The 10 Best Baby Trends on Instagram in 2018

From letter boards to coffee butts and everything in between, here’s what parents were loving this year.
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By Nathalie Kirby, Assistant Social Media Editor
Updated December 21, 2018
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There are so many moments in life that have you reaching for your phone, but only a select few end up being Instagram-worthy. Apparently great minds think alike, because several distinct trends surfaced on the social media platform this year—from the super cute to the super silly, plus a few things in between. Let’s take a scroll down memory lane, shall we?

1. Letter Boards

If you thought letter boards were so last year, think again. Letter boards are taking over the gram for the second year in a row, and honestly, we can’t get enough. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but nothing can crack a joke or spread a positive message like a letter board can. Consider these changeable signs here to stay.

2. Proud Postpartum Bodies

Like letter boards, we’re seeing last year’s surge in mom confidence about their postpartum bodies still going strong. Women are snapping pics and showing off the incredible bodies that carried their little ones into this world–and we’re all about it! From stretch marks and scars to curves and sags, these trend-drivers are embracing the physical mementos of motherhood and inspiring others to do the same.

3. Baby Baskets

Newborn photoshoots are undeniably Instagram-worthy, but in 2018 they got an upgrade. There’s just something about a baby in a basket that made Instagram (and us!) swoon. Add some fun props and a festive baby headband, and you’re on your way to creating a seriously trendy newborn photo.

Image: Melissa

4. Baby Headbands

From stripes to solids and everything in between, headbands for little heads graced our Instagram feeds this year. All we have to say is, can we get those in our size?

5. Coffee Butts

Caffeine is a parent’s lifeblood, so it’s no surprise coffee butts are cropping up all over Instagram. These cute shots are simple to create–just lay baby belly-down on a cute blanket, grab your cup of joe and carefully hover it above baby’s sweet tush! Since there’s rarely a moment you’re without a coffee in hand (are we right?), this is an easy trend to recreate on the fly.

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Image: Bridget

6. Baby Shark

No matter what your opinion is of the smash hit children’s song “Baby Shark,” one thing’s for sure–it was an Instagram staple this year. Parents everywhere took to Instagram to share their feelings about the notorious shark family, and boy did it go viral. Love it or hate it, Instagram has a lot to say about “Baby Shark.”

Image: Jesse

7. Bee and Mae Tees

Building off last year’s craze over the ever-so-popular Mama Bear tee, Bee and Mae’s adorable T-shirts and onesies were definitely having a moment in 2018. With heartwarming sayings for parents and babies alike, Bee and Mae shirts revel in how magical parenthood really is.

Image: Anaise

8. Mirror Selfies

The Instagram of 2018 is a far departure from Instagram’s past. You can say goodbye to polished perfection and hello to the low-maintenance mirror selfie. Whether moms were showing off their bumps or their babes, the mirror selfie was everywhere. Call it parents’ way of rejecting the fantasy ideal of social media and embracing real life’s perfect imperfections.

9. Normalizing Breastfeeding

Moms on Instagram got real this year and proved there’s nothing shameful or indiscreet about breastfeeding. Women all over the internet–from Chrissy Teigen to the mom-next-door–are sharing snapshots and stories of their intimate breastfeeding journeys, and they’re not holding back.

10. #TBT Onesies

What’s better than posting a #TBT? Letting your little one in on the trend! Babies all over Instagram were sporting sonogram throwback onesies this year–whether it was Thursday or not.

Posted December 2018

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