pennants

Celebrate the first day of school in style with these retro-inspired pennants. They are available for kids of all ages from preschool through fifth grade, making them a great choice for siblings. Plus, the Letterman Co. also makes flags for the first day of homeschool—how cute!

Buy it: $30 for a pack of 2,

Image: Courtesy Stamp Out

Stamp Out First Day of School Reusable Sign

This classy reusable sign feels grown-up enough that they won’t mind posing with it well beyond preschool. Buy the first day version with or without their name. The seller also makes matching last day signs.

Buy it: Starting from $20,

Image: Courtesy Personalization Mall

Personalization Mall First Day of School Personalized Dry Erase Sign

Last but not least, here’s another commemorative dry erase board that’s customizable for preschool and the grades following. We chose this one for its happy, colorful design.

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