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The 15 Worst Things To Say To A Pregnant Woman

Whether you’re told that you look huge or your stretch marks are showing, read on for the 15 worst (yet hilarious) things Bumpies have ever heard while sporting a baby bump.

“Wow, your husband must make some big babies!”
What to Say Back : “Yep, he’s a keeper!”

“Do you know who the father is?”
What to Say Back : “Your husband.” (Okay, we know you wouldn’t actually say this, but her reaction would be pretty priceless.)

“You’re definitely having a girl since your butt is getting so big!”
What to Say Back : “I know — it’s improving my dance moves like crazy!”

“Wow, check out those stretch marks!”
What to Say Back : “My husband and I think they’re sexy.”

“I hope it comes out normal.”
What to Say Back : “Well, no matter what, I’ll be sure to teach him the manners you seem to lack.” 

“Aren’t you too old to have another baby?”
What to Say Back : (Point to belly) “Guess not!”

“I bet you’re glad you had her prematurely so that you wouldn’t get so big.”
What to Say Back : “Actually, I care more about my baby’s health than gaining weight.” 

“Is it the same dad as your first?”
What to Say Back : “Maybe not. I never thought of that.”

“Are you sure this is what you want?”
What to Say Back : “Yes. Thanks for asking, though!”
“You’ll never sleep again!”
What to Say Back : “I’m looking forward to many sleepless nights with my new baby.”

“Are you having triplets? You look huge!"
What to Say Back : “How many months along are you?”

“Did this happen before or after the wedding?”
What to Say Back : “Who knows? We’ve always had a great sex life!”

“You’re pregnant? I just thought you were eating too much!”
What to Say Back : “It’s a little weird that you were keeping tabs on my diet.”

“Are you sure you should be having another baby?”
What to Say Back : “Are you sure you should be asking such a rude question?”

“You should have a c-section. They’re so easy.”
What to Say Back : “I wouldn’t ever call surgery easy.”

What’s the worst comment you’ve heard while pregnant? Add it to our list!