What Is FSA-Eligible? 19 Baby Items You Can Buy With Pre-Tax Dollars

Surprise! Your FSA or HSA account isn’t just for copays and prescriptions. Here are some baby essentials you probably didn’t know were eligible.
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By Emma O'Regan-Reidy, E-Commerce Editor
Updated August 30, 2023
FSA- and HSA-eligible Hero
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Any parent knows, having a baby means dropping some serious cash. Here’s the good news: If you have a Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA), a smart way to save on certain pregnancy and baby items is by buying them with pre-tax dollars.

Through insurance plans and company benefits, many of us have access to an FSA or HSA. They essentially work like personal savings accounts, but the money is deposited on a pre-tax basis and can be used only for qualifying medical expenses, such as co-pays and deductibles, certain prescriptions and some medical equipment. Surprisingly, that can also include key maternity, postpartum and infant items.

Before you start filling up your shopping cart, check with your insurance policy to see which items qualify. Depending on your policy, you may be able to shop wherever you like and submit your receipts for proof. Or, skip the legwork and buy items directly from the official FSA Store or HSA Store, and rest easy knowing everything you buy is approved. Either way, you’ll discover some of our favorite products that qualify below.

Are Diapers FSA-Eligible?

You may be wondering: Are diapers FSA-eligible? Unfortunately, the answer is no. According to the FSA Store, any item eligible for reimbursement “must be primarily for the diagnosis, mitigation or treatment of a specific medical condition or affect a structure of function of the body.” And since infant incontinence is a normal, healthy function of the body, diapers don’t fall under this category. That being said, do you know what is FSA-eligible? Overnight training pants. If you’re shopping for nighttime training underwear for your tot, the products you choose may be eligible for reimbursement—score!

FSA- and HSA-Eligible Baby Products To Shop

Ready to start saving? From breast pumps and baby movement monitors to prenatal vitamins and baby lotion, there are plenty of useful products to choose from. Here, browse a range of useful essentials for new and expecting parents that are covered by your pre-tax FSA or HSA dollars.

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Prenatal vitamins

Ritual Prenatal Multivitamin
Image: Ritual

Regular vitamins usually don’t make the cut for FSA and HSA spending, but prenatal supplements are a different story. Our top pick? Ritual’s prenatal multivitamin. These vegan capsules come in citrus- or mint-essence flavors, and are packed with key nutrients for you and baby. What’s more, they’re free from major allergens, non-GMO and contains no artificial colors.

Belly Bandit compression wraps

Belly Bandit Original Postpartum Belly Wrap
Image: Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit’s postpartum belly wraps offer an array of benefits for expectant and new moms alike. They can provide stomach and back support during pregnancy, reduce swelling and discomfort after a c-section and help with overall recovery during the fourth trimester. After purchasing a compression wrap, just submit a claim to your insurance company to receive FSA reimbursement.

Baby monitor

CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor
Image: Amazon

Another FSA-eligible item new parents will appreciate is this advanced baby monitor. Download the compatible app on your phone, and the smart device will send you proactive notifications when baby’s face is covered, if they cry or cough or if they roll over. As they snooze, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on them, thanks to the 1080p HD video display. Better yet, you can depend on this monitor to protect your data as it’s CTIA Cybersecurity Certified.

Breast pump

Under the Affordable Care Act, many health insurance plans cover the cost of a breast pump, but many women opt to get a second one for the office or on-the-go. That’s where your HSA or FSA comes in. Our favorite option is Elvie’s wearable pumps, which is lightweight, quiet, compact and offers a range of intensity settings. Accessories like breast pumping bras and nursing wipes are also available via your FSA or HSA.

Lactation massager

Breastfeeding comes with its fair share of challenges, which is where a lactation massager can come in handy. This clever 2-in-1 design from Frida Mom uses heat and vibrations to gently break down milk build-up; that way, you can increase your output and relieve discomfort. Best of all, it’s HSA- and FSA-eligible—score!

Nursing pads

Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads, 100 Count
Image: Walmart

Nursing pads are another HSA- and FSA-eligible product that breastfeeding moms can avail of. With this pack, you’ll receive 100 pads that you can count on to prevent leakage, day or night. Plus, you’ll appreciate the breathable, fragrance-free material that was designed to be gentle on skin.

Breast milk storage bags

Kiinde Twist Breast Milk Storage Pouch, 40 Count
Image: Target

Whether you need to head back to work or just want to stock up on a milk supply, you’ll likely find yourself pumping breast milk at some point—and you’re going to need trusty containers to store it all in. Luckily, you can spend FSA or HSA dollars on lots of storage bag options—like these cool twist designs from Kiinde.

Peri bottle

Next up is an HSA- and FSA-eligible peri bottle—a postpartum essential that can make bathroom trips a bit more comfortable in those first few weeks of motherhood. The upside-down design makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas, and the angled neck will provide targeted relief in seconds.

Postpartum care kit

Here’s something that you probably didn’t know was HSA- and FSA-eligible: Frida Mom’s postpartum care kit. To ease your recovery after giving birth, it includes a variety of helpful products, like disposable underwear, cooling liners, perineal healing foam and ice maxi pads. Better yet, it all comes in a storage caddy for added convenience.

Acupressure wrist bands for morning sickness

Sea-Band Anti-Nausea Acupressure Motion Sickness, 2 Count
Image: Walmart

This might top the list of things you didn’t expect your HSA or FSA to cover, but moms-to-be with morning sickness will agree that anything that eases the nausea is a medical necessity. Some women swear by acupressure wrist bands as a natural, effective option.

Potty training underwear

MooMoo Baby Cotton Training Pants, 6 Pack
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

Your kiddo’s potty training era will bring a host of challenges. Luckily, your HSA or FSA plan can be applied to both daytime and nighttime options, so you (and baby) will have plenty of coverage. These training pants come in several cute patterns and are available in a convenient pack of six. Keep in mind: To be eligible for reimbursement for this type of product, you’ll need to provide a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN).

Overnight training underwear

Goodnites Overnight Underwear, 44 Count
Image: HSA Store

Don’t forget overnight training undies! Made with five-layer protection and reinforced double leg barriers, they can be counted on to keep baby dry and comfortable all night long. This pack of 44 will keep you covered for plenty of bedtimes to come—plus, they’re HSA- and FSA-eligible, of course.

Baby lotion

Baby lotion is another item you’ll find when browsing the HSA or FSA online stores. This moisturizing cream from Aveeno is ideal for little ones suffering from eczema or dry, sore skin. You’ll appreciate how it’s fragrance-free, made with colloidal oatmeal and is gentle enough for daily use.

Mineral sunscreen

Two Peas Organics, SPF 30
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

While sporting daily sunscreen is a good idea for everyone, protecting your skin from the sun’s strong rays becomes especially important when you’re expecting. Your run-of-the-mill sunscreen is perfectly safe during pregnancy, but women eager to avoid the compounds used in standard options can opt for mineral sunscreen, which prevents sun damage with naturally derived physical blockers, like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. And wouldn’t you know it—all types of sunscreen SPF 15 or higher qualify as FSA and HSA expenses. To make the most of it, opt for our favorite pregnancy-safe mineral sunscreen from Two Peas Organics.

Baby nasal aspirator

Braun Electric Nasal Aspirator
Image: Target

There are a plethora of products designed to help clear baby’s nasal congestion, and many of them are covered by an HSA or FSA. That includes nasal aspirators—just like this one from Braun—to clean out mucus. With this gentle, ergonomically designed device, you can clear baby’s nose and provide relief in no time.

Saline nose wipes

Speaking of nasal relief products, saline nose wipes for infants and toddlers are also HSA- and FSA-eligible. This pack comes with 30 unscented wipes that will dissolve dried snot to reduce irritation and redness. Soothing and moisturizing, they’re made with aloe, chamomile and vitamin E to boot.

Diaper rash spray

Boogie No-Rub Liquid Diaper Rash Spray with Zinc Oxide, 1.7 fl oz
Image: Walmart

Next up on our list of HSA- and FSA-eligible baby items is this diaper rash spray. Unlike creams, this product doesn’t have to be rubbed in—plus, it’s made with 25 percent microfine zinc oxide to soothe sore skin. Use it at home, then pop it in your diaper bag when you’re out and about.

Teething pain medicine

Toss some soothing pain meds for baby into your shopping cart, and your FSA or HSA will cover the bill. This typically includes options like swabs and nighttime gels, as well as these teething drops. With this pack, you’ll receive 30 liquid doses of a non-GMO formula. The best part? It doesn’t need to be applied to baby’s gums—just squeeze the vial into your child’s mouth to offer soothing, target relief when they need it most.


Frida 3-in-1 Ear, Forehead and Touchless Infrared Thermometer
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

When it comes to taking your squirmy baby’s temperature, thermometers designed for adults just won’t do. You can spend your FSA and HSA money on everything from speed-read versions to temp scanners, pacifier thermometers and more. One of our top picks is this 3-in-1 design from Frida Mom, which can be used by everyone in the family and stores up to 40 previous temperature readings.

How We Chose the Best FSA- and HSA-Eligible Baby Products

We get it—parenting requires a lot of gear, and it can be hard to find the best fits for your family while also sticking to a budget. To help you find the best FSA- and HSA-eligible baby products, we browsed both sites (as well as leading retailers) and considered dozens of options. This way, you don’t have to spend hours scrolling online. When choosing which products to feature, we took into account several factors, such as ease of use, quality and durability, value and safety. We also highlighted products that have been winners of our Best of The Bump Awards.

Interested in learning more about our editorial process? Read about how our team develops and reviews all articles here.


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