18 Worst Things to Say to Working Moms

Whether you work or not postbaby, there are people out there who just won’t get it. These are some pretty insensitive comments that offended our working mom friends. Don’t even go there!
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Updated March 2, 2017
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“‘Oh, I don’t know how you do it! I would just miss my kids so much!’ Umm like I don’t miss my child like crazy all day!”_ — chelsb_

“‘How are you comfortable letting other people raise your children?’” — MammaBear81

“‘Too bad you have to work.’ Some people don’t have to work. We work because we want to. Being a stay-at-home mom is not for me.” — mbenit4

“‘Oh, I want to stay home and be a full-time mom.’ I don’t leave being a mom behind when I walk into my office. I work and am a mom full-time.” — dcmetrobride

“‘It must be nice to get away from him for a while!’ Nope, I miss him like crazy and would rather be talking to him than you. Thanks for reminding me!” — Syncronicity09

“Any sentence that begins with: ‘While my kids don’t have to go to day care…’ It doesn’t really matter what comes after that.” — tyke29

“‘Don’t diseases spread pretty quickly in day care?’” — BeckyTheEngineer

“‘Well, if you wanted to stay at home you’d find a way to make it work.’” — mylittlesunshine

“‘I don’t know how you do it! I could never miss all their firsts.’ Really, anything with the ‘I could never’ just comes across as so condescending.” — AsOctoberFalls

“‘She must be wondering where you’ve been all day.’ That was my mother-in-law’s welcome to me every day after work the entire first week she watched my daughter.” — cecilyandgautam

“‘I’m so blessed that my husband provides for the family so that I can stay at home.’ Just because we make different choices in our lifestyle and finances doesn’t mean that my husband doesn’t ‘provide’ as well as a stay-at-home mom’s husband does.” — jlaOK

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“‘Your baby will bond more closely with her nanny than she will with you.’” — Nechie122

“‘Is your salary enough to pay for the nanny?’ Note: My mother-in-law didn’t ask about my husband’s salary.  Just mine. I guess she doesn’t know I make more than him! Yes, it is enough. And it’s my financial decision."  — kirac

“It doesn’t make sense to be a working mom when you add in all the extra costs like daycare, gas, clothing money, etc.” — jlaOK

“‘If you stay home with the kids, you get to take all the credit when they turn out to be great people!’ Um, what if they turn out to be a-holes?” — mae0111

“My male employee told me, ‘It was really important to me for my wife to be home with the kids, so that they always had someone there for them.’” — SavedByLove

“Right after I returned from maternity leave, a male coworker said, ‘Well, since you took such a long time off with the baby…’  I was seeing red after that comment!” — laurakaz13

"Anything about staying home being what is ‘best’ for children. It remains to be seen if the financial security my career brings is best for my child or not. And any implication that it’s selfish for me to work. If I were selfish, I’d abandon her and flee to a non-extradition country.”  — DelBride2012

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