Changing Work Schedule After Baby?

I think I'd like to change my work schedule after baby. Should I talk to my boss about it now? How?
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Updated March 2, 2017
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If you’re hoping to switch things up once your maternity leave is over, it is probably best to lay your ideas on the table now. First, make sure you’re clear on what your company’s policies state (like whether part of your leave would be covered by disability insurance, and whether you’d retain health insurance with your new schedule). Once you’ve done your homework, write up a detailed proposal for your boss. Go ahead and flesh out exactly how your ideal schedule would work. Are you thinking part-time? Flex time? Do you want to telecommute? As well as what sort of workload you could handle in that amount of time. It may also help to mention who could take on any responsibilities you’ll be casting aside, and how you’ll train them.

Next, set up a meeting and have a heart to heart with the boss. She’ll appreciate that you’ve organized the details in a way that makes the plan easy to implement, upping your chances of getting your way. Talk it out (be ready to compromise) and make a plan. Be sure to get the final agreement in writing (and send a copy to your human resources department) to avoid misunderstandings later on. (Disclaimer: Only you know your boss and your company. We can’t promise that she’ll go for it.)

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