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Mom pushing her baby in stroller outside.
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Ericka Sóuter

13 Best Strollers

Research hundreds of strollers or check out our expert list of best strollers that has something for every family.

A new baby means a new set of wheels. Nope, not a car (though that may be the case too)—we’re talking about a stroller. But with hundreds of options out there, making your selection can feel as daunting as hitting the dealership. Not to worry; we found 13 best strollers that meet the needs of your family, and can even find you a few deals.

How to Buy the Best Strollers

There are a dizzying number of strollers on the market. Prep for your shopping trip by asking these important questions.

  • What’s my budget
  • Are accessories (like a weather shield, tray table, adapters) add-on purchases
  • What kind of terrain and environment (city or the burbs) will I be using this stroller
  • How often will I be folding and carrying the stroller
  • How big of a storage basket will I need

Knowing these answers will help you narrow down the list of potential best strollers. Once you’re at the store, be sure to thoroughly test out all the models you like. Here are key factors to consider.

  • Will this accommodate my newborn, or will I need to buy a bassinet or an adapter for my car seat
  • Is there a five-point harness that’s easy to buckle and adjust
  • Where is the brake located, and is it intuitive for me to use
  • How easy is it for me to push, pull and pivot the stroller with a baby inside
  • Will it easily accommodate the various caregivers who’ll also be using the stroller

Best Strollers

Whether you’re in the market for something versatile or super-affordable, there’s a sweet set of wheels perfect for you and your little one. See our picks for the 13 best strollers that’ll make you wish you were in the passenger seat all over again.


Best City Stroller: Cybex Mios

When it comes to city living with kids, size definitely matters. Navigate tight corners and crowds like a pro with this lightweight, 15.35-inch wide aluminum frame stroller with all-wheel suspension. Among our best strollers, the MIOS can seamlessly navigate jam-packed sidewalks as well small-town Main Streets.

The highlights:

  • Versatile 3-in-1 design can be used as a rear- or forward-facing stroller, bassinet or a travel system (with a compatible Cybex infant seat)
  • Backseat reclines to four different positions and bonus, there’s a three-position adjustable leg rest
  • With a one-handed folding mechanism, the stroller collapses to be very compact and self-standing

Ages: From birth to 45 pounds
Buy it: $550, BuyBuyBaby.com

Photo: Cybex

Best Travel System: Britax B-Agile 35 Elite/B-Safe Travel System

The 2017 model of this popular parent favorite has made a great stroller even more spectacular. The car seat snaps in without the need for adapters and the stroller is a cinch to fold. And now the B-Agile 35 is more lightweight, making it even easier to maneuver.

The highlights:

  • Extra-large canopy with ventilation window shields your child from iffy weather conditions
  • The foam-filled tires make it a very cushy ride. And what gets us pumped? They never need air
  • Level indicators and five-positioning options on the car seat base allow for easy installation in any vehicle
  • Twelve seating options to accommodate every family’s needs

Ages: From birth to 55 pounds
Buy it: $388, Jet.com

Photo: Britax

Best Under $100: Summer Infant 3DFlip Convenience Stroller

Among our best strollers, this minimalist set of wheels gets the job done—and it still leaves room for versatility along the way. The reversible seat allows baby to face you when she's younger and face forward as she gets older.

The highlights:

  • Weighing in at just 12 pounds, the 3DFlip requires little effort whether you're pushing, lifting or storing it away
  • With one hand, execute six different recline positions
  • Even on such a lightweight frame, safety isn’t sacrificed. Tap the rear wheel locks with your foot to anchor it in place

Ages: From 3 months to 55 pounds
Buy it: $93, Amazon.com

Photo: Summer Infant

Most Versatile: UPPABaby Vista

You’ve probably seen enough UPPABabys in your neighborhood to wonder if there’s a moms’ fan club dedicated to this stroller brand. Well, the love affair makes total sense: With several configurations and its ability to easily adapt to the growing needs of different family sizes, the UPPABaby Vista combines quality with versatility few can match.

The highlights:

  • Second baby? Third? Not a problem. Accommodate up to three with an extra seat and the PiggyBack Ride Along Board
  • Intuitive one-step folding system and self-standing frame make stowing it away less of a chore
  • The bassinet attachment is a safe sleep solution on the go, so you can ditch the pack and play for baby's first trip to grandma's

Ages: From birth (with bassinet) to 50 pounds (with toddler seat)
Buy it: From $672, Amazon.com

Photo: UPPABaby

Most Innovative: 4Moms Moxi

If you're the kind of parent always on the lookout for the latest and greatest tech gear and need to have your phone at all times, this best stroller is for you. With an LCD dashboard and charging station, the future has never looked so bright (or plugged in).

The highlights:

  • The LCD dashboard displays speed, distance, temperature, calories burned, time and battery life
  • Low visibility? Not a problem. The Moxi has pathway lights and taillights
  • Self charges via generators located in the rear wheels.

Ages: From birth to 55 pounds
Buy it: $700, 4Moms.com

Photo: 4Moms

Best Umbrella Stroller: Baby Jogger Vue Lite

By definition, an umbrella stroller is lightweight and no-frills. But that can be limiting—until now. Meet the Vue Lite, Baby Jogger’s 14-pound, next-generation umbrella stroller. Your toddler can now face forward or face you.

The highlights:

  • Don’t just change direction, change position. The reversible seat also offers multiple reclines
  • Ready to have your mind blown? Thanks to adapters, this umbrella stroller can function as a travel system
  • True to its name, the essence of an umbrella stroller is an easy collapsible fold. And the Vue makes it even easier: Just press your foot up, then down on release levers

Ages: From birth (with an infant car seat) to 55 pounds
Buy it: $101, Buybuybaby.com

Photo: Baby Jogger

Best Car Seat/Stroller Combo: The Doona

The Doona is the first of its kind as a safety-rated infant car seat that turns into a stroller. With the press of a latch, the wheels drop down and you’re ready to roll. The same lever is used to collapse the wheels back underneath. It’s a dream for car-less parents tired of fumbling with separate car seat, adaptors and a stroller frame. Note: the trade-off in having an all-in-one travel system unit? No storage basket.

The highlights:

  • It’s a complete travel system in one unit
  • If baby is sleeping, you don’t have to risk waking him by taking them out of the car seat. Simply remove the entire thing, drop the wheels and roll wherever you need to go
  • It can be safely used with or without the base—a great feature for parents who take taxis or Ubers

Ages: from 4 to 35 pounds and 32 inches
Buy it: $500, Buybuybaby.com

Photo: Simple Parenting

Best lightweight stroller: The GB Pockit

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the GB Pockit, and it’s easy to see why. The Guinness Book of World Records named it the world’s most compact stroller, one that fits under an airline seat or in the overhead bin without any passengers giving you the side-eye. It’s a game changer for parents traveling with littles or if storage is an issue.

The highlights:

  • For a lightweight stroller (9.5 pounds!), it sure can hold a lot: up to a 55 pound child
  • It’s so ultra-compact when folded you can fit it into a tote bag
  • If you hate putting together baby gear (like most parents), you’ll be delighted to learn that the Pockit comes fully assembled

Ages: from 6 months up to 55 pounds
Buy it: $200, Jet.com

Photo: GB

Most Stylish: Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Geo

This best stroller is a thing of beauty. Sleek lines, luxe tailoring and a pattern reminiscent of the iconic Louis Vuitton checkerboard make this a must-have among fashionista moms.

The highlights:

  • Seat position has three modes: forward facing, rear facing and lie-flat
  • Second set of fabrics to use if you convert the frame to a full-size bassinet
  • It comes with a chic diaper bag that includes a matching checkerboard-print changing pad and stroller frame attachment clips

Ages: From birth to 44 pounds
Buy it:$900, BuyBuyBaby.com

Photo: Mountain Buggy

Best Sit & Stand: Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller

If you cringe at the thought of getting a double wide to accommodate two kids, a sit and stand is the option among our picks for best strollers. In the Joovy Caboose Ultralight, your younger child rides in front and older child has the option to stand on the platform or sit on a rear bench.

The highlights:

  • Weighing just 22 pounds, this is the lightest sit and stand we’ve found
  • Parents say it’s a dream to navigate around tight spaces or through crowds
  • It’s equipped with a parent organizer to keep keys, wallets and phones secure, plus two cup holders

Ages: from birth (with car seat adapter); 3 months up to 45 pounds per seat
Buy it: $177, Target.com

Photo: Joovy

Best All-Terrain: BOB Revolution Pro

Who says parenthood puts an end to outdoor adventures? With air-filled tires, an adjustable suspension system and hand-activated rear wheel brakes for deceleration control, the Revolution PRO guarantees a smooth ride on any terrain.

The highlights:

  • A parent wrist strap with buckle helps you keep the stroller secure when you’re on the move, and an adjustable padded handlebar has nine positions to accommodate parents of every height
  • Extra-large, SPF 50 canopy is a perfect sun shield
  • Once your workout is done, it’s easy to store thanks to an easy, two-step frame fold

Ages: 8 weeks (with an infant car seat) and up to 75 pounds
Buy it: $425, Amazon.com

Photo: BOB

Best Jogger: Thule Glide

With baby, hitting the gym or going for solo runs may not be in the cards. That’s when a jogging stroller can be your new fast pass to fitness. The best strollers in this category, like the Glide, feature a fixed front wheel, allowing for better control. So whether you’re taking a leisurely jog or going for an all-out run, this jogger can keep pace.

The highlights:

  • At 22 pounds, the Glide is super lightweight and aerodynamic. You won’t just run, you’ll fly
  • The large, durable wheels allow you to cover more ground. But rear suspension keeps baby comfortable, even on bumpier terrain
  • When your workout buddy needs a rest, the seat reclines to a near-flat position for on-the-go naps

Ages: From six months to 75 pounds
Buy it: $400, Thule.com

Photo: Thule

Best Double: Countours Options Elite Tandem Stroller

Taking two babies out for a stroll can be a juggling act. No need to sweat it with the Options Elite Tandem. Unlike the sometimes unwieldy side-by-side double strollers, this best stroller offers stadium seating, making it easier to maneuver on the street and in and out of buildings.

The highlights:

  • Reversible stadium seating and up to seven seating configurations for two children and two infant car seats
  • The Contours Options Elite easily folds and auto locks with both seats attached
  • Has universal seat adaptors that fit over 10 different cars seats

Ages: Up to 40 pounds per child; 80 pounds total
Buy it: $400, BuyBuyBaby.com

Photo: Contours
PHOTO: Treasures & Travels