How to Save Almost 50 Percent Off the Cult-Fave SNOO Smart Sleeper

This week Happiest Baby is offering up to 50 percent off sitewide, including deep discounts on its pre-loved smart bassinet. Learn more about the FDA-approved, cleaned and certified safe SNOOs here.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Assistant Editor
Updated October 16, 2023
certified pre loved snoo from happiest baby
Image: Happiest Baby
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The cult-favorite SNOO has been lauded for years as a miracle worker when it comes to restless babies and sleepless nights.

Typically on the higher end of the baby gear budget, the smart bassinet has been available for a one-time purchase or for rental on a monthly basis in the past. But now a new option has emerged on the scene—the pre-loved SNOO.

The new pre-loved program sources gently-used SNOOs from its rental program to offer to parents at a discount. While a new SNOO retails for $1,695, a pre-loved SNOO usuallty goes for around $1,195—but this week you can snag one for just $895—that’s almost 50 percent off the standard price!

Unlike other second-hand websites, where the quality and safety of an item are often in question, each pre-loved SNOO is FDA-approved, fully sanitized and steamed for like-new quality. Pre-loved SNOOs are also thoroughly inspected for performance, covered by a 1-year warranty and come with brand new, organic cotton soft goods.

Outside of A+ quality and safety features, the SNOO is praised for its high-tech integrations that can help soothe baby to sleep. The smart bassinet uses constant womb-like rocking and white nose to help baby fall asleep and stay snoozing. It also automatically responds to baby’s fussing and helps baby develop healthy sleep habits from the start without the need for constant motion.

Don’t miss out on up to 50 percent off sitewide during this week’s sale! Visit, to shop now.

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