Best Toddler Bed Rails to Keep Your Kiddo Safe

Make the transition from the crib to a big-kid bed a little easier for everyone.
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Updated January 11, 2023
best toddler bed rails
Image: Regalo/Amazon
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Childhood is full of milestone moments. One of the biggest transitions your little one will make in those all-important early years is moving from a crib to a big-kid bed. Whether you opt to move your little one to a traditional toddler bed or a king-size mattress, they’ll no longer have the security provided by the four walls of a crib. That’s why a toddler bed rail can be a great addition to their new sleep setup. It provides peace of mind for you and a restful night of sleep (fingers crossed!) for your little one.

Ready to make the big switch—and keep it as smooth (and safe!) as possible? Here, we’ve rounded up nine of the best toddler bed rails to meet your needs.

What is a Toddler Bed Rail?

A toddler bed rail is a rectangular structure that attaches to the side of your kid’s mattress to help prevent them from falling out, as they’re learning to adjust to life sans crib walls. Bed rails for toddlers come in several different lengths. There are small ones that suit convertible crib mattresses (such as when a crib is converted into a toddler bed) and extra-long toddler bed rail options suitable for king-size beds. For the most part, toddler bed rails come in two forms: the rectangular option that attaches to the bed and acts essentially like a baby gate and a bumper version that rests under the fitted sheet to provide a physical barrier that prevents your little one from rolling off the mattress.

What to look for in a toddler bed rail

“Bed rails are generally used for children, ranging from 2 to 5 years of age, that are able to get out of bed on their own,” says Juanita Mines, certified pediatric sleep consultant and owner of Baby Sleep Goals. Determining which toddler bed rail will suit your kiddo’s needs depends on the size of their new bed and the size of your child. Toddler bed rails should be tall enough to secure your child and keep them on the mattress, and long enough to provide ample coverage, explains Mines.

Of course, safety should also be top of mind when shopping for toddler bed rails. Here are some important factors to consider.

  • Be mindful of gaps. Look to see if there are many spaces between your child’s mattress and the toddler rail. Too much of a gap can allow your child to fall out or become entrapped, warns Mines.

  • Read instructions. Toddler bed rails should have warning labels and instructions included. Be sure to follow guidelines and install the toddler bed rail properly to ensure safety.

Best Toddler Bed Rails

If your kiddo is about to graduate from the crib, a toddler bed rail can help make this major moment feel a little less scary. Here are our top nine picks of products that get the job done.

Overall best toddler bed rail

TotCraft Carlson Toddler Bed Rail
TotCraft Carlson Five foot Toddler Bed Rail for All Bed Size in Grey
Image: buybuyBABY

We found the TotCraft toddler bed rail to be the most versatile on the market. At a generous 59” long, it can be used on any size bed, be it a twin or a California king. The clever design provides a secure fit with flat bars underneath, so as not to disrupt your little one’s sleep. A locking latch is an additional feature that provides peace of mind, but it can also fold down completely to make it easy for your little one to get into bed.

What We Love
  • It offers a secure fit for a variety of bed types
  • It comes with attachments for beds with wooden slats or a box spring
Things To Consider
  • The hinge design makes this bed rail unsuitable for some convertible cribs with a bottom rail in the front

Best fold-down toddler bed rail

Regalo Guardian Swing-down Toddler Bed Rail

A toddler bed rail is a great way to make your little one’s big-kid bed a bit safer. But there are times when you may want to fold it down to make it easier for them to get in and out of the bed. The Regalo convertible toddler bed rail takes our top spot in this category for its ease of operation. Simply flip the secure locking latch up on both sides to release the bed rail; this allows it to smoothly fold all the way down, out of your way. Putting it back up again is equally simple, and the rail locks into place to keep your toddler safely in bed.

What We Love
  • Customers rave about the easy installation
Things To Consider
  • The bed rail swings far enough down that it may touch the floor if the bed isn’t high enough

Best extra-long toddler crib rail

Bed Rail for Toddlers Extra Long Toddler Bedrail Guard for Kids
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

Need a bit of added security as you shop for a bed rail for your toddler? If you have a little one that travels in their sleep, consider purchasing an extra-long model, like the ComfyBumpy bed rail for a toddler. At 59” long, it offers more coverage than many other toddler bed rails, and it’s suitable for even king-sized mattresses. Additional features include a sturdy steel frame with flat iron bars that go underneath the mattress, a secure attachment system for a variety of bed types and plush padding on the frame to prevent bumps in the night. Choose from white, gray, pink or blue.

What We Love
  • Long enough to suit all bed sizes
  • It features a smooth, simple fold-down ability
Things To Consider
  • Too long for a convertible toddler bed that uses a standard crib mattress

Best bumper toddler bed rail

Hiccapop Toddler Bed Bumper
hiccapop One Pack Toddler Bed Rail Bumper
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional toddler bed rail guard that has to be installed, consider the Hiccapop toddler bumper. With a length of 52”, this bumper rests under the fitted sheet, along the side of the bed, to help prevent your kiddo from rolling to the floor in the middle of the night. Designed with non-skid silicone on the top and bottom to help it stay in place, this bumper is 5” in height, and features a premium foam interior for added stability and safety.

What We Love
  • It’s hypoallergenic, and made with BPA- and PVC-free materials
Things To Consider
  • Despite a non-skid design, it’s not attached to the bed and can shift out of place more easily than a traditional bed rails

Best convertible-crib toddler bed rail

Hiccapop Convertible Toddler Bed Rail
hiccapop Convertible Crib Bed Rail for Toddlers
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

Specially designed for use with convertible cribs, Hiccapop has our pick for the best convertible bed rail for a toddler. The 33” length offers the perfect amount of protection, once you convert your little one’s crib to a toddler bed. And, yes, it fits most major convertible crib models. Simple, secure installation and a convenient fold-down feature make this a toddler bed rail you can feel good about.

What We Love
  • Features a clamp that attaches to the metal rails under the mattress for a secure installation
  • It includes instructions for how to attach to a bunky board
Things To Consider
  • Several reviewers indicate that the mesh can rip

Best portable toddler bed rail

Dreamy Panda toddler Bed Bumper
DREAMYPANDA Bed Bumpers for Toddlers
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

Bedtime transitions can be tough—especially when you’re traveling. But that shouldn’t mean you can’t be free to take a trip with your little one in tow. So how can you keep your toddler safe in a bed that’s not their own? Enter the Dreamy Panda toddler bed bumper. At a height of 4.5”, this foam bumper folds easily into an included travel bag for easy portability when you’re on the go with your toddler. And at 52” long, it’s sized to fit most beds, and the flat bottom ensures a secure fit under the bottom sheet.

What We Love
  • The Dreamy Panda features a removable and washable bamboo cover
  • The material is soft, plush and free from toxins
Things To Consider
  • This bumper only secures one side of the bed—so you might need two for travel

Best two-pack toddler crib rail set

Summer Infant Two-Pack Toddler Bed Rails
Summer Double Safety Bedrail Gray Metal and Fabric Bedrail Set for Toddlers
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

What’s better than the safety and security of a toddler bed rail? Two toddler bed rails, of course! When transitioning your little one to a big bed, it only makes sense that you’d want to prevent them from falling off both sides. That’s why the Summer Infant double pack makes our list of the best toddler bed rails. This two-pack set works together to create a safe sleeping environment on both sides of the bed, which is a better alternative to the popular practice of pushing the bed up against a wall on one side. The two bed rails hook together under the mattress, working to offer a tight, secure fit on both sides with an easy installation.

What We Love
  • One side folds down to make changing the sheets and getting in and out of bed easier
Things To Consider
  • Some reviewers say the rails can become unattached to one another if there’s a lot of shifting in the bed

Best height-adjustable toddler bed rail

Baby Joy Toddler Bed Rail
BABY JOY Bed Rail for Toddlers
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

For extra-thick mattresses, consider a toddler bed rail with an adjustable height feature. While lots of bed rails tout length, not many companies emphasize height options. This can be a problem if your toddler’s bed has a deep, plush mattress (like a pillowtop). The Baby Joy toddler bed rail features an adjustable height that ranges from 28.5” to 40” high, making it suitable for even the thickest mattresses on the market.

What We Love
  • The fabric is durable
  • It features a convenient pocket to store essential items
Things To Consider
  • Best suited for larger beds, due to the length and added height

Best budget-friendly toddler bed rail

Dream on Me Mesh Toddler Bed Rail
Dream On Me Lightweight Mesh Security Adjustable Bed Rail for Toddler with Breathable Mesh Fabric in White
Image: Amazon

No list of the best toddler bed rails would be complete without a budget-friendly option. We’ve chosen the Dream on Me model as our pick for the best budget toddler bed rail due to its solid performance and its $25 (give or take!) price point. This bed rail attaches with a classic strap and anchor system. What’s more, we found the Dream on Me comes with many of the same features as much more expensive models, like padded rails, breathable mesh fabric, generous height and simple installation.

What We Love
  • The Dream on Me comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns
Things To Consider
  • The strap-and-anchor assembly often doesn’t provide quite as secure a fit as models featuring clamps or screws
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