6 Hottest Nursery Trends to Look Out for in 2023

Looking for some nursery ideas? Take a tip from these up-and-coming design trends.
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By Nehal Aggarwal, Editor
Updated January 11, 2023
the hottest nursery trends for 2023
Image: @eastdesignhouse/Instagram, @dee.diary/Instagram, Anna Spaller for Chasing Paper | The Bump
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Parents-to-be have a laundry list of items to do before baby’s arrival. One of the biggest items on that list? Getting baby’s nursery in order. Whether you’re designing for a girl, boy or going gender-neutral, you might find inspiration in some of the top baby room looks for this year. Here, Elizabeth Rees, founder of wallpaper brand Chasing Paper and a mom of two, is sharing her predictions for the hottest nursery trends we can expect to see in 2023.

Jewel Tones

There’s no denying it: Rich, deep and moody colors are definitely trending as we head into 2023. Pantone even picked one as their color of the year, and as a result, Rees expects jewel tone color palettes to pop up everywhere for kids’ spaces in the coming months. For parents who want to incorporate jewel tones without being too bold, she recommends choosing softer prints for a deeper color palette. “We’re seeing simpler patterns that are more geometric and subtle paired with more exciting color choices,” Rees says.

Wallpaper Beyond the Walls

While wallpaper has been trending for quite some time now, especially in nursery decor, Rees says people are getting more creative with how they use it. Incorporating wallpaper on the ceiling—a space that can often be overlooked—continues to be a big trend. “Whether you’re papering all four walls and the ceiling in a complimentary print or only installing [it] on the ceiling, this detail adds so much visual interest to the space,” Rees says. “It’s a fun way to continue the creativity, especially since babies love to look up at lights and have color, shapes or illustrations in their nursery.”

Image: Anna Spaller for Chasing Paper

Back to the Basics

While themed wallpaper has been all the rage in recent years, Rees says many new parents are now gravitating toward timeless designs, like stripes and plaids. (Returning to old favorites is a baby name trend for 2023 too.) “These classics, given new life through modern designs, feel fresh and of the moment, but will also stand the test of time as your little grows and changes,” she says. The best part of this trend? You can incorporate it in any part of the nursery, from the wallpaper and rug to baby’s crib sheets or a baby blanket.

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Image: David Szymanski for Chasing Paper

Muted Maximalism

Maximalist decor usually consists of highly saturated colors and bold prints that border on overwhelming the eye. But Rees says new parents are choosing maximalist prints that have been toned down by neutral or monochromatic color schemes. “By doing so you can still have a space that looks thoughtful and on-trend without overwhelming the space,” she explains, adding that it’s one of her favorite trends for the year. “It brings in a ‘wow’ factor to the nursery’s design without feeling too busy.”

Image: Anna Spaller for Chasing Paper

Wallpaper Cut-Outs

The ceiling isn’t the only place wallpaper has been trending: Rees also expects to see more wallpaper cut-outs for unique nursery designs. “I like this approach for those that want to add patterns, but don’t want to go all out,” she says. Her suggestion for incorporating pops of wallpaper? Use a print with a small, repeating pattern on a plain background or add a bolder pattern to a small space, like the back of a bookshelf, built-ins, or the front of a dresser or changing table.

Baby Botanicals

For many families, 2022 was the first year after the pandemic that felt normal in some capacity, with a return to outdoor activities and gatherings. Heading into 2023, many new parents are holding on to nature themes for baby’s nursery with earthy color palettes and prints. Rees refers to the trend as “a riff on the perennial favorite of florals.” Not only does it make baby’s nursery feel fresh, she says, but it also represents their new life and growth in your home.

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