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The 10 Best Baby Trends on Instagram in 2017

Old school letter boards. Pumpkin butts. Unexpected cake smashes. Here’s what parents posted and shared with the most abandon this year.

There are so many moments in life that have you reaching for your phone, but only a select few end up being Instagram-worthy. Apparently great minds think alike, because several distinct trends surfaced on the social media platform this year—from the super cute to the super silly, plus a few things in between. Let’s take a scroll down memory lane, shall we?

1. Letter Boards

Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little something extra. Enter changeable letter boards, those old school message boards that were way more common before chalkboard signs became a thing. But these signs have a leg up on their dusty counterparts: They don’t smudge or show fingerprints, and they don’t require perfect handwriting to get your point across. Plus, little hands can help.

2. Proud Postpartum Bodies

Instagram was once all about airbrushed perfection, but that’s all changing—and new moms are at the forefront. This year, moms shared close-ups of their stretch marks, baby weight curves and c-section scars—proving that motherhood comes in all shapes and sizes. And, if women feel less pressure to “get their body back” asap because of the trend, even better.

3. Non-traditional Cake Smashes

The cake smash is a one-year-old rite of passage, but sometimes cakes just don’t suit your little one’s tastebuds. Enter the next generation of “cake” smashes: Parents subbed in tacos, ice cream and burgers for the traditional treat—and the results were just as sweet.

4. Pumpkin Butts

Few things in life are more adorable than pint-sized buns, which is why parents decided to celebrate Halloween with a cute twist this year. Pumpkin butts—i.e., painting a pumpkin on your little one’s tush—popped up all over Instagram.

5. Cuddle + Kind Stuffed Animals

What do you get when you combine kids and stuffed animals? A winning Instagram trend, of course. Babies all over the Internet cuddled up to cute hand-knit animals from cuddle + kind, which donated proceeds to feeding needy children.

6. Prairie-inspired Clothes

When it comes to dressing your little one, you’ve got a slew of cute options. But this year parents and their Instagram followers were particularly charmed by vintage-y outfits and caps. Whether hand-sewn by mom or merely hand-bought, we think Caroline Ingalls would have approved.

7. Mama Bird Tees

This was the year that one cool statement tee let moms proudly broadcast their status to the world while looking awesome. Made in the USA, the simple all-cotton Mama Bird top from The Bee & The Fox popped up all over Instagram, worn by mom in all shapes and sizes.

8. Baby Turbans

By definition, a turban is a statement piece, especially when baby wears it. Whether the headgear was soft velour or polka-dot cotton, little ones rocked it with style and confidence this year.

9. Milk Baths

Soaking in milk supposedly smooths the skin. But if you’ve already got baby-soft skin because, well, you’re a baby, then you do a milk bath because it looks so darn cool. Adorn with flowers and you’ve got something undeniably Instagram-worthy.

10. Objects as Clothes

No need to dress for the occasion, baby! You look smashing in everything—and that includes pizza, taco shells, apples and coffee mugs. Perhaps the easiest-ever baby trend for parents to jump on.

Published November 2017