Checklist: Working Mom vs. Stay at Home Mom

Is heading back to work the right decision for you? Find out here.
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March 2, 2017
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Struggling to decide whether to return to work? Ask yourself these questions:

[ ] Can you work out a realistic budget, factoring in either the loss of your salary or the cost of childcare?

[ ] How will the loss of your salary and benefits affect your tax bracket and insurance coverage?

[ ] If you stay home, will you chafe at a 1950s-esque division of labor? (Think hard about this one.)

[ ] How does your partner feel about the matter?

[ ] Do you have parents or other family members or friends nearby who can help you care for baby?

[ ] Outside of work, do you have ample opportunities for adult interaction and social connections?

[ ] Will you be able to stay intellectually stimulated without work?

[ ] If you stay home now, will you want to return to work later? How will your career progress be affected?

[ ] Will you be able to function at work on a significantly reduced amount of sleep?

[ ] Do most your friends with children stay at home or work? How would you feel about choosing a different route?

[ ] Right now, is your work more about the money or the ambition?

[ ] What — if any — are your realistic options for childcare?

[] How much do you expect your partner to contribute to baby’s care?

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