9 Must-Have Products for Modern Families

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and the needs of modern parents aren’t one-size-fits-all.
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Updated March 25, 2024
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Image: Tushbaby
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Once upon a time, a “typical” family fit a very narrow definition: You had a mom and a dad who were married, along with their kids. But today’s families are different. Families now consist of unmarried parents, solo parents, same-sex parents, skip-generation parents, co-parents and multigenerational members. “Increasing diversity is making space for more flexible types of family structures that go beyond a heterosexual, two-parent household,” explains Brielle Saggese, WGSN strategist and contributor to The Bump Future of Parenting Report. “Factors including fertility advancements and divorce rates are also promoting a more expansive view to how modern families can be born,” she continues.

Here at The Bump, we celebrate all families. In 2024 we analyzed changing attitudes and approaches to raising kids, and looked at the major trends emerging in current and future generations of parents, including modern family structures and ideals. As part of this study we identified three sub-trends that relate to modern families: a redefined take on the nuclear family, a reset of traditional gender roles and inclusivity as a central family value.

As attitudes to caregiving change, baby gear and parenting products need to keep pace with people’s needs. Fortunately, many brands are stepping up with adaptable products for aging or differently-abled folks as well as inclusive toys and gender-neutral clothing for parents and kids. Keep reading to learn more about this parenting trend and discover a few items that’ll help you and your family live authentically.

How We Chose Products for Modern Families

Modern families have a different set of needs from those of previous generations, and the products they buy reflect that. To help you find baby gear and parenting products that support all family structures and exemplify gender equity and diversity, we took the following steps:

We conducted extensive market research and trend analysis in partnership with WGSN, one of the world’s leading trend forecasting agencies, to determine what today’s parents are looking for from their products right now.

We leveraged our familiarity with leading brands and trusted online retailers, narrowing our search to focus on products that acknowledge the redefined nuclear family, embrace changing gender roles and focus on inclusive values. We read user reviews to ensure that these products live up to their claims. Only products with average reviews of four or more stars made the final list.

Since The Bump editors are parents too, we relied on our own first-hand experience with some of these products.

Editorial integrity is at the heart of everything we publish. Read about how The Bump develops and reviews all articles, including product reviews.

Products That Celebrate and Support Modern Families

The nuclear family isn’t what it once was. According to Bloomberg, families that consist of a married mother, father and their kids make up just under 18 percent of US households. Moreover, same-sex marriage and platonic co-parenting has increased, while many people choose to have children later in life. A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2021 also found that multigenerational family households—homes where extended family live together—have quadrupled over the last 50 years. Luckily, the products listed below are designed to support parents and caregivers in diverse family structures.

A sweet book about different types of families

This adorable board book acknowledges that no two families are alike. It features a slew of nontraditional family structures, including two moms, a single-dad and grandparents caring for their little ones. All of the families are depicted as different animals in bold, bright illustrations that are age-appropriate and fun. Your child is sure to feel included, no matter what your individual family set-up may be.

“This book is a family favorite in our house!” says Ashlee Neuman, content director for The Bump and mom of two. “It’s a fun read for the toddler set and an effective way to normalize all types of families from a young age. Parents and caregivers can also use it as an easy conversation-starter, if they so choose, to tackle themes of diversity, inclusivity and equality.”

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A baby carrier that won’t wreck your back

Tushbaby Hip Carrier
Image: Tushbaby

Traditional baby carriers can do a number on your back. And if you’re an older caregiver, that can be debilitating. That’s where Tushbaby’s hip carrier comes in clutch. This clever carrier is specially designed to evenly distribute baby’s weight to reduce back strain, making it a good choice for everyone. While you’ll need to purchase the snug attachment for hands-free carrying, it has a built-in seat that baby can perch on in four different ways. Plus, five storage pockets and a hidden bottle holder makes it a super-convenient option.

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A baby monitor with simple set-up

Baby Monitor E110
Image: Amazon

Today’s baby monitors can be surprisingly technical—and not everyone wants to deal with that. The Eufy Baby Monitor E110 doesn’t require WiFi or an app set-up, making it a good fit for caregivers who aren’t particularly tech-savvy. This monitor has a large screen with a sharp image to get a clear view of baby and the camera can be adjusted from the monitor itself as needed. I own this baby monitor, and it’s easy for everyone who watches my little one to use, from our babysitter to my 73-year-old mom.

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Products for Dads and Male Caregivers

Dads have increasingly taken a greater role in childcare, shifting away from traditional gender roles where only moms did the heavy-lifting. This “gender role reset” has been brewing for a long time, but it kicked into high gear during the COVID-19 pandemic as parents were forced to take a more active role in their kid’s lives due to remote work and a lack of childcare. In fact, research shows that one-fifth of men continue to do more childcare than they did prior to the pandemic. As the number of stay-at-home dads increases, men are embracing these new roles, and “Dadfluencers” are gaining traction on social media. Of course, not every family features a male parent, but for those that do, here are a few products specifically designed for engaged dads.

A sweatshirt that replaces your diaper bag

The Dad Hoodie
Image: The Dad Hoodie

Diaper bags have their role, but not everyone wants to lug around a backpack full of baby gear with them. Enter The Dad Hoodie. This zip-up sweatshirt has an arsenal of internal pockets to hold everything baby needs on the road, including wipes, diapers, bottles and snacks. Plus, it looks just like a regular hoodie as the pockets are distributed evenly across the sweatshirt to minimize bulk and ensure a comfortable fit.

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A durable diaper bag

Baby Diaper Bag Backpack
Image: Amazon
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For dads who do prefer to put baby gear in a bag, there’s the High Speed Daddy Diaper Backpack. This backpack is built to last thanks to the water-resistant material and military grade construction. The streamlined design allows you to completely unzip the front compartment for instant access to baby’s stuff and inside you’ll find plenty of pockets to keep things organized. It comes with a large diaper mat so you can change baby on the go, even when you don’t have access to changing facilities in men’s restrooms. Plus, integrated stroller straps allow parents to offload their bag as needed.

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A baby-wearing vest for men

Men’s Vest with Babywearing Pouch
Image: Seraphine
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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babywearing can help prevent crying, promote parent-infant attachment and support baby’s development. But it can be tricky to find babywearing clothing for men. That’s why we love this vest by Seraphine. It looks just like a regular puffer, but comes with a zip-off pouch designed to be worn over a baby carrier. It’s the perfect way to keep baby close on long winter walks or quick trips to the store.

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Products that Support Inclusive Values

What does the phrase “family values” mean to you? Many modern parents are placing a particular emphasis on embedding inclusive values into their daily lives. In fact, a recent survey by the Pew Research Center shows that 94 percent of US parents think it’s important that their children are honest and ethical, while 80 percent would like their child to be accepting of people who are different from them. The good news is that these inclusive attitudes start at home and can be reinforced through games, apps and books, like those mentioned below.

A game to get the conversation started

The Fair Play Deck: A Couple's Conversation Deck for Prioritizing What's Important
Image: Amazon

An equal division of labor isn’t just a practical issue, it's an ethical concern too. It’s important for parents to figure out their roles within the family, but having discussions about who is expected to do what can be tricky. Eve Rodsky, a lawyer and mom, is working to help women reclaim their time and space via a card game called Fair Play. The conversation deck is designed for couples to play together in order to rebalance household responsibilities. “When everyone in your family is helping each other to take on domestic labor, it opens up time that you may never have had before,” explains Rodsky. One thing to note is that the makers of the deck recommend playing the game when you’re relaxed and feeling good, instead of whipping it out during an argument.

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The ultimate schedule organizer

The leading app for more peaceful co‑parenting
Image: Our Family Wizard

Understanding (and practicing) common values starts with communication. Balancing the different schedules of your family members is never easy, and it can be even tougher when you and your co-parent don’t live together. Our Family Wizard is an app that allows parents to streamline their schedules, share expenses and converse. The goal with the app is not only to foster communication between parents, but to make it healthy and productive.

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Inclusive board book

Federico and All His Families
Image: Amazon

Meet Federico: A cat with many friends peppered across the neighborhood. In this charming tale, Federico hops from home to home to visit his favorite families on a daily basis. There’s Tadeo and his grandparents, Anna and her two moms, Virginia and her mom and dad and Paula and her two dads. Each family is different, but Federico loves them all equally. Not only is the inclusive messaging impactful, the illustrations are adorable.

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About the writer:

Korin Miller is a mom of four young kids, ranging in age from one to 10 years old. She has plenty of first-hand knowledge of parenting and baby products from personal use, as well as gear she’s tested for work. Korin has been published in Women’s Health, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Health and more.


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