Super Mom Breastfeeds Three-Month-Old Baby While Running a Marathon

Proof that there isn't anything a mother can’t do.
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By Stephanie Grassullo, Contributing Writer
Updated September 10, 2018
woman running marathon takes a quick break to breastfeed her baby
Image: Courtesy Strava

Every day, we hear all kinds of stories to further prove moms are capable of so many incredible things. Not only do you bring life into this world—as if that wasn’t already amazing enough—but you also do it while wearing so many different hats.

Sophie Power is a long-time runner and mother of two. Although the woman gave birth to her youngest just three months ago, it didn’t stop her from running the more than 100-mile Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) marathon. Taking “super mom” to a whole new level, the athlete paused at rest stops along the way to breastfeed her baby, Cormac.

The powerful moment was captured on camera, telling a story of strength and love.

“A truly incredible image that tells a better story than we ever could—a story of motherhood, endurance and the strength of the human body. Captured by our photographer, [Alexis Berg], during the 105 mile [UTMB] race, British ultra runner Sophie Power breastfeeds her three-month-old baby, Cormac. [Sophie Power] we applaud you. We applaud your endurance, your courage and your defiance of those who told you you couldn’t. You’re a true inspiration,” the caption reads.

Days following the race, Power took to social media to share her own sweet video showing her cross the finish line with her children in tow.

“One hundred and seven miles done. Took a while but reckon I was still fastest mum of a three-month-old baby. And possibly the only runner on the supply side at aid stations. Big thanks to my amazing coach @suttonelc for getting me there,” she says on Twitter.

On her Instagram, she also posted an adorable photo of this moment, where she is hand-in-hand with her son, Donnacha, while holding Cormac.

“Twenty minutes sleep over two nights—my body was tired and I was hallucinating. What kept me going was how excited I knew Donnacha was about running with me to the finish,” she explains. “He’d done his race earlier in the week and had waited so patiently for two days to help me on mine. This captures the picture in my mind so beautifully!”

And, if you ask the mother which marathon is harder—UTMB or pregnancy—she’ll be quick to respond with the latter. “Looking at the state of me giving birth was a much harder endurance event than finishing UTMB three months later,” she says, sharing side-by-side pictures of herself in the hospital after giving birth, next to another photo where she is posing with her two kids during the marathon.

It’s safe to say, moms will never seize to amaze us.

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