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Baby Tech, Baby Eats: Freemie Freedom Pump & Collection Cups

Pumping with no hands and your shirt on? Believe it.

The best breast pumps boast portability and discretion. And they mean it, to a degree. But this one takes things to a whole new level. Created by a physician who was having trouble balancing pumping while working with patients, the Freemie collection cups slip right into your bra and beneath your shirt, helping you pump while going about your day.


  • Portability doesn’t sacrifice function; the Freemie offers suction comparable to pumps like Medela, Ameda and Philps AVENT
  • Each collection cup holds 8 oz. of milk, and the polypropylene plastic (the same stuff used in beverage containers) means your milk never comes into contact with things like BPA or latex
  • The whole pumping experience becomes less isolating when you have the option to do it fully clothed and wherever you like (as long as you’re near an outlet)


As a new mom, you have enough to do without having to worry about keeping your supply up. The solution? A pump designed for multitaskers.

Price: From $260

Photo: Freemie
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