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Top 7 Packaged Baby Foods

Of course, we’re huge fans of making your own baby food, but what about when you don’t have time to meal prep? Or you’re on the go? Here are the products The Bump users love (and trust!).

Earth's Best Stage 1 Foods

Here are perfect starter foods! Made for babies 4 months and older, these organic single-ingredient jarred foods are made with simplicity in mind.

Bumpies say: “I keep plenty of Earth’s Best purees in my diaper bag in case baby’s my daughter gets hungry when we’re running errands.” —Colleen F.

“Of all the products in the store, we like Earth’s Best most. My husband found it by accident and now, it’s the only kind we buy. I’ve even tried the food; it tasted fresh, not stale.” —Betty B.

Photo: Earth's Best

Ella's Kitchen Special Diets Recipes

Not only are foods from Ella's Kitchen USDA-certified organic, they're available in 35 special formulations for kids on gluten-free, dairy-free or vegetarian diets.

Bumpies say:   “We love Ella’s baby foods because they’re organic with no colors or preservatives.” —Donna C.

“I like that Ella’s is made by a dad that knows how important feeding his daughter is. It makes me feel so good about choosing it.” —Lindsay V.

Photo: Ella's Kitchen

Plum Organics Fruit Blends

Suitable for babies 6 months and up, these all-natural fruit puree pouches are easy to grab and toss in the diaper bag. They’re great snacks because they contain more than one food, usually a fruit and veggie or a fruit and a grain.

Bumpies say:Plum’s pouches are great! We use them when we’re at home or on the go. I like that my baby is getting all the nutrients without those added preservatives.” -Tina B.

“We buy a lot of Plum’s fruit blends pouches because they’re so tasty. My baby loves them!” -Leslie R.

Photo: Plum Organics

Happy Baby Hearty Meals

This is baby’s whole, balanced meal in one single pouch: organic proteins, vegetables, fruit and “supergrains” all mixed up. The makers have even found ways to sneak in added vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Try it with babies 7 months and older.

Bumpies say: “My husband and I primarily made our daughter’s baby food, but the handful of times we bought a pouch was from the Happy Baby line. They were the lowest in sugar and sodium.” —Nicole G.

“We swear by the Happy Family Hearty Meals. So practical, and they don't upset my baby’s stomach.” —Kristin H.

Photo: Happy Family

Sprout Organic Entrees Lightly Textured

Creamy vegetables with chicken? Vegetables, pear and turkey? We would even eat these gourmet toddler meals, intended for children 8 months and up.

Bumpies say: “Our son has a very sensitive stomach and when we’re on vacation I love that I don’t have to waste time reading through ingredients lists on Sprouts Entrees packaging. It’s a quick glance and I know if it’s safe for him. Score for us!” —Hannah B.

“When I log on to their website, I can actually see exactly what foods are used to make baby’s food.” —Ilona J.

Photo: Sprout Organic

Gerber Graduates Wagon Wheels

Is your baby ready to start finger foods? If he or she is crawling, the answer is probably yes. Try out Gerber Graduates Finger Foods, which have plenty of vitamin E, iron and zinc and don’t have artificial flavoring or coloring. Plus, they’re a fun and easy snack to share at a play date.

Bumpies say: “A friend recommended Gerber wagon wheels to us because she loved how natural and flavorful they were. Plus, they’re made with whole grains. After using them, I totally agree.” —Joan H.

“I trust Gerber when I don't have time to make our own baby food.” —Jane S.

Photo: Gerber

Kidfresh Mac and Cheese

Once your tot is past purees and onto full meals, you just might want some easy-prep dinners on hand in case you’re stuck with a hungry toddler and an empty fridge. Try Kidfresh; the brand sneakily incorporates vegetables into its tasty, kid-friendly recipes.

Bumpies say: "I got my daughter these frozen microwave dinners that have protein and hidden veggies. She loves them! We use them for dinner where she can't eat with us." -NB

Photo: Kidfresh
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