QUIZ: Test Your Babymaking IQ!

Trying to conceive? The learning curve can be pretty steep — or super-fun! Take our quiz to see how much you really know about making a baby.
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March 2, 2017
QUIZ: Test Your Babymaking IQ!
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1 .
When is prime babymaking time?  
Even though I feel totally gross in the mornings, it’s the best time! (That’s when sperm count is highest!)  
Nighttime, of course. If it ain’t broke…  
Anytime, really! As long as you’re ovulating…  
2 .
When it comes to babymaking, practice makes perfect. The more we get it on, the better, right?  
Yes, frequency equals pregnancy.  
Quality is more important than quantity here.  
It’s all about the timing. 10 times a day won’t do a thing if it’s not the right window.  
3 .
Speaking of, the window is…  
Broken. Otherwise I’d be pregnant already.  
Sperm can live up to one week, right?  
Not big! Each egg’s only got a 24-hour time frame.  
4 .
When is ovulation, exactly?  
Got me.  
12 to 16 days from the first day of your period.  
It’s different for every woman, but usually around day 14 of your cycle.  
5 .
Whoa! My husband and I polished off a whole bottle of pinot last night! Was that bad for getting pregnant?  
Alcohol loosens up your inhibitions, right? That’s got to be good for babymaking!  
Of course. Alcohol totally kills your fertility.  
Depends on how frequently you’re downing the pinot. Heavy longterm drinking can certainly take a toll on (his and her!) fertility.
6 .
How long does the egg live in the uterus?  
From birth, till death do us part. Don’t we have like a zillion from day one?  
For about a week.  
Only about 24 hours -- which is why conception timing has to be just right.
7 .
What position works best when you’re trying to make a baby?  
Well, there’s a reason they call it missionary!
Woman on top – it’s the O that counts.
It’s all good – because there’s no scientific proof otherwise.
8 .
For the ladies, these things can impact fertility:
Past birth control, lunch meat, lube.
Cough medicines, alcohol, miscarriage.
Age, genetics, smoking, weight gain.
9 .
For the men, these things can impact fertility:
Too much sex (or, ahem, masturbation!)
Bicycling, lap tops, tightey whiteys, and soy, oh my!
Age, genetics, smoking, weight gain.
10 .
Chugging cough syrup will totally help you conceive!
No way! Cough syrup means hacking, sneezing, stuffy head and sinuses  -- not sexy time!
Definitely! Moms don’t call Robitussin the fertility drug for nothing!
Maybe. Some moms-to-be swear by guaifenesin to loosen up mucus membranes (in your head and down there), but doctors will tell you that it’s not a sure thing at all.
11 .
My friend told me I should be charting by now. What does that mean?
Plotting the cruise for the babymoon, naturally!
I’ve heard it has something to do with taking temperatures and mucus. Uh, ick!
It’s an easy way to track when you’re ovulating – a spike in temperature and super-stretchy mucus means you’ve hit the magic window! Go forth and procreate!
12 .
You have about a ___ percent chance of conceiving in any given month.
50 percent
25 percent
15 percent
Please answer all questions first.

Please note: The Bump and the materials and information it contains are not intended to, and do not constitute, medical or other health advice or diagnosis and should not be used as such. You should always consult with a qualified physician or health professional about your specific circumstances.

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