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Q&A: How to Hide My Pregnancy?

I'm not quite ready to break the news yet, but I'm starting to show. Any tips for hiding my belly a couple more weeks?

Not that we’re into deceit and trickery or anything, but… of course!

[ ] Start complaining. “I’m so fat” … "There’s just no time to work out anymore "… You get the idea.

[ ] Try to curb the cravings. While pickles with peanut butter may sound sumptuous to you, a. it’ll raise some eyebrows, and b. it’s really kind of gross. No offense.

[ ] Put a lime in whatever you order (try clear beverages or watered down cranberry juice) and it’ll look just like a cocktail.

[ ] Hold off on the maternity clothes just a little longer… or at least find some cute ones.

[ ] Keep the “doctor’s appointments” to a minimum. Try the old plumber/electrician/cable guy/whatever excuse instead.

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