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Anisa Arsenault
Associate Editor

Tired Mom Proves Co-Sleeping Means No Sleeping (Watch!)

Forget those idyllic stock photos of moms and babies sharing a bed, slumbering soundly as if they were on a Sleep Number Bed. One mom, Esther Anderson, shared what it's really like to sleep with her daughter — and it's a literal eye-opener for Anderson and nearly 5 millions YouTube viewers.

We really admire Anderson's commitment to napping, but baby Ellia is just not having it. This little girl wants some attention! So ensues a nap filled with nose picking, hair pulling, eye poking, and, yep, farting. (To be fair, Ellia does redeem herself with some adorable kissing.)

While plenty of parents co-sleep, the official word from the American Association of Pediatrics is to keep baby close during the first few months, in a separate bassinet or crib in your bedroom. ( Co-sleeping is linked to increased chances of SIDS.) (via BuzzFeed)