Heart-Melting Photos That Prove Dogs Are Babies' Best Friends

Babies are adorable. Dogs are lovable. Pair the two together and you've got a combo that's almost too cute to handle.
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ByAnisa Arsenault
Associate Editor
May 2018

They say dogs are a man’s best friend—and that’s true, until baby comes on the scene and steals the heart of your loyal pet. From cuddle marathons to playing in the park, babies and their dogs are known to be inseparable. And here’s the proof. Scroll down for heart-melting moments between infants and their furry friends.

And Baby Makes Five

Sometimes, pets are there before Day One, waiting to greet the new arrival.

Let Me See!

Trust us, they’re going to want a piece of the baby action too.

Take a Whiff

Evidence that everyone loves that new baby smell.

Loyal Watchdog

Baby just inherited a full-time bodyguard.


Best. Snuggle. Buddy. Ever.

Protective Parent

She didn’t get the memo about helicopter parenting.

Couch Surfers

No need for back cushions when you’ve got a furry friend.

Lazy Days

Dogs are always down for hanging out.

Best Headrest

Four-legged friends sure make for a comfy pillow.

Hear Me Roar

“I feel your pain little dude.”

Park Pals

A picnic in the park means smiles all around.

Back to Back

Photo: Meg Perotti

With a dog by your side, you’re never alone.


Three is a crowd.

Deliciously Adorable

Photo: Erin Wallis

So cute, we could just eat you up!

Gossip Queens

“No! You don’t say! Well I won’t tell if you don’t.”

Fast Friends

Forming bonds early that pave the way for a loving friendship.

True Love

Photo: Gary White

Dogs give the best kisses—just ignore the slobber.

Updated February 2018

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