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Q&A: Will I Have Trouble Breastfeeding if I Have a C-section?

Will I have trouble breastfeeding if I have a c-section?

There is no reason why a mom that has had a c-section cannot breastfeedsuccessfully. The main issues that moms will encounter with regard to nursingtheir newborns usually revolve around the abdominal discomfort that many c-sections mom feel the first few days after delivery. The football hold is a favoriteposition to use when breastfeeding after a c-section because the weight of thebaby is off to the side on a supportive pillow and not directly over the mom’s newabdominal incision. This is a time where family members or other support maybe needed to help moms get into proper positioning for nursing. Support can begiven to the mom by having people change the baby’s diaper and bring the babyto her when the baby is ready to nurse.

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