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Cute Photos of Cats and Babies Sure to Steal Your Heart

There’s no denying your kiddo and their kitty make the <em>purr</em>-fect pair, and these pictures prove it.

Move over Cat Lady—ever heard of Cat Baby? Your kiddo and their feline friend have a special bond unlike any other. Whether they’re cuddling up during a Sunday snooze or sharing some sweet smooches, there’s no denying those two are the purr-fect pair. Even if your cat pretends to be indifferent to baby’s embrace, deep down they can’t get enough of your little’s TLC. Scroll on for picture-perfect moments of infants and their furry friends.

Photo: Shoko
Photo: Meg Loeks
Photo: Chloe Lai
Photo: Juno
Photo: Ryder

Photo (top image): Amanda Podesta Photography

Published June 2019

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