Your Kid's Best Incentive for Meeting Summer Reading Goals? Free Pizza

Pizza Hut has extended its popular Book It! program to the summertime. PreK-6th grade kids can log their reading progress in pursuit of a free personal pie.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Associate Editor
Published May 30, 2024
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Whether you have a reluctant elementary school reader on your hands or are looking to make more time to read to your preschooler, Pizza Hut is here to help you and your child meet those summer reading goals with a little incentive—free pizza.

For many millennials, Pizza Hut’s Book It! program invokes happy memories of evenings spent with their nose in a book in pursuit of their own personal pie. Now, in celebration of 40 years of reading-for-pizza, Pizza Hut is extending its popular program to the summertime. Parents can now sign up their kids to participate in Camp Book It! June 1-August 31. Using Pizza Hut’s free, digital summer reading program, simply work with your child to set reading goals and keep track of their progress.

Goals can be set based on your reading ability, number of minutes, number of pages or number of books. Anything goes from books to magazines and newspapers, it can all help prevent the “summer slide” and keep young readers moving forward. When your child meets their goal, move the slider all the way over to receive their certificate for a Personal Pan Pizza in your email.

For children not yet reading independently, you can set a goal where their you or others read to them. The Book It! website even emphasizes the importance of a early start for readers who can’t do it alone just yet. “Daily reading to your children puts them almost 1 year ahead of those not being read to. But children without Basic reading ability when they enter school are 3-4 times more likely to drop out later,” the website emphasizes. “Our work is more than just a corporate mission, it’s a personal challenge to turn ‘have to read’ into ‘want to read.’ We know that reading makes a difference.

Ready to get started? Check out these 24 best toddler books to jumpstart your little one’s love for reading and sign up for the Camp Book It! Program.

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