Why You're Having Weird Pregnancy Dreams

Feel like you've slipped down the rabbit hole? Welcome to pregnancy.
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ByPaula Kashtan
Apr 2017
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Dreams reflect your mental state, and let’s face it—you’re probably a bit of an anxious mess right now. The stresses and excitement of pregnancy don’t disappear when you sleep. Hormonal changes—specifically, progesterone and estrogen surges—also contribute to weird dreams. And don’t forget about your constant nighttime awakenings to run to the bathroom. Dreams come during deep REM sleep, and when you wake during this stage, it’s much easier to remember those vivid visions.

So why are you suddenly dreaming about rainforests, oceans, talking animals, tall buildings and and sex (not just with your partner)? These common themes represent emotions and anxiety about your changing body, the person growing inside you, and your evolving relationship with your partner.

Though odd dreams can be disturbing, they’re also helpful. Look at it as your subconscious’s chance to work through anxieties and other heavy emotions. And finally, don’t put too much stock in any nighttime “premonitions.” You’re a nervous mommy, not a prophet.

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