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The Cutest Valentine’s Day Babies

Look at these little cupids! Check out our collection of baby’s Valentine’s Day looks. We dare you to not smile over them.

Baby Angel

We love the wings and tiny bow and arrow on this baby! Submitted by Brittany T.

Photo: Brittany T. / The Bump

Conversation Heart

We’d be happy to be this little guy’s Valentine! Submitted by Mason&Mama

Photo: mason&mama / The Bump

Breakin’ Hearts

You’ve been warned — but how can you stay away from this adorable baby?_ Submitted by PurdueMama_

Photo: purduemama14 / The Bump

Valentine’s Day Glamour

This is so over-the-top, but we love it! That flower headband is almost as big as her face. Plus, those pearls add a touch of class. Submitted by RachieB

Photo: Rachie B / The Bump

All Decked-Out

Check out this festive baby!_ Submitted by hcosti21_

Photo: hcosti21 / The Bump

Sweet Onesie

The perfect onesie for baby’s first Valentine’s Day._ Submitted by rynmass_

Photo: rynmass / The Bump

Cry Baby

This little girl isn’t a fan of Valentine’s Day, apparently._ Submitted by shellzano_

Photo: shellzano / The Bump

Little Man

We’re loving the oversized men’s blazer and long-stemmed roses. This little guy is adorable! Submitted by Jessica K.

Photo: Jessica K / The Bump


Baby’s ready for a Valentine’s Day snuggle. Submitted by jv0183

Photo: jv0183 / The Bump

Sweet Tooth

Baby’s dreaming of Candyland. Submitted by Soen W.

Photo: Soen Walker / The Bump
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