72 Unique Pregnancy Announcements Worthy of Your News

From etiquette essentials to adorable photo ideas—find fun ways to share your news in our biggest pregnancy announcement extravaganza ever.
ByArielle Dollinger
September 11, 2017
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For couples eager to start a family, there’s no news more exhilarating than “I’m pregnant!” After all, a child deepens your relationship with your partner while taking it to new heights and changes both of your lives forever. Even more wonderful: It’s that rare sort of news that’s as much of a big deal for your closest family members as it is for you.

Clearly, then, you’ve got to share that news in an equally significant way. Looking for inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected a spectacular array of pregnancy announcement ideas—from the “it’s so cute I can hardly stand it!” to the laugh-out-loud funny—plus etiquette advice and shopping tips for maximum impact. Whether you prefer to go low-key or scream from the virtual rooftops, you’ll find a range of just-right pregnancy announcement ideas to choose from.

When to Announce Pregnancy?

Learning you’re pregnant is, in some ways, like learning you’ve won the Lotto—you want to tell the whole world, but you need to be careful about how you share your news. First things first: When should you announce pregnancy? The answer to that is it’s totally up to you! Most women tell people after the 14-week mark, says David Garry, MD, director of maternal fetal medicine at Stony Brook Medicine in Stony Brook, New York. “Waiting till 20 weeks, or 4 to 5 months, is also popular,” he adds, explaining that this allows women to make sure the ultrasound findings are normal and confirm the sex of the baby. (Though, you don’t need to know baby’s sex to announce your pregnancy!)

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Historically, because the risk of miscarriage is high during the first trimester, some women have opted to wait until after before telling even their inner circle. In this case, Daniel Post Senning, author of Manners in the Digital World and a spokesperson at The Emily Post Institute says, “the textbook time to announce a pregnancy to family and friends is week 12.” You may opt to share the news with close family and friends sooner than everyone else or you may opt to share it with everyone at once. The bottom line? You should announce your pregnancy whenever you feel is the right time.

How to Announce Pregnancy

Before you text your bestie or go wide on Instagram, realize that there are rules for how to announce pregnancy, says Post Senning (who is the great great grandson of Emily Post, in case you’re wondering). Here’s what you need to know about the appropriate sequence and nature of pregnancy announcements:

Don’t wait to tell your partner. Chances are, you found out together, but if not, you need to let your partner know “pretty much right away,” Post Senning says. “Your partner is going to want to know, and you’re going to want to make that as personal a tell as possible,” he says.

Tell the people you’re closest to first. If the soon-to-be grandma or grandpa sees it on Facebook before you’ve made a phone call, they’ll feel undervalued, Post Senning says. They shouldn’t have to find out with the masses, and they should expect nothing less than a phone call.

Don’t tell if you’re not ready to tell. When acquaintances notice you haven’t been sipping your wine, they’ll try to get the info out of you. But don’t feel pressured to disclose if you’re not ready, Post Senning says. If you find yourself stuck but don’t want to lie, just say to the asker, “Let’s not jump to that conclusion.”

Keep in mind your audience. Many of the pregnancy announcement ideas we’ve supplied here are visual creations to be shared via social media or text, or snail-mailed as card. As long as your pregnancy announcement is kept private to close family and friends, you can be as fun and silly (or not) as you like. With work colleagues, keep it hush-hush until you let your boss know. After that, tell a work friend, and the rest will be taken care of via good old-fashioned word of mouth. “It was the social media before social media,” says Post-Senning, “and it’s totally appropriate for your outer circle.”

Thoughtful Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Family

There’s a hierarchy when it comes to how to announce pregnancy: the in-person tell, the phone call, the email and the social media share. “Your family is the most personal a tell,” Post Senning says—this includes your spouse and the soon-to-be grandmas and grandpas. Your best course of action: delivering the good news in person. “It gives loved ones the chance to really share in your joy,” he says. Here are some of our favorite pregnancy announcement ideas for family that let you do just that.

Pregnancy announcements for your partner

These uproarious ideas get their inspiration from clever knick-knacks you can buy online, but if even expedited delivery feels too slow (we don’t blame you), these pregnancy announcement ideas can be easily DIY’d too.

Leave a stack of tees on your partner’s side of the bed, with the Daddy version of these at the top. As he’s still trying to process everything, waltz into the room wearing your own “Mommy est. 2017” tee.

Bake (or buy) your partner’s favorite dessert, and surprise him with this exuberant topper. He’s in for a big treat!

Give your favorite Scrabble partner the ultimate challenge—deciphering the words on this T-shirt. Or, even better, rig the real game so you’ve got just the right letters to spell out your news.

Cover a bottle of sparkling fruit juice with this label and pour a glass for you and your partner, pretending it’s champagne. When he’s convinced it’s bad upon tasting it (“There’s no alcohol in here!”), whip out the bottle and have him examine the label. Cheers!

Wait till your partner is out, then secretly dress your pooch in this shirt—or scurry one up with fabric markers on a tee. When he’s back, join your pup in greeting him at the door, and watch his usual “so happy to see you guys” face turn into “OMG! Wow!”

Pregnancy announcement ideas for parents

Who could possibly be more excited about the news than you and your partner? The grandparents-to-be, of course.

These days, handwritten notes are a thrill as it is, but when those notes are pregnancy announcements? Well, it’s beyond words. Plain stationery will do—or get all fancy with this glittered-up card, which announces their impending promotion. Come from a family of sports fans? Send the folks know you’re adding to the lineup with this baseball pregnancy announcement card. Whatever you decide, hand-deliver it if you can. You won’t want to miss their reaction!

Give your young-at-heart Dad a surprise package “just because you love him”—and watch his eyes light up when he pulls out this cute too-cool-for-school tee.

Let Grandma know that she’ll want to get the satellite nursery ready! Send a homemade note, or hand-deliver this red-hot onesie.

Parents (or in-laws) don’t drink coffee? They’ll be crazy wired anyway when you serve up their beverage in these fab mugs.

Here’s a fun pregnancy announcement idea if you already have a child. Get a shot of her (or him) holding either the sonogram or a message revealing that she (or he) will soon have a little sib. Tell your parents that you’d like to show them the latest school photo—and watch their surprised response when they quickly realize there’s a new addition.

Cute Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Trust us, they’ll be saying “awww” a lot once they finally meet your little one. These super-cute ways to announce pregnancy will get them practicing.

By creating a scene fit for outdoor theater in this cute pregnancy announcement photo, this couple has treated their friends to a glimpse into how life at home will be like with baby.

Looks like just another day at the beach, until you take a closer look at the hat! Steal this cute pregnancy idea and your friends will definitely be doing a double-take as they’re scrolling through their Instagram feed.

This cute pregnancy announcement idea gives sonographic proof that there’s a human baby on the way—and the couple’s doggy “baby” is pretty happy about it too.

Doubly cute: your first baby makes the baby announcement!

Few things are more delightful than a pair of teensy baby shoes, right? This cute pregnancy announcement took full advantage of that.

From wedding invitations to pregnancy announcements, subtlety never loses its charm.

C’est un voyage romantique! And a très adorable way to let friends know that another adventure is underway.

They’re pregnant! And no question, it’s a girl!

A bunny in a bow and a Big Sis tee? Too cute!

A super-sweet way for doggy parents to announce the coming of their first human baby.

Paint the town red with your news—or just paint!

Bet you didn’t think duck decoys could come in handy for pregnancy announcements (or look this adorable).

Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Your sense of taste and smell aren’t the only things heightened during pregnancy. As these creative pregnancy announcement ideas suggest, your creativity quotient may kick into high gear too.

Talk about egg-citing pregnancy announcements! Crack open the (blown, sanitized) egg to hatch the due date. Genius!

These momma-to-be mice slipped into black and white to color-coordinate with their wee one’s sonagram.

Look out! There’s a “bump” in the road. We predict curves ahead.

You don’t need to be a professional stylist or have a lot of props to make creative pregnancy announcements like this one. The sonogram and little baby shoes leave no doubt as to what’s on the agenda.

If you’re a proud doggy mom of three, then, of course, you have them help out in your pregnancy announcement photo. That sonogram is proof positive that this time it’s a baby of the human kind.

Have you and your partner hop-scotched around the country a bit since your little sweet pea arrived on the scene? Map it out for your friends, and let them know that while you’re staying put for now, the adventure continues.

Vacations will never quite be the same again with baby in tow. If you and your honey have a tradition of capturing a similar pose wherever you travel, create a montage like this couple did— and don’t forget to include a new shot that leaves room for baby!

Nonchalantly serve a round of these house-labeled brewskies and see how long it takes your pals to notice.

As new parents soon learn, the Harry Potter series is full of inspiration for all things baby. When it comes to creative pregnancy announcements, this one’s utterly enchanting.

This pregnancy announcement photo lays it all out there. (And when it comes to fashion-foward onesies, black just may be the new white!)

Your fans won’t want to miss this blockbuster of a pregnancy announcement!

Have your friends over for a bake-off. Then casually let them know you’ve got something else cooking up in the oven!

Fun Ways to Announce Pregnancy

One of the many things kids teach you is that you’ve gotta have a sense of humor. The couples behind these ha-ha-funny pregnancy announcements already have it in spades. (For even more fun ways to announce pregnancy, straight from women who’ve tried them, click here.

Looks like this couple is leveling up to “family”! Their funny pregnancy announcement lets everyone know they’ve pressed the start button for challenging new adventure.

When you’re expecting your fourth baby, you’re entitled to all the Star Wars puns you’d like. So have fun, you should. PS, how cute is little Yoda in this pregnancy announcement?

If Dad as star of his own movie doesn’t leave you in stitches, the kids spraying silly string on him (plus his expression) definitely will.

If you’re inspired, create and print out your own cheeky sentiments, like the one found on this simply hilarious card. Actually, heck, you’re pregnant—why not just outsource it? Get this card here, or for more options, see “Pregnancy Announcement Products” below.

The great thing about doggy siblings is that they’ll pose in the silliest of pregnancy announcements, without whining or an eye roll. Best of all, they make the whole shebang even funnier.

Some of the funniest pregnancy announcements offer a fresh perspective on ordinary surroundings—which is precisely what happens when you add baby to the mix. Grab a grocery cart and start filling it with diapers, the foods you crave—and (for those friends who need a bigger hint) the books you’re studying up on.

They’ve jumped off the deep end and expect kiddie pools in their future! (This is definitely a dude’s pregnancy announcement idea—but we’re pretty sure that a good chuckle was had by all.)

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

The only thing more exciting than “We’re pregnant!” is “We’re pregnant with twins!” Here’s how to have double the fun with your pregnancy announcements.

Even if you don’t use graffiti art, you can still make an outsized statement. In this twin pregnancy announcement photo, Mom and big brother can’t hide their shock, while Dad’s so scared he’s practically frozen.

This mom finally explains to friends why she wanted eggs over easy with a side of Skittles at brunch the other day.

Chalkboards are always a cute medium for your message if you have a pint-sized messenger on hand. This Mommy’s little helper is going to have her hands full soon!

It’s Mom’s first portrait with the twins! The dreamy filter seems about right for the surreal news.

It’s official—Mommy was right. Again.

Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Sometimes baby shows up when you least expect it—which makes the reveal that much more fun. These pregnancy announcements offer ideas for sharing that surprise not just with hubby but also your loved ones.

Does this guy think his partner wanted to do an impromptu photo shoot just because? Once he turns around, the photographer’s shots will be priceless.

Same idea as the first surprise pregnancy announcement, but with a onesie—which goes to show, great pregnancy announcements never get old.

Looks like this couple was just as surprised with the news as everyone else will be (though the oops was no mistake)!

This couple heralded their happy surprise with a heartfelt storyboard.

Daddy-to-be will get such a nice jolt with his first cup of joe that he won’t need a second one.

Second Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

When it comes to pregnancy announcements, a big sibling offers a whole new world of creative possibility.

You just can’t miss a message writ large in sand. This cutie-pie just can’t wait to teach little sis about the ins and outs of mud pies and sand castles.

Hey, little guy, responsibilities come with that big title change, you know. But you can’t beat perks (like someone to make mischief with!).

A onesie is pretty much the universal sign for baby on the way—and this family portrait is about to get twice as cute in a few months.

“Hello baby, it’s us—Dad, Mum and Big Bro! We’re just having some good old-fashioned fun with our pregnancy announcement portrait!”

This sweet tot is spreading the word in this second pregnancy announcement by informing everyone about her title change.

Big sib too busy to sit in on something as silly as a pregnancy announcement photo? No problem! This one takes the idea of a sweet onsie and runs with it.

Shopping Guide: Pregnancy Announcement Products

Of course, unforgettable pregnancy announcements don’t all require you to drop some cash. But if crafting isn’t your thing, or you simply would like to add a little oomph to your news blast, there’s certainly a big market for “I’m pregnant” paraphernalia—from pregnancy cards to pregnancy announcement shirts and pregnancy cakes and more. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite finds so you can share your news every which way you want to.

Pregnancy announcement cards

Whether they’re crafted to be small works of art or just the right amount of kooky, pregnancy announcement cards with a handwritten note can be especially lovely for faraway family members. And you can bet they’ll be pinned to cork boards and displayed on refrigerator doors right up to the big day.

** Party Printers Scratch-Off Pregnancy Announcement Card **
Everyone’s a winner with this fun pregnancy announcement card—but that doesn’t take away the suspense quotient in the least.

Buy it: $4,

Minted Plus One Pregnancy Announcement Card
Looking for a charming design that’s also subtle? This one’s a shoe-in.

Buy it: starting at $49 for 25,

Debbie Draws Funny Avocado “We’re Expecting!” Card
They’ll never look at an avocado the same way again when they receive this ingenious pregnancy announcement card.

Buy it: $22 for a set of 10,

Suchnsuch Studios Watermelon Pregnancy Announcement Card
The only thing juicier than this beautifully printed pregnancy announcement card is the news that’s divulged inside!

Buy it: $5,

El TendederoWinks “[Censored] Got Real” Pregnancy Announcement Card
The sassy pregnancy announcement card tells it like it is. (In case you’re wondering, it’s censored here; it won’t be in person.)

Buy it:$4,

Image: Minted / Bump Ahead Announcement by Pink House Press

Minted Bump Ahead Pregnancy Accouncement Card
Hold on to your hard hats, folks—it’s about to get bumpy. Add a personalized photo for a sweet touch to this punny pregnancy announcement card.

Buy it: $64 for 25,

View more of our favorite pregnancy announcement cards here.

Pregnancy announcement shirts

Even if you’re not a statement-tee kind of girl, these pregnancy announcement shirts are pretty irresistible. Rock one to meet a friend for brunch, and revel in her reaction.

RavelledKnits “It’s Not A Food Baby” Pregnancy Announcement Tank
Hey, dude—give the lady your seat already! This pregnancy announcement tank puts an end to the perennial seat-hogging excuse: “I didn’t want to assume she’s pregnant.”

Buy it: $25,

CrazyDog Baby 2017 Maternity Shirt
Here’s a nonpartisan candidate that we’ll happily throw our support behind.

Buy it:$20,

Pebbyforevee “Don’t Eat Watermelons” Pregnancy Announcement Tank
As your goofy uncle once warned: If you swallow a watermelon seed, a watermelon will grow inside your stomach—and you’re proof!

Buy it: $28,

TwoJadeThreads “Baby On Board” Pregnancy Announcement Shirt
No need to kid around in pregnancy announcements if you don’t want to. Loop people in with a straightforward but lovely message written in cursive script.

Buy it: $21,

JackPotTees “& Then There Were Four” Pregnancy Announcement Shirt
Found! A stylish customizable pick for mommas with kiddies already on deck.

Buy it: $18,

Pregnancy announcement cakes

Any occasion is an occasion for cake, especially when you’re eating for two. Plus, your friends and family will appreciate not only the news, but the excuse to eat dessert!

Custom Bun in the Oven Peg Doll Cake Topper
Get a pair of peg dolls crafted to look just like pregnant you and your partner. Best thing is? They make a cute keepsake, and even playthings when baby gets older.

Buy it: $85,

Cakewords Pregosaurus Baby Shower Cake Topper
Whatever you’re serving up for dessert, poke this in before serving; it’s a fun cake topper that even the kids can appreciate.

Buy it: $18,

Couples on Cakes Mommy To Be Cake Topper
Boy or girl, one thing’s for sure: There will be shopping!

Buy it: $24,

Innoru Twins Baby Shower Cake Topper
Whether it’s atop a boxed-cake creation or something more haute, this sparkly pregnancy announcement cake topper reveals your news with appropriate fanfare.

Buy it: $12,

MemoryKeepsakeParty Pregnant Mermaid Cake Topper
What is it about maternity and mermaids? Regardless, we love that you can customize the color for this exquisite pregnancy announcement cake topper.

Buy it: $13,

Published September 2017

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