7 Hottest Nursery Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Looking for some nursery ideas? Take a tip from these up-and-coming design trends.
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January 13, 2022
current stylistic trends for nurseries
Image: Chasing Paper
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Parents-to-be have a laundry list of items to do before baby’s arrival. One of the biggest items on that list? Getting baby’s nursery in order. Whether you’re designing for a girl, boy or going gender-neutral, you might find inspiration in some of the top baby room looks for this year. Here, Elizabeth Rees, founder of wallpaper brand Chasing Paper and a mom to two, is sharing her predictions for the hottest nursery trends we can expect to see in 2022.

Image: Chasing Paper

Bold Monochromatic

Color is making a comeback, with an uptick in nurseries that lean into color instead of muted tones. “One of my favorite emerging trends is a bold, monochromatic feel in a nursery,” Rees says. “This trend allows you to play with multiple tones of a specific base hue to create depth and dimensions throughout the nursery.” In using different shades of the same color throughout, expectant parents can create an eye-catching space that feels put together and intentional in design.

Image: Chasing Paper

Celestial Themes

Like baby names, many parents are looking to the stars for nursery inspiration. To bring in some serenity, Rees suggests painting the walls a darker color or opting for wallpaper with astronomical or planetary elements. To accentuate the theme, choose decor that incorporates constellations, stars and moons, such as framed artwork, rugs, mobiles, drapes, pillows and crib sheets. If you’re looking for a more whimsical and brighter space, she suggests focusing on pastel decor pieces and mixing in metallic, celestial-themed decor.

Image: Chasing Paper

Elevated Animal Prints

According to Rees, animal prints are one of the best ways to add some personality into the room. “We’ve seen a trend with parents choosing a sweet and modern animal print that parents and children will both enjoy,” she says. Not only does this add color and texture, she explains, but it also makes the space feel a little more open. You can round the room out with animal-printed wallpaper, various stuffed animals, animal-themed string lights, animal art prints and animal-themed baby books. “This trend creates warm nostalgia that both parents and kids love, while keeping the space playful,” Rees says.

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Image: Chasing Paper

Blue Is the New Neutral

Neutrals can be a staple in nursery decor, but Rees says expectant parents are increasingly experimenting with different colors that can be viewed as neutral—and breaking traditional gender stereotypes. In fact, she’s been noticing more expectant parents leaning towards blue as the “neutral” color in baby’s room. “I love it because it adds character while still allowing other colors and textures to shine through,” Rees says. “Blue is one of my favorite colors to use in design, and I love seeing when others think outside the box with colors being associated with certain genders. I have two daughters, and I love to incorporate blue into their spaces whenever possible. We recently decorated their playroom, and the main color we used was blue!”

Image: Chasing Paper

Illustrative Line Drawings

Line drawings and illustrations are a great way to infuse some personality into baby’s nursery and even work well for transitioning to a big kid’s room. “Although it seems simplistic, they add a creative, artful element to a room. Often, illustrative line drawings add to a space subtly without overwhelming it, which allows you to build upon the drawing with related prints, patterns and colors,” Rees shares. “If you want to highlight the print, use decor elements that are the same color as the drawings to accent the space.” Some ideas for line drawings include animals, flowers, rainbows or little cars.

Image: Chasing Paper

Elements of Surprise

Expectant parents are breaking the mold when it comes to designing baby’s nursery, opting for fresh color palettes and non-traditional wallpapers. “We have a radish print as part of our Lewis Home wallpaper collection. Although this is something you may typically find in a kitchen or a pantry, when placed in a nursery, it becomes a way to show off your personality that’s both playful for kids and sophisticated for an adult,” Rees says. For an added element of surprise, she also recommends incorporating a large piece of artwork into the room.

Image: Chasing Paper

Bringing the Outside In

Over the past couple of years, many people have been escaping the stress of the pandemic by venturing into nature, so it makes sense that nature themes are on the rise for nursery decor. According to Rees, there’s been an uptick in parents-to-be looking for nature-inspired prints and earth-toned colorways. Luckily, there are some simple ways to bring in elements of the outdoors to create a cozy space. “When selecting lighting fixtures, accent colors, bedding and wallpaper, use botanical motifs and incorporate earth tones to achieve this trend,” Rees recommends. “For furniture such as the crib and changing table, opt for a natural wood finish.”

Editor’s Note: Any loose bedding pictured in the images above is for styling only. Please remember, when it’s time for baby to sleep, nothing should be in the crib except a tight fitted sheet. For more on baby sleep safety, check out these tips.

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