The Best Glass Baby Bottles

When it comes to glass baby bottles, there’s a wide variety to choose from. Here's what you need to know.
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December 22, 2021
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Like nearly every parenting decision, choosing a baby bottle isn’t as easy as it sounds. First-time parents may wonder if they even need them—and when they decide they do, there’s the whole matter of determining what type to use. These days, you can find bottles made of BPA-free plastic, silicone and even steel—but it’s the glass bottles of your grandparents’ era that are making the biggest comeback. According to statistics, perceived health concerns over plastics are pushing more and more parents to select glass bottles for their little ones, and it’s a trend that is only expected to grow over the next five years.

Glass vs. Plastic Baby Bottles

Before determining a winner in the battle of the baby bottles, it’s important to know the stats of each. Plastic bottles are usually cheaper, lighter and non-breakable—and they also make up the majority of the market. On the flip side, glass baby bottles are heavier, easier to clean and sterilize and usually just as sturdy. If hearing “glass” and “babies” in the same sentence spikes your anxiety, don’t worry: Most glass baby bottles are made from tempered glass, which makes them harder to break. Others offer the option of buying complementary silicone sleeves to provide baby with a better grip and make dropping less likely.

Are Glass Bottles Better for Babies?

Arguably, the top benefits of glass baby bottles are that they offer parents’ peace of mind since there’s no risk of plastic chemicals leaching and that they’re more eco-friendly. As parents weigh the pros and cons of glass vs. plastic bottles, one common question pops up: Are glass bottles better for babies than plastic ones? This debate centers on the chemical compound bisphenol A, more commonly known as BPA. In the past, many plastic bottles were made from polycarbonate and contained BPA. Over the years, there have been questions about the potentially harmful effects BPA can have on babies, including their brain development and behavior, as well as the prostate glands of infants and children. Because of these health concerns, most manufacturers have removed BPA from their plastic baby bottles. Glass baby bottles are, of course, naturally BPA-free, so any concerns about the potential health effects of BPA (or other chemical byproducts) are erased with this type of baby bottle. However, since there is no concrete evidence that glass bottles are better for babies, it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

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Best Glass Baby Bottles

If you’ve decided that glass baby bottles are the way to go, we’ve got you covered. From glass bottles for breastfed babies to eco-friendly glass bottles, these are the eight best glass baby bottles on the market right now.

Image: Philips Avent

Philips Avent Glass Natural Baby Bottle

Come for the glass baby bottle, stay for the nipple! The Philips Avent Glass Natural Baby Bottle has a natural response nipple that only releases milk when baby is actively drinking (mimicking breastfeeding). This nifty design also prevents any spills or leakage; plus, it naturally mimics the shape of a breast to provide a better latch and helps reduce colic and discomfort. The glass bottle is equally impressive: It’s made of pharmaceutical-grade glass that is both heat-, thermal shock- and shatter-resistant, meaning you can store the bottle in the fridge, warm it in the microwave and sterilize it without any fear of compromising the glass. It’s no wonder these were a Best of Baby 2021 winner.

Buy it: $11,

Evenflo Vented + Glass Bottle

Evenflo’s Vented + Glass Bottles are perfect for parents who want to try glass baby bottles without breaking the piggy bank (or the bottle itself). At less than $3 per bottle, these affordable glass baby bottles are both easy to hold and near impossible to break, making them strong enough to withstand the inevitable falls. Plus, the patented venting system stops baby from inhaling any air bubbles—helping to prevent gas, reflux and fussiness. Another bonus feature: Breastfeeding moms can pump directly into these Best of Baby award-winning bottles, saving big on time, hassle and clean-up.

Buy it: $18 (6-pack),

Image: Dr. Brown's

Dr. Brown’s Options+ Anti Colic Glass Baby Bottle

If you’re breastfeeding and worried about introducing baby to a bottle, turn to Dr. Brown’s. Dr. Brown’s Options+ Anti Colic Glass Baby Bottle has a 93 percent acceptance rate amongst babies, taking the trial and error out of your bottle hunt. But the real star with Dr. Brown’s bottles is its internal vent system, which helps to reduce colic, better preserve nutrients and aid in digestion for a better night’s sleep—and what parent doesn’t want a better night’s sleep?

Buy it: $10,

Image: Chicco

Chicco Duo Hybrid Baby Bottle

Want the benefits of glass, but hesitant to give up the convenience of plastic? Enter the Chicco Duo Hybrid Baby Bottle, the first ever hybrid baby bottle to combine both plastic and glass. The Duo features a glass inner layer, which means baby’s milk is only ever touching pure glass. But this micro-thin, shatter-proof inner glass layer is then bonded to a BPA-free plastic outer layer, making the bottle both lightweight and unbreakable. This innovative bottle stays clear (it won’t stain or discolor), doesn’t hold onto any smells or aftertastes (keeping baby’s milk tasting fresh) and is dishwasher-, bottle-warmer and sterilizer-safe.

Buy it: $20 (2-pack),

Image: Joovy

Joovy Boob Glass Baby Bottle

Have you ever heard of baked baby bottle nipples? If not, meet the Joovy Boob Glass Bottle. The nipples used on these bottles are indeed baked, a unique process that strengthens the silicone and prevents the nipples from collapsing while still keeping them pliable. Like many others on the market, the Joovy glass baby bottle can also take drastic temperature changes safely. And it comes with a silicone sleeve that helps keep the bottle secure in baby’s grip. The Joovy bottle is available in five- and eight-ounce sizes, and you can change the nipple sizes (baked, of course!) as baby grows.

Buy it: $20 (5 oz size),


Heavea Baby Glass Bottle

Glass baby bottles are inherently more eco-friendly than plastic, but Heavea’s glass bottles take it a step further. The sustainable, non-toxic brand created a glass baby bottle with a 100 percent natural rubber nipple that’s free from phtalates, BPA, PVC and plastics (while also being biodegradable)—removing any concern over plastic and chemical exposure for worried parents. These plant-based rubber nipples are also super-durable, making them resistant to any teething and biting. Even the packaging is environmentally friendly and is sourced from responsibly managed forests. Saving the earth, one glass baby bottle at a time.

Buy it: $30 (2-pack),

Image: Haakaa

Haakaa Generation 3 Glass Baby Bottle

In terms of bottle nipples, the folks at Haakaa have thought of everything. This innovative nipple design features a flattened, thumb-like top, which promotes correct tongue positioning and closely mimics mom’s anatomy. The hole also faces upwards to allow the milk and saliva to mix, which aids in digestion (and equals happier tummies). And, unlike most traditional bottle nipples, the nipple is placed off-center, which allows baby to feed in a more upright, natural position. This same level of thoughtfulness went into the glass bottle, as well: The temperature-resistant glass has an ergonomic, tapered shape to make holding it more comfortable, while still maintaining a wide mouth for easy cleaning.

Buy it: $20,

Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle

If you wanted to try out glass baby bottles but feel a little leery about the whole breakable thing, this Lifefactory bottle may be the one for you. Available in 4- and 9-ounce sizes, It comes complete with a silicone sleeve that gives baby a better grip and protects the bottle if dropped. A bonus: The sleeve doesn’t need to be removed from the bottle for cleaning and is dishwasher safe.

Buy it: $15 (4 oz size),

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