Photographers' Secrets to Taking Great Baby Photos

We know you’re documenting just about every move baby makes. (Do you even have any memory left on your phone? We didn’t think so.) These tips from professional photographers can help you perfect your pics.
ByAnisa Arsenault
Associate Editor
March 2, 2017
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Image: KT Merry
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Document early

Those first few days are hectic, but Sophie Kormos of Michael Kormos Photography in New York reminds parents to get a jumpstart on photographing the newest family member. “Newborn portraits are ideally captured in the first 10 days. In those precious first days, newborns curl up just like they were positioned in mommy’s belly, which is such a special memory to preserve. Don’t forget to capture all those details, like your baby’s tiny eyelashes, squishy lips, and little toes.”


Image: Alicia Gines Photography

It’s all about the lighting

Don’t get too fancy with your setup; the most flattering lighting is completely natural. “The most important thing you can do to create a beautiful, professional-looking image is to have baby in natural light,” says Alicia Gines of Sacramento-based Alicia Gines Photography. “Whether it comes from a window, a sliding door, or even outside in the shade, natural light is going to bring the most beautiful complexion out of your baby’s skin.” Case in point: this photo was taken using only light coming through the window.


Image: KT Merry

Time it right

We know you can’t always plan when your baby is going to do something adorable. But if you are setting time aside to photograph, KT Merry of KT Merry Photography in Miami says some times are better than others. “Notice what time the light is bright and beautiful, and aim to shoot your images then.”


Image: KT Merry

Keep it simple

Merry also advises against distracting colors, patterns and decorations. “Keep the shot as clean and simple as possible by removing any unneeded clutter. This will help to create a beautiful photo and keep the focus where it should be: on your baby.”


Image: Trina Louise Photography

Find the Backdrop

Using the spaces you have on hand could make your picture more unique. “Usually, using a natural environment (bedrooms, living rooms, backyards) makes the image more meaningful,” says Trina Louise of Trina Louise Photography in southern Maryland. “No one else will ever have pictures exactly like these, because they’ve been personalized with a natural environment.”


Image: Bella Baby Photography

Go into stealth mode

A good candid really captures who baby is and what he likes to do. Seriously channel your inner spy to snap these shots. “Be sneaky! Peak around corners to capture what your little ones are doing,” says Kelly Billington of Bella Baby Photography. “Grab some photos of everyday life. Leave the mess; let the kids’ hair and faces be messy! You’ll love remembering those real details when your babies are teenangers. Use doorways as a frame to add interest to your photo.”



Image: Purple Owl Photography

Save your work

You’re taking so many pictures; be careful not to lose any of these memories. “Babies grow so fast! Take lots of photos, and make sure you are printing them and backing them up with external hard drives or online photo storage companies,” says Virginia-based Purple Owl Photography’s Julie Harbert.

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