The Best Parenting Advice I Got From Friends and Family

Moms share the comforting words that helped them get through those emotional first months.
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By Cassie Kreitner, Senior Editor
Updated November 8, 2018
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We know, you’ve probably been bombarded with parenting advice from the moment you announced you were expecting—some of it helpful and some, well, not so much. Here, moms share the most supportive guidance they received from fellow mom friends and family members that had been through it all before.

“The best piece of advice came from my mom, who said, “This too shall pass.” A lot of things happen once you’ve delivered; it’s overwhelming. But knowing what’s temporary can help you survive the hard moments. It’s something I embraced much better with each kid.” —Sarah F.

"Ask for help. While visiting a few weeks after my son Max was born, my friend saw how physically and emotionally drained I was. She told me no one expected me to do everything myself and I needed to delegate tasks to friends and family so I could go for a walk or take a nap.” —Erin M.

“If breastfeeding isn’t working out, it’s okay to let it go.” —Cristina P.

“My aunt told me to never say ‘I can’t wait until…’. Because before you know it, they will be doing all of those things. Enjoy the moments and milestones as they happen.” —Jenn M.

“Rest while baby rests. It took me a while to master this, but when I did, my life got easier.” —Kaywanda L.

“It may feel like you’ll never have a routine again, but you will. It just takes time.” —Michelle C.

“It’s okay to supplement baby’s diet with formula if he or she has trouble gaining weight. It won’t spoil him or her for breastfeeding. What’s most important is to do what’s best for mom and baby. Hearing this made me feel like less of a bad mother.“ —Michelle L.

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“Everything is a phase. Don’t get freaked out if baby doesn’t sleep for three nights in a row—they change so fast.”—Cari D.

“My postpartum doula said, ‘You have one job for the first 12 weeks and it’s to survive.’ That became my mantra and got me through a lot of self doubt and unsure, rough moments.” —Kara H.

“My brother was visiting when my daughter Sophia was 6 months old and I kept running to her room every time I heard a cry. After my third trip to make sure she was okay, he said, ‘You know you don’t have to go every time she cries, right?’ The idea had literally never crossed my mind.” —Sue E.

“Don’t judge your son or daughter by what others have done. Every baby is different and grows at different rates. Trust your mother instinct.” —Roxana S.

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