Working Mom Explains Why Having it 'All Together' is Impossible

Working Mom Gets Real on Why Having It 'All Together' Is Impossible

"Being a nursing, pumping, full-time working mom of two is hard. Being a mom period is hard."
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October 3, 2018
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“I’m about to drop a truth bomb. Being a nursing, pumping, full-time working mom of two is hard. Being a mom period is hard.”

Florida mama Ambrea Jackson shares this important reminder with her fellow mom community on Facebook. Throughout her post, Jackson describes the difficulties of juggling kids and work, and how she constantly feels like she falls short in both areas.

“I feel like a burden to my team every day because I have to spend 20 minutes at a time pumping, [for] multiple times a day to keep my supply high enough to continue nursing my new baby,” she confesses.

“Add in the housework, the homework with a four-year-old, a healthy sex life, focusing on my mental health and little to no sleep during my work weeks, and you have an exhausted pushed-past-your-limit day. Every day,” the mom vents.

The never-ending routine pays a toll on Jackson, who starts each day wondering how she’ll be able to pull herself together enough to look like she has it all under control.

“I often sit in my bed nursing my baby 10 minutes before my morning alarm for 5:50 a.m. goes off, thinking ‘how can I make myself look like I have it all together today,’” the mom of two shares. “Because I don’t. I never have. I do what I can, but often feel like it isn’t enough. I won’t even start on the mom guilt.”

In the end, Jackson, and countless other moms who wear many hats, manage to find ways to pull it off, further proving the amazing things moms are capable of.

“But, guess what? Spoiler: We make it work. Every day we make it work. Much love to my sisters in this journey called parenthood. You are not alone,” she preaches.

In just one day, the post reached nearly 900 shares and more than 2,000 likes from other moms who know the whole working mom song and dance all too well.

Being a working mom is no small feat. If you’re being thrown back into the madness while your baby is home, check out a few tips from working moms on how they master the balancing act. And when the mom guilt starts to weigh in (because you know it will!), take comfort knowing having a working mom can benefit kids later in life.

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