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Best Baby Monitors

These high-tech baby monitors will assure you baby is safe and sound, without you having to constantly hover.
WiFi Baby Monitor

Complete with all the bells and whistles you could want from a monitor, WiFi baby leaves the method of how you keep an eye on baby up to you. Stream on your TV, computer, phone, tablet or Apple watch—with the freedom to keep other apps open at the same time. True to its name, WiFi baby only uses your password-protected wireless network, steering clear of the Cloud for security purposes. And its 30-foot night vision range is the longest we’ve seen yet.

Buy it: $260,

Photo: WiFi Baby
Project Nursery Baby Monitor

Two-way communication, an intuitive interface, and an additional on-the-go mini monitor are just some of the features that set this video monitor apart. A new addition to Project Nursery’s repertoire, it’s the first baby monitor with a mini-monitor clip, about the size of an iPod shuffle. Because you should be able to go about your day—with both hands—while you keep an eye on baby.

Buy it: $300,

Photo: Project Nursery
VTech Safe & Sound Digital Video Monitor

Who’s staying up all night to keep an eye on baby? This adorable VTech owl. Equipped with VTech’s standard 1,000-foot range and talk-back intercom, this nursery-friendly video monitor comes with bonus features like a vibrating sound-alert on the parent unit. Compatible with up to four cameras, you can keep track of kids in different rooms too.

Buy it: $260,

Photo: VTech
Summer Infant Babble Band

This wearable monitor was built with something important in mind: when baby is sleeping, there’s a good chance you are too. So why force yourself to keep your eyes and ears glued to a standard monitor or phone? Sure, the Babble Band—which only has audio capabilities, not video–lets you hear baby’s every cry if you’d like. But at the press of a button, the audio features can be switched to vibrate mode. If the monitor senses a lot of activity in the nursery, you’ll be alerted by a pulsating at your wrist. When fully charged, it can be used for 8 to 10 hours at a time.

Buy it: $60,

Photo: Summer Infant
iBaby M6T Monitor

Don’t miss a thing with 360 degree pan and 110 degree tilt, and don’t miss out on details like temperature and humidity levels either. The latest Wi-Fi baby monitor from iBaby Labs, the M6T streams video directly to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to navigate the room with a swipe of your finger. Two-way audio allows you to talk to baby, and even record messages to play when you’re unavailable.

Buy it: $160,

Photo: iBaby
Infant Optics DXR-5 Digital Video Monitor

Easy to use, energy efficient and interference-free, this little monitor has everything you need for half the price of most others on the market.

Buy it: $99,

Photo: Infant Optics
Mimo Baby Monitor

The turtle sensor on this onesie will tell you everything you need to know about baby – we’re talking breathing pattern, sleeping activity, skin temperature and body position. Best of all, that information is sent right to your phone.

Buy it: $200,

Photo: Mimo
Nest Cam Video Monitor

With an 8x zoom and 130 degrees field of view, the Nest Cam, which works with your computer, tablet or smartphone, isn’t just a baby monitor; it can be used for home security too. Added bonuses include HD streaming, night vision and two-way talk.

Buy it: $199,


Photo: Nest Cam
Philips AVENT Digital Video Monitor

This cool-looking monitor is all about clarity; the high-res screen and sharp sound quality are what set it apart. And there are those additional perks like a backup battery and night vision.

Buy it: $220,

Photo: Philps AVENT
LEVANA Astra with Oma+ Baby Video and Movement Monitoring System

This trio from Levana offers all the reassurance you need as a new parent. The battery-powered Oma+ component clips on to baby’s diaper, sensing those slight abdominal movements that indicate baby’s doing just fine. But after 15 seconds of complete stillness, it gently vibrates to encourage movement. And if there’s no movement for 20 seconds, you’ll be alerted from the monitor. In other words, you’ll never miss a thing.

Buy it: $210,

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