Mom's Hilarious Parody Video Sums Up Kindergarten Parent-Teacher Conferences

Back-to-school season means long nights spent at parent-teacher conferences. This mom’s funny video just about sums it up.
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August 31, 2018
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As kids across the country make their way back to school, it only means one thing: Parent-teacher conferences are on the horizon.

Just as kids are afraid to be reprimanded by their teachers, parents are just as afraid to be scolded on their kid’s behalf. Not to mention, that one parent we all know who always manages to get under everyone’s skin. Tiffany Jenkins, of Juggling the Jenkins, nailed kindergarten parent-teacher conferences, poking fun at the inevitable meeting in a recent video.

In the video, the mom is informed her son spends his day reenacting “the floss” viral dance, and also has a knack for bringing slime to class every day. Sounds familiar, right?

After making a few sarcastic jokes that the teacher doesn’t seem to follow, the mother accepts defeat and moves on. The teacher then asks the mom if she’s been active on ClassDojo, the notorious app that many schools now use as a classroom communication platform between parents and teachers.

To this, the mother is oblivious and hilariously replies, “You guys have an app for that now? That’s so crazy!”

Their meeting is soon interrupted by an over-ambitious parent, who wants to know why ClassDojo isn’t updated more frequently. The eager beaver continues with, “I’ve been filling out college applications to try to get Skye into Harvard, and in order for me to be able to be more on top of the situation, I need more updates.”

To this the original mom is baffled, and says, “You guys do realize these kids are in kindergarten, right?”

This interaction is one many parents to young kids can relate to, which explains how the video already racked up more than 15,000 likes and 8,000 shares. The countless comments clearly imply the mother is not alone.

“When my son went to kindergarten, I was shocked to find out they didn’t have a break time like a nap, and that homework took two hours! I thought to myself, what happened to playing in the fake kitchen, eating paste and taking a nap,” one mother jokingly asks.

“This is the best imitation of dealing with a parent-teacher conference I have ever seen,” reads another.

Another mother could easily relate, and left a message saying, “Thanks for keeping me laughing, and knowing I’m not the only mom out there that thinks the way we do.”

The hilarious video may be just what you need to get through this year’s parent-teacher conferences.

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