These Were the Most Popular 2021 Nursery and Baby Item Trends on Etsy

Plus, their predictions for trends in 2022.
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December 15, 2021
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Image: Tateplota / Art Prints Factory
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Etsy has released its annual Year in Review, which takes a look back at the trends that were most popular in 2021 and predicts trends for 2022.

According to the report, one thing that continues to be top of mind for users is fostering meaningful connections, such as with their local communities. Consumers are also continuing to shop with intention and spending more time in nature. Appropriately, the top search terms on Etsy for 2021 were “personalized gift,” followed closely by “Mother’s Day gift” and “Father’s Day gift.”

Along with getting outside, more people are also continuing to think big and look to the stars—in fact space was one of the most popular trends for children this past year. Over 2021, the platform saw:

  • 41 percent increase in searches for space-themed wallpaper
  • 20 percent increase in searches for space-themed kids’ or baby items
  • 51 percent increase in searches for fairy items
  • 39 percent increase in searches for mythical creatures or beast items
  • 22 percent increase in dragon toys
  • 64 percent increase in in emerald green items

Based on these results, Etsy predicts Emerald Green will be the color of the year for 2022 and that dragons and mythical creatures will continue to be most popular.

Interested in jumping on some of these trends? Check out some of our favorite space-themed, mythical-themed and emerald green items for baby’s nursery.

Space-Themed Baby and Nursery Items on Etsy

Image: Planets In Time

Plants In Time Personalized Wall Art, starting from $54,

Image: Snuggle Bugs Baby

Snuggle Bugs Baby Just Landed Onesie, starting from $25,

Image: House of Rounds

House of Rounds Wooden Nursery Name Sign, starting from $20,

Image: Bright Gift US

Bright Gift US Kids Height Rocketship Ruler, starting from $40,

Image: Fab Decals

If Your Walls Would Talk Space Constellations Wallpaper, starting from $43,

Mythical-Themed Baby and Nursery Items on Etsy

Image: Fairy Nursery Shop

Fairy Nursery Shop Dragon Mobile, $90,

Image: Partyvale

Partyvale Unicorn Dream Catcher, starting from $16,

Image: Snobs Gifts

Snobs Gifts Personalized Unicorn Rocker, starting from $180,

Image: Tateplota

Tateplota Wooden Dragon Toy, $23,

Image: Ngo Creations

Ngo Creations Once Upon A Time Sign, starting from $36,

Emerald Green Baby and Nursery Items on Etsy

Image: A Great Baby

A Great Baby Swaddle Blanket, starting from $32,

Image: Pines and Treasures

Pines and Treasures Green Baby Set, starting from $18,

Image: Art Prints Factory

Art Prints Factory Nursery Prints Set, $10,

Image: Wild Lemon Co

Wild Lemon Co Emerald Green Crib Bedding Set, starting from $52,

Image: Lotus Nursery Art

Lotus Nursery Art World Map, starting from $19,

To check out the full Year in Review report, visit

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