19 Genius Uses for Nipple Cream (Other Than Soothing Your Nipples)

Who knew nipple cream was so versatile? Check out these alternative uses the whole family can get in on.
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September 17, 2018
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Ask any breastfeeding mom and they’ll be quick to tell you their nipple cream is their BFF. It works wonders on dry, cracked nipples—but it turns out, nipple cream is a great go-to product for a whole laundry list of ailments, and not just for mom. Dad, baby, kids, teens—the whole family can put this multi-purpose ointment to good use. (Just check the ingredient list before applying creams on baby. It’s best to go with all-natural, food-grade ingredients free from the most common allergens.) Here, we’ve gathered up some genius alternative uses for nipple cream. Because every mom loves a good life hack.

For Moms and Dads

Parents tend to put themselves at the bottom of the priority list. Baby has a whole cabinet filled with medicines and ointments, but Mom and Dad? Not so much. Luckily, nipple cream can be used for daily upkeep or even in those moments of panic when you need a quick fix.

1. Itchy stretch marks

Pregnancy has been known to leave behind a stretch mark or two, and for many moms, that results in dry, itchy patches on your belly. To reduce the irritation, gently massage a generous amount of nipple cream to the area and let it work its magic.

2. Lip balm

You probably have a favorite lip balm, but we guarantee none compare to the power of nipple cream. Because they’re specifically designed to have soothing properties, nipple creams have unbeatable rejuvenating effects on our lips. So it’s no surprise big-name stars like Margot Robbie swear by this beauty hack.

3. Removing a tight ring

At one point or another, we’ve all panicked when a ring just wouldn’t budge from our finger. Whether it’s due to pregnancy or just munching on lots of salty snacks, there’s no need for it to reach crisis levels. Instead, apply a dollop of nipple cream to the area, and little by little that troublesome ring will start to slide right off.

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4. Eyebrow balm

When the chaos of parenting sets in, it’s rare mom has time to get her eyebrows trimmed and shaped. So the next time you wake up and your brows are looking a little worse for the wear, dab some of your trusted nipple cream on them to make for a quick styling fix.

5. Shaving cuts

No matter how many years of shaving expertise moms and dads have under their belts, painful cuts are bound to happen. If you emerge from the shower with a nasty nick, apply your favorite nipple salve to help it heal.

6. Rough cuticles

Whether it’s from cooking, washing dishes or doing handy work around the house, our cuticles take quite a beating. To help bring them back to life, pat on a little bit of nipple cream and let it sit overnight, giving it ample time to set in.

7. New tattoo

Many nipple creams are designed for sensitive skin, so they can work well as moisturizer for a new tattoo. Parents should apply the ointment to their tattoo about two to three times a day, but be careful not to over-moisturize, which could cause your new ink to scab.

8. Chafing

For avid runners, swimmers or just the poor souls who suffer from chafing, nipple cream will offer some much-needed relief. Dab the ointment onto the irritated area and let the spot air dry.

For Babies and Kids

Little ones tend to have super-sensitive skin. Luckily, your gentle nipple cream makes a great remedy for the occasional skin irritation and playground cuts.

9. Diaper rash

Not too surprising, given its soothing properties, nipple cream also serves as an excellent diaper rash ointment for baby. When using, clean the diaper area well and let it dry before applying the cream.

10. Rug burns and scraped knees

Once baby starts crawling, her tiny knees will have to withstand tough bristles and fringes on rugs throughout the house. And once your little one learns how to run, she has a lifetime of scraped knees ahead of her. Keep your nipple balm at arm’s reach—it’ll provide a soothing, sting-free barrier and help ragged knees heal faster.

11. Cradle cap

Cradle cap is the result of excessive oil production by the skin glands surrounding baby’s hair follicles. While it usually clears up on its own, certain nipple creams can help alleviate baby’s dry skin.

12. Acne scars

If you have a teenager in the house, you know how much acne scars can make someone feel self-conscious. To help with the pesky skin condition, gently dab some nipple cream onto the scarred areas to offer an additional moisturizing and healing boost.

For the Family

Regardless of our age or role in the family, there are a few common casualties we all face. Thankfully, your nipple cream is here to lend a hand.

13. Minor burns

Whether it’s from a hot pan or a hair straightener, we’ve all fallen victim to a household burn. Once applied to the skin, nipple creams can help soothe these minor burns. Of course, for more severe burns, skip the nipple cream and call your doctor to see what they recommend.

14. Dry skin and eczema

By now, this hack should seem like a no-brainer. For best results, use the nipple cream as a daily gentle moisturizer right after you or your kids take a shower.

15. Insect bites

A lovely day spent outside can easily turn sour when mosquitoes make an appearance. Before you know it, the whole family is covered in bites that quickly turn to scabs after non-stop scratching. Many nipple creams have anti-inflammatory properties, making them a perfect pairing for irritating insect bites.

16. Sunburn and peeling

No matter how hard we try to dodge the sun’s rays, sometimes there’s no avoiding painful burns. After-sun lotions can often do the trick, but you can also use a light layer of nipple cream to gently soothe the burn and ease the discomfort.

17. Frizzy hair

Bad hair days can creep up on us when we least expect it, which make for really inconvenient mornings when you’re pressed for time. If your ‘do is looking more like a don’t, rub a small amount (you don’t want to create grease) onto your hands and apply as if it were hair serum.

18. Stuck zipper

Yes, you read that right. Nipple-saving balms can even be used to solve the dreaded zipper nightmare. Just apply a bit to the jammed zipper and it’ll help slide things back into place.

19. Squeaky doors

The healing powers of nipple cream even extend to simple home repair hacks. Doors that creak every time you open and close them are the bane of every family’s existence. Get a break from this daily disturbance by using nipple cream as a grease on door hinges. What’s that you hear? The sound of a squeak-free home.

Published September 2018

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