Q&A: Are There Any "Tricks" for Making Breastfeeding Easier?

I'm new to breastfeeding and I'm having a hard time. Are there any tricks to making it a little easier?
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January 30, 2017
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Get off to a great start by taking advantage of you and your baby’s natural feeding instincts and reflexes. This means getting as much skin-to-skin time with baby as possible.

Skin-to-skin contact helps your baby become calmer and in the mood to feed, and also releases hormones in your own body that respond by triggering your milk supply and let-down reflexes.

For optimal skin-to-skin contact, prep for a feeding by taking off your shirt and bra and undressing baby to just a diaper. Then let baby snuggle against your chest. If you need extra warmth, drape a blanket over the two of you too.

As baby enjoys the closeness, you may find that she’ll start to lean down or “bounce” her head towards your breast. Gently support her as she tries to make her way to the breast and latch on. You may be surprised at how much easier latching on will be after some skin-to-skin time.

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