New Moms’ Beauty Tips and Favorite Beauty Products

You’re getting, like, seven minutes of sleep a day, your shirt is constantly stained, and the last thing on your mind right now is primping. But trust us, spending just a few minutes on yourself will go a long way to making you feel beautiful. New-mom Bumpies share their fave beauty tips and products.
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Updated June 7, 2018
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“I always look tired because I’m always tired! Clinique has a Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel; it’s oil-free and works great!” — jshf

“Eye cream can make a big difference.” —_ goteamgo_

“I love using Moroccan Oil for my hair. That stuff is magical.” —_ KelzinBoston_

“I like to exfoliate my whole body with paste made from sugar and olive oil — it makes my skin smooth, glowing and moisturized. I also add baking soda to my shampoo once a week and rinse it off with vinegar. It keeps my hair shiny and frizz-free.” — MrsLacy

“Egg white facials make my face feel amazing. It’s literally just egg whites whipped until they are foamy and applied thickly. Just let it dry and then wash it off. You can add a drop of lavender or tea tree oil if you want, too.” — SarahWaggy

“I slather a skin-toning oil like Mother’s Special Blend 8 on my whole body (minus the face) in the shower and put a lot of lotion on every day. I also use leave-in conditioner, Infusium 23, in my routine. It adds moisture and bounce immediately.” — veronicafvr

“My fave beauty tip is to put a shimmering white or cream eye shadow on your brow bone, just below the eyebrow and also in the corner or your eye and a little under. I’ve found that it makes me look a lot more refreshed and awake.” — bananasmomma

“Philosophy’s Oxygen Peel is a miracle for my skin. I also use the Olay micro scrub and Neutrogena moisturizer.” — Spenjamins

“I like using gradual tanning lotions. I use Neutrogena, which doesn’t smell as bad as some others. I’m trying to stay out of the sun now that I’m nearing 30.” — ChicagoBroad26

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“One makeup item I love is Eye Bright by Benefit. It is a light pink eyeliner that makes you look wide awake. One pencil lasts about a year and costs around $20.” — courtz00

“I splurge on shampoo, Redken Soft, but it lasts more than one year for the big bottle. I just bought face products from Origins and I am hooked.” — IndianChica

“My favorite drugstore steal is John Frieda smoothing cream. I’ve tried a million other products like it, but nothing tames my flyaways like that stuff. Aquaphor lip balm is a lifesaver, too.” — egpitt22

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