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Your Cutest Santa's Helpers, Elves & Merrymakers

We asked, Bumpies delivered! Here, your babies showed us the real spirit of the season—and it’s adorable.

Baby Blues

@MistyMinnaPhoto’s little elf seems to be saying, “Look deep into my baby blues: I’ve been an angel all year.”


Let it Snow

@BrittanyFaithPalmer’s tiny snowman is the missing piece to this winter wonderland.



Bah Humbug!

A Cindy Lou Who in training? Thanks to @BrittanyFaithPalmer’s baby girl, we now know what face to make when reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas.


Reindeer Games

Hey, Santa! Need three more to help guide your sleigh tonight? @madisonhchandler’s adorable antlered trio is ready to pitch in.


Hat Tip

@LizaPenaloza’s daughter is all hat — and cuteness — while taking center stage in front of the family Christmas tree.


Shock and Aww

“So you’re telling me that if I’m not good, I’m getting coal!” No, no, @KBuzzard62511’s 5-month-old seems to be saying.


On the Nice List

All @gatlingaj’s infant wants for Christmas is a clean diaper, lots of milk, and a nice long nap. Let’s hope the man in red delivers.


Chef Special

Did someone say Christmas cookies? @Megsabatini’s little baker is ready for a holiday bake-off with mom.


It's Ornamental

Every family needs a tree trimmer like @ohheykt’s little girl. Because she’s got this decorating thing down pat.


Frosty Treat

@b_jones3’s baby girl thinks her present looks good enough to eat…or at least drool on.


Elf Magic

These are no elves on shelves – nope, @sbernhardson’s two guys apparently came to town from the North Pole. And they’re really, really excited about Christmas.


Lights, Camera...Action!

I’m gonna get the hang of these lights one day, @Baby_P_Gerber seems to be saying. Till then, just enjoy his cuteness.


Nope, Not Bummed

This is how everyone should dress for a tree-lighting celebration, no? Yes, says @MistyMinnaPhoto’s nudist.


Crafty Cuteness

When it comes to homemade ornaments @elizjunek’s little decorator wants you to know that more is always better.

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