The 7 Best Hands-Free Breast Pumps for Multitasking Moms

Enjoy freedom of movement while you express milk with a hands-free breast pump.
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By Emma O'Regan-Reidy, E-Commerce Editor
Updated March 12, 2024
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Image: Target
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In a nutshell:

Based on a survey of over 300 new and expectant parents from The Bump community and feedback from our team of independent product testers, we chose the Elvie Double Pump as the overall best hands-free breast pump. In particular, this model stood out for its compact design, adjustable intensity settings and near-silent technology.

Choosing the best breast pump for your unique needs can be tricky; but, trust us, the right one can make life with baby that much easier. While some options are available through your health insurance, coverage usually only extends to a standard electric model. Given the amount of time you’ll spend pumping (sessions can last between 15 and 30 minutes!), you may consider investing in a wearable model. It’ll give you the flexibility you need while expressing milk and doing all the things! (Did we mention it’ll also keep your hands free?)

Ready to start your search? Whether you’re returning to work, or simply don’t want to be confined to one spot while you pump, here, find the best hands-free breast pumps for every need.

How We Chose and Tested the Best Hands-Free Breast Pumps

We get it—being a new mom often means picking out a lot of new parenting and baby gear, and it can be overwhelming at times. To help you find the best hands-free breast pump, we’ve done the research and scrolled through tons of options so you don’t have to. Here are the steps we took to create this article:

  • We surveyed over 300 new parents in The Bump community for additional insight on the ins and outs of hands-free breast pumps they’ve used themselves.
  • We enlisted the help of independent product testers who tried out some of these hands-free breast pumps for themselves. These new parents then carefully evaluated each and rated them based on ease of use, effectiveness, comfort, noise level, style and design, quality and value for money.
  • We leveraged our familiarity with leading maternity brands and trusted online retailers and combed through dozens of options.
  • We considered several factors when sourcing hands-free breast pumps, such as size, weight, noise level, suction speed, flange size and value, to name a few.
  • To see how these hands-free breast pumps worked for a variety of families, we conducted exhaustive market research, scouring forums and message boards and reading user reviews to find out what parents value and look for in a wearable device.

Editorial integrity is at the heart of everything we publish. Read about how The Bump develops and reviews all articles, including product reviews.

Best Hands-Free Breast Pumps

Overall best hands-free breast pump

Elvie Breast Pump - Double
Image: Amazon
What We Love
  • Silent operation
  • Lightweight
  • Fits inside your nursing bra
Things To Consider
  • High price point
  • Some parents say in-app milk measurements are inaccurate

The Elvie is easily the best hands-free breast pump on the market today. In fact, we rate this wearable marvel so highly that it won the Best of The Bump award for the top breast pump in 2023. This smart device is wire-free, tube-free and compact, meaning you can slip it inside your bra and pump anywhere, anytime.

Parents love the slim design and the quiet operation of this breast pump. According to our product tester, it’s so discreet that “you can pump and nobody would notice.” The wearable breast pump is controlled by an app on your phone, which lets you toggle between two modes (stimulation and expression) and 14 intensity settings, all while monitoring milk volume in real time. Despite our tester finding it tricky to sync her phone with the device, she gave it top scores for ease of use and enjoyed the app functionality: “The app tells you every step of the way how to measure and use the pump, which is great.”

Finding the right flange size is key for a comfortable pumping experience. And the Elvie pump kit includes two breast shields (smaller sizes sold separately), so you can find the perfect fit for your breast shape and size. Another benefit of this cordless device is that it is composed of just five parts, which can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. As our product tester noted, “it’s easy to assemble and clean up since there aren’t that many parts to it.” It also weighs less than 1 lb., so it won’t feel heavy on your chest. Alongside the fast-charging options our product tester loved how lightweight it was: “The pumps are easy to charge and they are not heavy at all.” While this hands-free breast pump is expensive, our product tester said it’s “worth every penny,” and we certainly agree.

Dimensions: 3" (L) x 4.3" (W) x 5.1" (H) | Weight: 7 oz. | Battery life: 2.5 hours | Milk capacity: 5 fl oz. per pump

Our product tester says:
“This is the first wearable breast pump that actually works for me! It has great suction so it collects a lot in a shorter amount of time.”

Our community says:

"It's a very quiet pump, easy to operate and very effective." – Laura F., mom of two and The Bump survey respondent

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Best hands-free breast pump for busy moms

What We Love
  • 360-degree mobility
  • Seven suction levels
  • Only three pieces to clean
Things To Consider
  • High price point
  • Only comes with one flange size
  • Product tester experienced some leakage when removing milk collection bags

Looking for a comfortable latch and unlimited mobility? Look no further than Willow 3.0. This game-changing wearable breast pump features a gravity-defying latch that lets you pump in any position (yep, even while lying down!). That means you can do a load of laundry, read a book or even take a disco nap, all while expressing breast milk.

Discreet and lightweight, it’s designed to be worn inside your bra and there are multiple flange sizes for a comfortable fit. Our tester was a fan of the compact design and told us that “it fit in my bra nicely and wasn’t heavy.” She was also pleasantly surprised about the noise levels, and mentioned that it was much quieter than expected. Thanks to the virtually silent operation, working moms can comfortably wear it during business calls or virtual meetings. Talk about multi-tasking!

Smart sensors detect milk letdown and automatically switch the pump to expression mode. And, to make pumping sessions even more seamless, its seven intensity settings can be controlled and adjusted via the Willow app. Our product tester also loved the fact that the app is compatible with an Apple watch. “The ability to adjust suction levels from the app is awesome. No need to dig in my bra to make changes or power it down.” While she didn’t feel completely empty after using the Willow 3.0, our product tester said: “I produced more than expected given the suction didn’t seem as aggressive as my medical grade pump.”

All in all, the Willow 3.0 gets a vote of confidence from our product tester who assured us that the powerful suction doesn’t come at the cost of comfort or quality: “[It was] very comfortable once my nipples got used to the suction. I forgot I was wearing it at certain parts of the day!”

Dimensions: 5.5" (L) x 4.4" (W) x 6.9" (H) | Weight: 12.5 oz. | Battery life: 2 hours | Milk capacity: 4 fl oz. per pump

Our product tester says:
“/[I] didn’t notice any leaking while wearing it and bending over slightly, which is perfect for a mom with toddlers!”

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Best affordable hands-free breast pump

Bellababy W38, Hands-Free Breast Pump, Strong Suction And Painless
Image: Bellababy
Buying Options
Bellababy|From $49.99
What We Love
  • Affordable
  • Good suction and stimulation mode
  • Easy to assemble and clean
Things To Consider
  • Bulky design
  • Some parents say it's difficult to take off breasts

If you’re not willing to shell out big bucks, this hands-free breast pump by Bellababy is a good budget-friendly alternative. At under $50 for a single pump it’s certainly affordable, but this wearable pump doesn’t skimp on features. In fact, our product tester gave it top marks across multiple categories, including value for money, ease of use, quality and design.

This option is equipped with four modes and nine suction levels, so you can customize each session to meet your needs. The default setting is stimulation mode, which has a faster pumping rhythm to encourage let down. From there you can move to the expression mode, which offers a slow but strong rhythm. Or try the variation and depth mode settings, designed to fully empty out your breasts. Our product tester assured us that “it was comfortable to use at every speed.” In terms of suction, it’s seriously powerful. So much so that our tester said: “I was able to collect the same amount of milk I would from my hospital grade pump.” Trust us, that is a really big deal!

The hands-free breast pump is made from soft, food-grade silicone parts, and has minimal parts so it's super-easy to clean between each use. While it does emit some noise, our product tester noted that it wasn’t too loud and said she “felt comfortable using it on the go.” When you’re done pumping, simply pour the milk from the top spout into a bottle for added convenience. And if you’re worried that a lower price means a cheap product: Don’t. Our product tester told us, “The quality of this pump is great. It will definitely last for more than one kid.”

Dimensions: 6.8" (L) x 5.7" (W) x 3.4" (H) | Weight: 1.4 lbs. | Battery life: N/A | Milk capacity: 6 fl oz. per pump

Our product tester says:
“I would recommend this pump a million times over. It is comfortable, small and you can bring it anywhere.”

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Best comfortable hands-free breast pump

Elvie Stride Plus
Image: FSA Store
What We Love
  • 10 intensity settings
  • Hospital-grade motor
  • Quiet operation
Things To Consider
  • Several parts to clean
  • Short battery life
  • Our product tester reported a learning curve

The Elvie Stride Plus Breast Pump offers unparalleled suction power, on par with a hospital grade electric pump. But that power doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort—our product tester told us this sleek and modern powerhouse was “actually comfortable and enjoyable to wear,” even going so far as to describe it as the most comfortable pump she’s ever used.

Our product tester, along with other moms, noted that it takes a little bit of time to get used to the pump but after a couple of pumping sessions she hit her stride and never looked back. The Elvie Stride has two discreet in-bra collection cups that fit inside your bra plus a small hospital-grade motor, which can be clipped onto your waistband or worn on a lanyard. The lightweight cups seamlessly contour to the natural shape of your breast and it even comes with three flange sizes and three nipple cushion options to help you find your perfect fit.

When using it, you’ll be able to choose between 10 intensity settings and two modes for a comfortable, customized pumping session. Moms agree this pump is powerful and our product tester gave it top marks for effectiveness. “Usually my baby drains my breast in about 10 mins, and this took about 15 to 20 minutes but was just as effective.” To top it all off, it also doesn’t make a lot of noise. “This pump is super quiet, actually much more quiet than I anticipated it to be. You can hardly tell I’m pumping when I use it,” raved our product tester.

Other highlights you’ll appreciate include the rechargeable battery and the app compatibility, all of which make this wearable a great option for moms on the go. The bottom line? “I would definitely recommend this pump to any new mama. It’s the best pump I’ve tried and will be the only one [I’ll] use from now on,” said our product tester. What’s not to love?

Dimensions: 11.8" (L) x 7.8" (W) x 7.8" (H) | Weight: 2.5 lbs. | Battery life: 2 hours | Milk capacity: 5 fl oz. per pump

Our product tester says:
“The comfort of this pump is incredible! I had no irritation whatsoever—definitely the most comfortable pump I’ve ever used, and for that reason, it’s also the most effective.”

Our community says:

"The strength of this wearable pump is comparable to a standard electric pump. It’s also comfortable and easy to use, and can easily be worn in public." – Leah C., mom of one and The Bump survey respondent

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Best lightweight hands-free breast pump

What We Love
  • Lightweight
  • Three parts to clean
  • Breast-shaped collection cups
Things To Consider
  • Doesn’t come with a hip clip
  • Sensitive touch screen
  • Difficult to source replacement parts

At just 2.7 oz. per cup, the Medela Freestyle Hands Free Breast pump is the lightest option we’ve seen. This was confirmed by our product tester who said that it was “very quiet” and “comfortable to wear,” giving it top marks for comfort, noise, style and design and quality. But lightweight doesn’t mean light on power—two-phase expression technology lets you pump more in less time, while the anatomically shaped collection cups help draw and capture the most milk possible from every single session. In terms of effectiveness, our product tester pumped for 20 minutes at a time and said the Medela Freestyle collected a normal amount of breast milk for her.

The compact motor is small enough to slip into your pocket (some moms even say it fits inside the side pocket of their maternity leggings!). However, our product tester wished the pump came with a hip clip to make it less awkward to carry. It’s also rechargeable and comes with a USB-C charger, giving you the flexibility to express wherever and whenever you like. Another note-worthy aspect is that this pump only has three parts to assemble and clean, so it’s a pretty low-maintenance pick. Use it in tandem with the Medela Family app, where you can track pumping sessions, log virtual milk storage and more.

Dimensions: 10.4" (L) x 9.3" (W) x 5.6" (H) | Weight: 2.16 lbs. | Battery life: 2 hours | Milk capacity: 5 fl oz. per pump

Our product tester says:
“I would /[recommend]. It’s a good pump, has a great display screen and is lightweight.”

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Best hands-free breast pump for strong suction

What We Love
  • Compact
  • Hospital-grade suction
  • Easy-to-use interface
Things To Consider
  • Pumping bra sold separately
  • Tester wished it came with different flange sizes

After something with serious suction? Check out the BabyBuddha Portable Breast Pump. The motor is about the size of an iPhone and is compatible with wearable collection cups. For hands-free use you’ll need to wear a pumping bra, but the hospital-grade suction levels (53 to 315 mmHg) more than makes up for this slight inconvenience.

Unlike other hands-free breast pumps, this model is simple to assemble and use right out of the box. “It is really easy to start using, just place the /[collection cups] on your nipples correctly and press the on button to start.” Our product tester also appreciated that there were minimal pieces to clean and liked that you can pump straight into a bottle for baby’s next meal.

Our product tester, who scored it four out of five for effectiveness, produced 3 to 4 fl oz. of milk on each side in about 15 minutes. She noted that “the pump can be very strong.” She even found it too powerful at times! However, every person's preferences are different and some nursing moms will prefer to pump at a higher setting. And it’s worth noting that you can adjust the rhythm, speed and suction levels to suit your comfort levels using an intuitive trackball control.
It may be compact but this device packs a powerful punch, a fact that was noted by our product tester who said “for how small and portable this pump is, it is extremely powerful.”

Dimensions: 13.5" (L) x 4.3" (W) x 11.5" (H) | Weight: 1.4 oz. | Battery life: 1 hour | Milk capacity: 4.7 fl oz.

Our product tester says:
“I would recommend this pump if you are looking for a more portable option to your standard breast pump. It’s just as powerful and it’s easy to use.”

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Best hands-free breast pump with slim cups

Freemie Rose Premium Hands-Free Wearable Breast Pump System
Image: Amazon
What We Love
  • Automatic shut off and sleep timer
  • Easy to clean
  • Motor clips onto waistband
Things To Consider
  • Not 100% wireless

Last up on our list of the best hands-free breast pumps is this wearable system by Freemie. While it isn’t completely wireless—a dual cord connects the various parts—this pump still allows greater freedom of movement, thanks to ultra-slim wearable cups and an external motor that clips onto your waistband.

It has two modes: stimulation and expression. A unique suction pattern in stimulation mode with six customizable speeds mimics baby’s nursing rhythm to help trigger a letdown and increase your breast milk supply. Our product tester said it took a couple of pumping sessions to get used to the “quick pulsation for stimulation and then let down” but noted that it worked well once she’d got the hang of it. Once the milk starts to flow, you can switch to expression mode, which offers nine speed levels ranging from 53 to 320 MMHG. The highest setting was too powerful for our tester to use comfortably, so she pumped for longer on a lower setting. However, she still said that “this pump felt pretty effective in removing my milk.”

This device also boasts a programmable sleep timer that automatically shuts off the pump when your session comes to an end. What’s more, it’s equipped with several other standout features, including well-designed milk collection cups. Our product tester told us: “The cups fit well into a typical nursing/pumping bra, so I felt like I could move around with it well.” She also awarded this pump top marks for style and mentioned the cup size and style once again: “I actually appreciated how round the cups are, I can pump in the car and just feel like I have huge boulders on my chest.”

All in all, our product tester was a fan of the comfort, quality, style and value of this hands-free breast pump, telling us: “The quality seems great so far. I believe this pump will be durable and last me throughout my pumping journey.”

Dimensions: 7.7" (L) x 5.6" (W) x 4.5" (H) | Weight: 8.3 oz. | Battery life: 2.5 hours | Milk capacity: 5 fl oz. per pump

Our product tester says:
“I would recommend this to my mom friends who are looking for a more portable pump without compromising on the efficiency of milk removal. I think it's a great pump!”

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Hands-Free Breast Pump Comparison Chart

Overall best hands-free breast pumpBest hands-free breast pump for busy momsBest affordable hands-free breast pumpBest lightweight hands-free breast pumpBest hands-free breast pump for strong suctionBest hands-free breast pump with slim cups
Overall Best
Elvie Double Pump
Willow 3.0 Wearable Breast Pump
Bellababy W38 Hands-Free Breast Pump
Medela Freestyle Hands Free Breast Pump
BabyBuddha Double Portable Breast Pump
Freemie Rose Pump with SlimFit5 Cups
Weight7 oz.12.5 oz.1.4 lbs.2.16 lbs1.4 oz.8.3 oz.
Milk capacity5 fl oz. per pump4 fl oz. per pump6 fl oz. per pump5 fl oz. per pump4.7 fl oz.5 fl oz. per pump
Battery life2.5 hours2 hoursN/A2.5 hours1 hour2.5 hours
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What Is a Hands-Free Breast Pump?

Unlike hospital-grade pumps or electric models that need to be connected to a power source, all hands-free breast pumps are more or less wireless. However, some wireless pumps are not truly hands-free, as the flange must be held against the breast to work.

With that in mind, there are two types of hands-free breast pumps: battery-operated and wearable options. Battery-powered pumps are wireless, smaller than electric models and can be used hands-free with the help of a pumping bra. But for true freedom of movement, we recommend opting for a wearable breast pump. This type combines the motor and milk-collection system in a single device that can be worn inside a regular maternity or nursing bra.

What To Look For in a Hands-Free Breast Pump

Before you shell out hundreds of dollars for a hands-free breast pump, take the time to consider your needs. Here are a few factors to consider before you buy:

  • Weight. A hands-free pump is worn on your chest, in your bra, so it needs to be lightweight. Fortunately, these devices are designed to be small and compact, with some wearable options weighing under 1 lb.
  • Noise. All breast pumps make some noise, but some options are louder than others. If you’re planning to use the pump at home, noise level may not be a major concern; but if you want to use it on plane trips, during work calls or on your daily commute, it’s best to opt for a quieter model.
  • Suction speed. Speed and power are key factors when it comes to purchasing a breast pump. People that are trying to boost their milk supply may need a hospital-grade pump that sucks faster and at a higher frequency, whereas others fare well with a standard pump. Suction is usually measured in “mmHG” and ranges from around 220 to 350, which is the highest level available.
  • Flange size. A flange—also known as a breast shield—is the soft, cone-shaped cup that fits over your nipples and areolas. It’s important that this part fits correctly to avoid pain while pumping, so opt for one that comes with adjustable flanges or a range of size options.
  • Cost. Wearable models are the most expensive type of hands-free breast pump available. A double wearable pump can cost over $500, but you can purchase a single pump for considerably less—although this means you’ll have to express milk from one breast at a time. A wireless pump may be more cost-effective, but you’ll also need to buy a pumping bra if you want to use it hands-free. Before investing in an expensive pump, consider how often you’ll use it, and contact your insurance provider to see what’s covered under your specific health plan.

About the writer:

Emma O’Regan-Reidy is an editor at The Bump. She specializes in writing e-commerce content about the latest and greatest in pregnancy, postpartum and parenting. O’Regan-Reidy has researched an array of topics, from prenatal vitamins and postpartum pads to the best non-wifi baby monitors, toddler learning towers and everything in between. With over a four-year career in digital media, O’Regan-Reidy has written dozens of articles about breastfeeding gear, and aims to create engaging, helpful content that informs new and seasoned parents.


The Bump May 2023 Survey. Editors conducted a survey of 300 new parents from among The Bump community, and asked whether they used a hands-free breast pump and what type they used.

Learn how we keep our content accurate and up-to-date by reading our medical review and editorial process.

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