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Best Baby And Pregnancy Movies Of All Time

Order these on-demand and grab a bowl of popcorn. From romantic comedies to documentaries, we’ve rounded up our favorite movies about babies and pregnancy.


This 2010 documentary follows four babies from around the world (Namibia, Japan, Mongolia and California) during their first year of life. How cute were they? And it showed us that no matter the location or culture, babies will be babies.

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Baby Mama

Real-life mamas Tina Fey and Amy Poehler team up in this hilarious comedy about a single, career-oriented woman, Kate (Fey), who hires an immature, crazy lady, Angie (Poehler), to be her surrogate. Angie moves in with Kate and high jinks ensue, but Kate doesn’t know that Angie’s IVF procedure didn’t work and that she’s lying about being pregnant. Angie later finds out she actually is pregnant, but it’s her own baby with ex-husband Carl. It’s a pretty, um, interesting and entertaining take on surrogacy.

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Baby Boom

High-powered career woman (are we sensing a theme here?) J.C. Wiatt, played by Diane Keaton, becomes the guardian of a toddler, Elizabeth, after her cousin (whom she hasn’t seen in years) dies. J.C. loses her job and her boyfriend, and she moves to Vermont. After suffering a nervous breakdown and buying a house that’s falling apart, she strikes it rich by starting a gourmet baby food company. We wanted to make baby food just like Diane! Maybe this movie started the whole homemade baby food craze?

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Nine Months

Charming Hugh Grant plays a guy who hates kids and freaks out when his girlfriend, played by Julianne Moore, finds out she’s pregnant. Our favorite character is the bumbling Russian ob-gyn, played by Robin Williams. We love this movie’s delivery scene — one of the most hilarious we’ve ever seen — it involved lots of screaming and fainting (by Hugh and Robin).

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Look Who’s Talking

We’ve got to admit, we love all the Look Who’s Talking movies. Pretending to get in the minds of babies — it’s hilarious! Plus, Bruce Willis is the voice of the baby, Mikey. What could be more ’80s than that?

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Who knew teen pregnancy could be heartwarming and sarcastic? 16 year old Juno (Ellen Page) gets pregnant by her friend and quasi boyfriend, Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera), and decides to give the baby up for adoption. From Juno’s caring dad and stepmom to adorably awkward Paulie, we loved the characters in this movie, and their dialogue is hilarious. We also admired Juno’s confidence and wit — weren’t you rooting for her?

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Three Men and a Baby

Three bachelors are living the life in New York City when a baby is suddenly dropped off on their doorstep — and it turns out one of them is the father. If you love the idea of seeing grown men make some pretty ridiculous bloopers while taking care of a baby, you’ll dig this one. Plus, who doesn’t love Toms Selleck’s ’stache?

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First, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a gynecologist. Second, he impregnates himself using a fertility drug he and his colleague (played by Danny DeVito) created. If you were looking for the most outlandish baby plot in movie history, you’ve found it.

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Keri Russell plays a waitress who desperately wants to get out of her relationship with her abusive husband. She bakes amazing pies and is looking to run away by winning a pie contest, but finds out she’s pregnant. Although she doesn’t want the baby, she slowly becomes attached to her future daughter. We love that it’s still a heartwarming and whimsical film — even though it deals with the touchy subject matter of abuse.

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Life As We Know It

Similar to Baby Boom, Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel (swoon!) are left as the guardians of their goddaughter after their best friends die in a car crash. Katherine’s character is no-nonsense, while Josh’s takes some time to warm up to the baby and fatherhood. There are some romantic moments that will make you go “Aww” — plus, the redheaded baby in this movie is so darn cute!

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Away We Go

John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph play expectant parents who are trying to figure out how and where to raise a family. They travel to see their friends in different cities — Phoenix; Madison, Wisconsin; Montreal — to find where the perfect place to raise their child might be. We loved that this movie made us really think about what “home” means.

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