The Best Umbrella Strollers for Every Family’s Needs

Here, the best lightweight umbrella strollers that don’t skimp out on key features.
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By Anisa Arsenault, Associate Editor
Updated June 21, 2019
Baby in stroller outside by green bushes.
Image: J. Danielle Wehunt
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With hundreds of options on the market, choosing the right stroller for your family can feel just about as daunting as buying a car. And just when you finally make your decision and think, done! you realize a second lightweight stroller can be incredibly handy for traveling or quick errand runs. That’s where the umbrella stroller comes in.

Compact and lightweight, an umbrella stroller typically weighs under 20 pounds (with most weighing less than 15 pounds) and folds vertically. That said, an umbrella stroller won’t have all of the tricked-out features you’d find in a travel system, like a roomy storage basket or a bassinet attachment. They’re also typically not meant for babies under 4 months old. Still, an umbrella stroller may be lightweight, but it packs a punch. See our picks for the best umbrella stroller that’ll be your family’s go-to travel companion.

Image: Courtesy Summer Infant

Best Everyday Umbrella Stroller: Summer Infant 3D Lite+

You no doubt put a lot of research into choosing your first stroller, but as your child gets older, you might be wondering what kind of stroller you should use next. An everyday umbrella stroller can match several features of its stroller cousins, including a sturdy frame, durable fabric, easy-to-steer wheels and a reclining seat, making it a great option for daily use. You can score all of that with the new and improved Summer Infant 3D Lite+.

It has tons of features you’d find on a larger stroller: a large, fully reclining seat, an oversized canopy with a pull-out sun visor, an extra-large storage basket and anti-shock wheels. For years, parents have raved about the 3D Lite as one of hands-down best umbrella strollers around—and with this recent upgrade (including features like a wider basket, peekaboo window and cup holders for mom and baby!) you’ll love it even more.

Stroller weight: 14 pounds
Weight capacity: 50 pounds

What parents are saying: “I have been using and loving my Summer Infant 3D Lite for a little over a year now and this new model is even better. Both are very smooth on the sidewalk and most bumpy spots. The canopy hangs lower, which is great for super sunny days and sleepy kids, and I like the peek a boo window. …I honestly didn’t think the 3-D Lite needed improvements but these upgrades are awesome! —Summer Infant reviewer

Buy it: $120,

Image: UPPAbaby

Best Double Umbrella Stroller: UPPAbaby G-Link

Double strollers often carry the weight of being bigger, bulkier and generally unwieldy in the world of baby gear—but the UPPABaby G-Line busts this stereotype.

It’s the best umbrella stroller for eliminating some of the biggest pain points of double strollers: Each seat reclines independent of the other and each passenger gets their own canopy. Because it has four sets of wheels like a traditional stroller, rather than the six found on most sets of doubles that often make turns harder, maneuvering a double-wide load is still easy. And, yes, it’ll fit easily through a standard door frame, leaving six inches to spare.

Stroller weight: 24.5 pounds
Weight capacity: 55 pounds per seat

What parents are saying: “We found G-link and fell in love with it right away. It’s super lightweight, compact yet roomy for the kids and easy to fold. We love the peekaboo windows it has so you can check in on the kiddos. It fits easily through doors and has decent storage space below (coming from someone who always overpacks!). I highly recommend this stroller!” — Buy Buy Baby Reviewer

Buy it: $279.99,

Image: Courtesy UPPA Baby

Best Reclining Umbrella Stroller: UPPAbaby G-Luxe

When you have a tuckered out kiddo in tow, a reclining stroller is a must. And while some of the plush, adjustable seats of higher-end strollers look tailor-made for naptime, several reclining umbrella strollers get the job done too. The G-Luxe from UPPAbaby is a standout. Not only does it have a one-handed recline, it also has key features like an extendable canopy, a storage basket that can hold up to 10 pounds and a carry strap. It even stands up on its own once folded. At 15 pounds, it’s one of the lightest umbrella strollers that reclines.

Stroller weight: 15 pounds
Weight capacity: 55 pounds

What parents are saying: “We retired our Vista and moved on to the G-Luxe and are so happy! Our daughter usually walks, so it’s nice that this has a shoulder strap. It’s light enough for me or my husband to carry, not heavy at all. When she can’t keep up anymore this stroller is a comfy shaded spot for her to relax-plus, it reclines! Naps on the go are no problem! The same easy turns and durability we were used to with the Vista, it’s really nice and worth the price tag.” —Amazon reviewer

Buy it: $280,

Image: Courtesy Maclaren

Best Lightweight Umbrella Stroller: Maclaren Triumph

Umbrella strollers are lightweight by design. But if you’ll be navigating stairs or even airport travel, every pound matters—something Maclaren totally gets. A trusted brand since the ‘60s, Maclaren makes nothing but umbrella strollers. The Triumph is their all-purpose stroller for parents on the move. It offers a fully padded seat, multi-position seat recline and an extendable canopy—all weighing a mere 11 pounds. Proof that a lightweight umbrella stroller doesn’t have to sacrifice on comfort or style.

Stroller weight: 11 pounds
Weight capacity: 55 pounds

What parents are saying: “After owning an older model Triumph, I really loved the idea of the redesigned sun canopy and single front wheels. Those do not disappoint. The canopy is great, and the stroller steers even easier than older models. The rain canopy worked well for the light rain that we have used it for, and no problems with the canopy fabric leaking. I like that the seat is higher off the ground, too. Easily collapses and just as lightweight. Same storage basket, and now there’s a pocket on the back of canopy for small items.” —Amazon reviewer

Buy it: $216,

Image: Kolcraft

Best Cheap Umbrella Stroller: Kolcraft Cloud

Sometimes you just need a no-frills pinch hitter, something you can toss in the trunk for a day trip. But a cheap umbrella stroller doesn’t have to skimp on quality. A cheap umbrella stroller should cost no more than $100, but one that’s a mere $26? Yes, please. Meet the Kolcraft Cloud, a super lightweight umbrella stroller routinely praised by parents for being a great value for the money. A storage basket and an extra large canopy add to its appeal.

Stroller weight: 9.5 pounds
Weight capacity: 40 pounds

What parents are saying: “This is a great compact stroller for the price! It has many more features than the strollers with comparable prices. We bought ours a year ago in black for our 2.5 year old son and it has held up great with occasional use and being jostled around the trunk of my car. I like that it comes with a cup holder that you can use for the parent or flip around and use for the child.” —Target reviewer

Buy it: $26,

Image: Courtesy GB

Best Umbrella Stroller for Travel: gb Pockit Air All-Terrain

Because they’re lightweight and compact, all umbrella strollers are good for travel. But some additional features can make a travel umbrella stroller great. Do its dimensions allow it to fit in the overhead compartment on a plane? Does it weigh even less than 15 pounds? How compact is it folded up? All important things to consider when looking for the best umbrella stroller for travel.

If you’re packing for a trip and serious about traveling light, the original gb Pockit is so compact it set a 2014 Guinness World Records for its diminutive size. The brand-new Pockit Air All-Terrain model offers even more impressive features. It still folds up into the size of a handbag and meets all the requirements for airplane hand luggage. The double wheels were built to easily navigate different surfaces throughout the day, so you and baby can go off adventuring with confidence. Plus, the seat is made with a breathable mesh fabric so your kiddo doesn’t overheat on even the hottest of days (there’s a padded inlay for when the weather turns cool).

Stroller weight: 10 pounds
Weight capacity: 37 pounds

Pre-order it: $160,

Image: Joovy

Best Infant Umbrella Stroller: Joovy New Groove Ultralight

You’ve probably noticed that toddlers and bigger kids are the primary passengers of an umbrella stroller. That’s because they usually don’t offer the support or protection an infant needs; they don’t accommodate a bassinet attachment either. But there are exceptions to every rule. And the first thing to look for in an umbrella stroller for infants is a flat recline option. The Joovy Groove Ultralight includes all the key features—like a near-flat recline, a five-point harness and foot enclosure—to keep infants (yes, even newborns) snug and secure.

Stroller weight: 15.7 pounds
Weight capacity: 55 pounds

What parents are saying: “The new Joovy is JUST as impressive, if not more impressive, than the one we owned for nearly 4 years. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better- it did!! It has upgraded seat material, thicker harness straps, upgraded wheels, a parental cupholder, added zipper storage pocket, a bar that allows the stroller to stand upright by itself when folded down & a nice shoulder strap with a comfortable leather pad for easy carrying! The steel frame is just as good & you can tell the sturdiness of this stroller the second you pull it out of the box! And let’s not even begin on how huge the storage basket is underneath!!”—Amazon reviewer

Buy it: $121,

Image: Summer Infant

Best Umbrella Stroller With Storage: Summer Infant 3D Tote Convenience Stroller

If you know you’ll be toting around a lot of stuff, the best umbrella stroller for you will have a big undercarriage basket. While some umbrella strollers skip the under-seat storage altogether, a few have smart features for maximizing space, like the Summer Infant 3D Tote.

It features an expandable storage basket that extends up the backside of the stroller. It can hold up to 25 pounds of gear and includes extra storage pockets on each side. Think you need a few more things before you head out the door? This is the best umbrella stroller for the job; your diaper bag (up to 5 pounds) can clip onto it too.

Stroller weight: 17.5 pounds
Weight capacity: 50 pounds

What parents are saying: “It rides so smoothly. And the STORAGE! I seriously believe it has more storage than any other stroller I’ve had. Even a big full size one. Love how easily my bag hangs on the handles and all the pockets and huge basket.” — Amazon reviewer

Buy it: $80,

Image: Courtesy Graco

Best Car Seat Compatible Umbrella Stroller: Graco Breaze Click Connect

You may have already purchased—or registered for—a travel system, which allows baby to go from car to stroller without ever leaving the car seat. But if you’re not committed to a full system or want to save some money, there’s a workaround to consider: a car seat-compatible umbrella stroller.

There aren’t many out there, but the Graco Breaze is one of your best options. It can be used with all Graco Click Connect infant car seats (except for ones with TRUESHIELD) with a one-step attachment. Creating your own umbrella stroller travel system is now a breeze. It also boasts features like a one-hand fold, large canopy and multi-position reclining seat that’s safe from birth.

Stroller weight: 17.9 pounds
Weight capacity: 50 pounds

What parents are saying: “I absolutely love this stroller. I had my fourth daughter back in January. When I bought her carseat, I decided I didn’t need the bulky stroller to go with it. …I obviously wasn’t thinking about the early days when baby falls asleep in the carseat and you don’t want to wake her to put her into the chest carrier. I finally broke down and decided to order this lightweight stroller since it is compatible with baby’s carseat. …Everything is so convenient. I can pretty much perform each function of this stroller with one hand. The seat adjusts quickly and easily to whatever position you want, and it feels very sturdy. Car seat also snaps in easily and feels very secure.” —Amazon reviewer

Buy it: $131,

Updated June 2019

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