The Best Glass Baby Bottles

When it comes to glass baby bottles, there’s a wide variety to choose from. Here's what you need to know.
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By Emma O'Regan-Reidy, Associate E-Commerce Editor
Updated January 18, 2023
phillips avent glass baby bottle
Image: Target
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Like nearly every parenting decision, choosing a baby bottle isn’t as easy as it sounds. First-time parents may wonder if they even need them—and when they decide they do, there’s the whole matter of deciding what type to use. These days, you can find bottles made of BPA-free plastic, silicone and even stainless steel—but it’s the glass baby bottles of your grandparents’ era that are making the biggest comeback.

According to statistics, perceived health concerns over plastics are pushing more and more parents to select glass feeding bottles for their little ones, and it’s a trend that’s only expected to grow over the next few years. Read on to discover the benefits of glass baby bottles, then check out our favorites to buy now.

Glass vs. Plastic Baby Bottles

Before determining a winner in the battle of the baby bottles, it’s important to know some basic information. Your first decision: Glass vs. plastic baby bottles? For starters, plastic bottles are usually cheaper, lighter and more durable—and they also make up the majority of the market. On the flip side, glass baby bottles are heavier, easier to clean and sterilize and usually just as sturdy. If hearing “glass” and “babies” in the same sentence spikes your anxiety, don’t worry: Most glass baby bottles are made from tempered glass, which makes them harder to break. Others offer the option of buying complementary silicone sleeves to provide baby with a better grip and make dropping less likely.

What Are the Benefits of Glass Baby Bottles?

As parents weigh the pros and cons of glass vs. plastic baby bottles, one question often pops up: Are glass feeding bottles better for infants than plastic ones? This debate centers on the chemical compound bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA. In the past, many plastic bottles were made from polycarbonate and contained BPA. Over the years, there have been questions about the potentially harmful effects BPA can have on babies, including their brain development and behavior, as well as the prostate glands of infants and children. Because of these health concerns, most manufacturers have removed BPA from their plastic baby bottles. Glass baby bottles are, of course, naturally BPA-free, so any concerns about the potential health effects of any plastic chemical byproducts leaching into your infant’s milk are erased when using this type of baby bottle. However, since there’s no concrete evidence that glass bottles are better for babies, it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

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What Features To Look For in Glass Baby Bottles

Are all the glass baby bottles you’re browsing starting to look the same? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here, three features to keep top of mind to find the best glass baby bottles for your needs:

  • Nipple shape. If your child is typically breastfed or a newborn, consider purchasing a bottle with an angled nipple that resembles the natural shape of a breast. These designs promote a more natural, upright feeding position, and offer better latching in some cases.
  • Flow speed. As with any bottle, you’ll want to find a nipple that provides an appropriate flow speed for baby. Newborns are better suited to slow-flow baby bottles, whereas faster flows work well for older infants who are becoming more independent eaters. Once your child reaches the three-month mark, consider upgrading them to medium-flow nipples; and when they’re 6 months or older, they’ll be ready for fast-flow designs. Moreover, if your little one experiences colic, look for bottles with internal venting systems that help manage flow speeds and reduce air ingestion.
  • Silicone sleeves. To make the glass baby bottle easier for little hands to hold onto, consider getting one that comes with an outer silicone sleeve. Not only will they make feeding time smoother, they also come in plenty of cute colors and patterns! Plus, they offer additional protection to prevent the glass from breaking—perfect for little ones who like to throw their bottles when they’re finished eating.

Best Glass Baby Bottles To Shop

If you’ve decided that glass baby bottles are the way to go, we’ve got you covered. From options for breastfed babies to convenient sets, these are the best glass baby bottles on the market right now.

Overall best glass baby bottles

Philips Avent Glass Natural Baby Bottle
Image: Target

These top-notch glass baby bottles have natural-response nipples that only release milk when baby is actively drinking to mimic breastfeeding. The clever no-drip design prevents any spills or leakage; plus, its natural shape provides a better latch and helps reduce colic and discomfort. Created with pharmaceutical-grade glass, you don’t have to worry about this durable glass baby bottle when storing it in the fridge, warming it in the microwave or sterilizing it.

What We Love
  • Natural-response nipple allows baby to control flow pace
  • No-drip design
  • Anti-colic valve to prevent discomfort after feeding
  • Ideal for infants who are breastfeeding
Things To Consider
  • Some reviewers say the bottle’s lid can be difficult to secure

Best glass bottles for breastfed babies

Haakaa Generation 3 6-Oz Glass Baby Bottle
Image: Target

This 6-oz. glass baby bottle’s innovative nipple design features a flattened, thumb-like top, which promotes correct tongue positioning and closely resembles Mom’s anatomy. Unlike most other options, the nipple is placed off-center, which allows baby to feed in a more upright, natural position. What’s more, the temperature-resistant glass has an ergonomic, tapered shape to make holding it more comfortable, while still maintaining a wide mouth for easy cleaning.

What We Love
  • Off-center nipple design closely mimics the breast
  • Ergonomic, tapered bottle shape
  • Anti-colic vent to promote independent feeding
  • Easy to clean
Things To Consider
  • High price point

Best glass baby bottles for colic

Dr. Brown's Options+ Anti-Colic Baby Bottle
Image: Target

Is your little one prone to colic after mealtime? Then you’ll appreciate these standout glass baby bottles from Dr. Brown’s. They feature an internal vent system, which helps to reduce tummy discomfort, better preserve nutrients and aid in digestion for a better night’s sleep. Better yet, the consistent flow rate allows baby to drink at their own pace, just as they would during breastfeeding. It’s no wonder these were a Best of Baby winner.

What We Love
  • Internal vent system reduces colic and preserves nutrients
  • Consistent flow rate
Things To Consider
  • They can leak if you overfill
  • Lots of parts to clean

Best slow-flow glass baby bottles

Chicco NaturalFit Glass Baby Bottle
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

Slow-flow glass baby bottles are another way to decrease the chance of colic in infants after eating. This option’s naturally inspired, angled nipple imitates the pace of breastfeeding for baby’s comfort. It also features dual anti-colic valves to prevent baby from ingesting excess air. An added bonus: This pick comes with a protective silicone sleeve to make the bottle easier for tiny hands to hold.

What We Love
  • Comes with two nipple options
  • Easy-to-clean, three-piece design
  • Silicone sleeve included
Things To Consider
  • High price point

Best glass baby bottles with natural nipples

NUK Simply Natural Glass Baby Bottles
Image: Amazon

The nipple on this glass baby bottle has multiple holes, resulting in a slow flow that closely resembles breastfeeding. Your little one will love the extra-soft, natural feel, and you’ll love how the flexible shape encourages a continuous latch. What’s more, the glass bottles are equipped with an anti-colic air system to reduce the chance of post-meal colic, gas and reflux.

What We Love
  • Slow-flow design mimics breastfeeding
  • Flexible nipples support continuous latching
  • Anti-colic air system to reduce colic
Things To Consider
  • Reviewers say the measurement lines rub off with use

Best hybrid glass baby bottles

Chicco Duo Hybrid Baby Bottle
Image: Target

Want the benefits of glass, but hesitant to give up the convenience of plastic? Then you’ll love this Best of Baby award-winning glass baby bottle from Chicco. The innovative design features a micro-thin, shatter-proof glass inner layer encased by a BPA-free plastic outer layer. The result? A glass baby bottle that’s both lightweight and unbreakable. Better yet, it’s dishwasher-, bottle-warmer and sterilizer-safe for your convenience.

What We Love
  • It’s a glass baby bottle with a protective plastic outer layer
  • Dishwasher-, bottle warmer- and sterilizer-safe
Things To Consider
  • Some reviewers say the nipple flow is faster than anticipated

Best affordable glass baby bottles

Evenflo Classic Baby Bottles
Image: Evenflo

On the hunt for glass baby bottles that won’t break the bank? Check out this affordable option from Evenflo. The lightweight design is easy for little hands to hold yet strong enough to withstand inevitable drops. Plus, the patented venting system stops baby from inhaling any air bubbles, which helps prevent gas, reflux and fussiness. Another bonus feature: Breastfeeding moms can pump directly into these newborn glass bottles, saving big on time, hassle and cleanup.

What We Love
  • Features a venting system to prevent gas and reflux
  • Compatible with most breast pumps
  • Affordable price point
Things To Consider
  • Only available in 8-oz. size

Best set of glass baby bottles

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature 3 in 1 Convertible Glass Baby Bottles
Image: Target

Stock up on glass baby bottles with ease with this affordable three-pack from Tommee Tippee. Each bottle features a flexible, breast-like nipple to promote easy latching and seamless bottle-to-breast transitions. The versatile design can be converted into a baby bottle, a food jar or an open cup, so your little one can continue to use it as they become a more independent eater. Plus, thanks to their durable thermal shock-resistant glass, you can truly count on these bottles for many mealtimes to come.

What We Love
  • Features a flexible, naturally inspired nipple
  • Design adapts to baby’s changing needs
  • Affordable price point
Things To Consider
  • Not compatible with the Tommee Tippee formula storage containers

Best glass baby bottles with sleeves

This glass baby bottle comes complete with a silicone sleeve that gives baby a better grip and protects the bottle if dropped. When feeding time is over, simply put the bottle in the dishwasher (sleeve and all!). A bonus: This glass bottle is available in an array of cute colors and two sizes. Opt for the 4-oz. design for newborns and graduate to the 9-oz. bottle when baby develops a bigger appetite.

What We Love
  • Comes with an easy-to-grip, protective sleeve
  • Dishwasher- and freezer-safe
  • Available in 4- or 9-oz. size
Things To Consider
  • The sleeve makes it difficult to see the bottle’s measuring lines

Please note: The Bump and the materials and information it contains are not intended to, and do not constitute, medical or other health advice or diagnosis and should not be used as such. You should always consult with a qualified physician or health professional about your specific circumstances.

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