Follow This Parody Twitter Account for ‘Working Dads’

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January 30, 2017
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Everywhere moms turn, there’s advice. Whether it’s from a well-meaning coworker or yet another ‘10-ways-to-behave-like-a-human-when-you’re-a-sleep-deprived-mom’ type of listicle, you’re bombarded with information, helpful or not.

But what about dads?

Don’t worry, working dads, a ‘super busy dad’ is here to offer you the same not-really-helpful information via his Tumblr and Twitter accounts, Man Who Has It All.

Some examples:

But through the jokes, a real takeaway: This account calls attention to the fact dads just aren’t expected to do a good job as parents by flipping the standard message around:

But before we get too serious, let’s get back to the real issues. Dad body image.

He also gives you helpful affirmations to repeat to yourself throughout the day:

I am independent

I am gutsy

I am ME

Stressed dads, you get your own special advice:

“Never be afraid of asking your wife to babysit for you. The worst she can say is  ‘no.’ Encourage her to get involved and take an interest in the kids. After all, they’re her kids too! TIP: Never nag, it’s counter productive.”

Who is this guy? Other than what we know from his Tumblr bio (I’m a busy dad with three children, an awesome wife and a hectic full-time job), it’s hard to say. Because please, no press:

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