Ayda Field Shares News of Surrogate Baby: 'Family Comes in All Forms'

Robbie Williams, Ayda Field Welcome Surrogate Baby: 'Family Comes in All Forms'

“We are...so blessed that we live in a world which makes this possible.”
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September 7, 2018
robbie williams and ayda fields welcome new baby via surrogate
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Surrogacy is a beautiful thing for couples who have a deep desire for a baby, but may not have a healthy uterus.

Famous UK couple Robbie Williams and Ayda Field recently made an exciting announcement on Instagram when the mother introduced their new baby girl, Colette “Coco” Josephine Williams, who she shares they had through a surrogate mother.

“So we have been keeping a very special secret,” she admits. “We are delighted to share with you that we have had a baby girl…It has been a very long and difficult path to get here, which is why we have kept it on the down low.”

The photo shows the couple and their kids holding each other’s hands in a sweet embrace. The mom of three explains how thankful she is to the surrogate mother and the amazing advancements in science which make this possible.

“Family comes in all forms, and this little lady, who is biologically ours, was carried by an incredible surrogate mother, to whom we will be eternally grateful. We are over the moon to have this beautiful baby girl in our lives and so blessed that we live in a world which makes this possible,” the mother shares.

Many were quick to share their happiness for the family, leaving countless kind words and messages.

“Blessings come in all ways and Coco is just that. Congratulations,” reads one comment.

One note says, “that’s incredible and such a special thing that someone has done for your family.”

“Congratulations to you all. Doesn’t matter how she came into this world, it’s the miracles that happen to make it possible” reads another.

There’s a lot of information out there about gestational surrogacy, and if you and your partner are considering going this route, take a look at all the facts you should know beforehand.

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